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Just a small update to the existing review for the PS4 version of the game. What are the benefits to upgrading? Check here to see. ~Ed. Nick Tan

Cut the Rope: Triple Treat Review
Cutting the ropes has never before made gravity so… pricey.
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Sending bullets through the hate.
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So much more than war...
By shandog137
Posted on 04/18/14
The recent blog, Peace in the Era of Call of Duty  really made me think about war games that dig deeper than simply a kill streak reward. The first game that came to mind was Spec-Ops: The Line and although I haven’t played it, I began to wonder if it did the war genre as...


Defiance (2013)

Defiance (2013)
PLAYERS 1- 999 
PUBLISHER Trion Worlds 
DEVELOPER Trion Worlds 
T What do these ratings mean?
Defiance is the first multi-platform shooter MMO.which, in a ground-breaking entertainment experience, interconnects with a global television program on Syfy, cable’s premier imagination based entertainment channel. It is being developed for the PC, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.


Defiance 2011 review
In which I swallow my disappointment with Defiance like a plate of raw brussel sprouts.
Author: Vince_Ingenito
Defiance 2011 preview
Weeks from launch, Trion's attempt at a console MMO is still looking solid.
Author: Vince_Ingenito


Defiance 2011 cheats
Defiance 2011 cheats
Defiance 2011 cheats


Defiance Breaks One Million Registered User Milestone In A Single Month 05/03/13
No, not the movie with Daniel Craig and not the TV series on Syfy. I'm talking about the multiplatform MMO that came out last month. (read more)

The Download April 4th, 2013 04/04/13
The Download celebrates its umptwenteenth anniversary today! By the time you figure that one out, you also have realized that it was made up and the Internet has once again robbed you of time. (read more)

New Video Games April 1st, 2013 04/01/13
NVG cuts through the bull crap and gives you the games that are actually arriving on store shelves this week. Not like all the fake games... or incorrect release dates either. (read more)

GameRevolution Radio 0070: Dragoon Me Down 03/22/13
This week's podcast got all f***ed up, so Nick and I sit down for a personal chat about games, life, and shooting birds in the face. (read more)

The Download March 21st, 2013 03/21/13
Inside we've got the latest from the Nintendo eShop, XBLA, PSN, Steam, and even our iPhone App of the week, PWN. Yes, PWN. (read more)


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Defiance (2013)
Defiance (2013) 06/03/13
A Plague trailer.
Defiance 04/16/13
World of Defiance trailer.
Defiance 04/02/13
Defiance launch trailer.
Defiance (2013)
Defiance (2013) 03/25/13
Defiance Dodge Challenger preview video.
Defiance 03/11/13
Defiance new trailer.

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