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FTL's Advanced Edition is a natural fit for the iPad. But whatever platform you're playing on, the new content adds depth and variety.

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It's been far too long since Microsoft's Xbox consoles had a Kinect-only title. Is the wait worth it?
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FEATURED VOXPOP danielrbischoff
Peace in the Era of Call of Duty
By danielrbischoff
Posted on 04/15/14
In a world dominated by violent media, Americans are no more eager to go to war than they were in the 1980s or the 1960s or the 1940s. Hasn't it always been someone else's problem? The overwhelming majority would rather go on thinking it had nothing to do with them and there...



GENRE Action 
SpeedRunners is a multiplayer running game. Multiple heroes compete with each other, probably because there are too many heroes and not enough crimes. It has a very competitive vibe with a constant cut-throat feeling.


SpeedRunners - speedrunners_030 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_029 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_028 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_027 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_026 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_025 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_024 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_023 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_022 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_021 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_020 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_019 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_018 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_017 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_016 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_015 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_014 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_013 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_012 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_011 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_010 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_009 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_008 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_007 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_006 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_005 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_004 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_003 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_002 SpeedRunners - speedrunners_001


SpeedRunners 06/18/13
SpeedRunners Announcement trailer.

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