pc game of the year 2022

PC Game of the Year 2022

It’s time to run down the GameRevolution PC Game of the Year 2022 awards! GR’s staff voted on the best PC games of 2022 and here’s the round-up of the top 10. However, which of these PC 2022 games will get the overall game of the year?

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10. Hyper Demon

Devil Daggers was a fun little score-attack FPS that came out in 2016 and set the world ablaze. Hyper Demon is this year’s follow-up but it’s less about surviving than continuous destruction in a trippy, evocative world. It’s very hard to put down.

9. V Rising

This vampire survival RPG took the PC world by storm in 2022, and it’s still in early access. Players choose what type of vampire they want to be then head out into the dangerous fantasy world with the goal of becoming the next Dracula.

8. Turbo Overkill

Two words: chainsaw legs. Turbo Overkill may be a retro-looking boomer shooter but it’s a fast-paced challenge for Doom Eternal’s throne. Imaginative levels, cyberpunk visuals, and a range of abilities from slow motion to grappling. This is an FPS that rewards the player for not staying still.

7. Total War: Warhammer III

The long-awaited final part of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy mostly lived up to the hype, although it took a few patches to get there. Epic fantasy battles and some cool new features add up to make one of the best real-time strategy games on PC.

6. Return to Monkey Island

It’s been 13 years since the last Monkey Island game. Return brings back the series’ original creators for possibly Guybrush Threepwood’s last adventure game. The puzzles are clever but not brain-melting, the distinct art style works, and it’s one of the funniest games of the year too.

5. Overwatch 2

The anticipated sequel to one of the most beloved multiplayer games around, Overwatch 2 doesn’t reinvent Overwatch but reinvigorates it. The sequel is faster, more chaotic, and yet more compelling, too. Plus, it’s free and includes everything from the original game, too.

4. Vampire Survivors

A highly-addictive roguelike monster-hunting game, Vampire Survivors is impossible to put down. Essentially a bullet-hell shooter with no shoot button, the goal is to level up weapons and abilities to kill as many monsters as possible. It’s also crazy. One of the playable characters is a non-moving tree.

3. Signalis

Resident Evil meets Ghost in the Shell in this stylish cyberpunk survival horror. The retro-style graphics invite comparisons to PC classics like the original Alone in the Dark, but the haunted spaceship evokes System Shock or Dead Space. A deeply unsettling game.

2. Metal: Hellsinger

Doom is already a heavy-metal rock concert in Hell, but Metal: Hellsinger pushes it one step further by adding a rhythm game to the shooting. If the player times their shots to the music, they do extra damage. Keep the rhythm going and the game’ll go full metal. A truly unique FPS.

1. Elden Ring

What is there left to be said about Elden Ring? From Software’s open-world RPG is an absolute masterpiece. Every step is a new adventure and a simple horse ride across a lake can lead to a ridiculous dragon boss encounter. The game looks stunning on PC and mods add such essentials as enemy randomizers and full co-op multiplayer. The definitive platform for the best game of 2022.

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