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FEATURED VOXPOP oblivion437     In all the talk of graphical downgrades no one seems much preoccupied with 'why?'.  Why build something and then proceed to tear it down, piece by piece, in the hope that ever more diminished expectations about the final product won't be severe enough to...

Wii U


GENRE Shooter 
RELEASE DATE 05/29/2015
RP What do these ratings mean?
Splatter enemies and claim your turf as the ink-spewing, squid-like characters called Inklings in Nintendo's new third-person action shooter game for the Wii U console.


Splatoon preview
Nintendo's whimsical third-person shooter shows a whole lot of promise, and not just because it's a new IP.
Author: Alex_Osborn
Splatoon preview
Looks great, tons of fun, tastes great deep-fried and served with marinara sauce.
Author: ryanbates


Splatoon Was Only 10 Percent Complete at E3 2014 05/21/15
Not only that but the game originally featured tofu-like block characters instead of transforming squids. (read more)

Games 101 - Splatoon 05/20/15
Nintendo's third-person multiplayer shooter certainly looks different! Check out what we know about it in a handy video! (read more)

Another Splatoon Demo Coming Next Week 05/15/15
Wii U owners will get another chance to play Splatoon next weekend. (read more)

Nintendo Direct Reveals New Splatoon Details 05/07/15
The colorful Wii U shooter also gets a demo in anticipation of its release at the end of the month. (read more)

Buy, Try, Die: May 2015 Release List 04/28/15
May has Splatoon and Project CARS, but all about The Witcher 3. (read more)

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Splatoon - splatoon_104 Splatoon - splatoon_103 Splatoon - splatoon_102 Splatoon - splatoon_101 Splatoon - splatoon_100 Splatoon - splatoon_099 Splatoon - splatoon_098 Splatoon - splatoon_097 Splatoon - splatoon_096 Splatoon - splatoon_095 Splatoon - splatoon_094 Splatoon - splatoon_093 Splatoon - splatoon_092 Splatoon - splatoon_091 Splatoon - splatoon_090 Splatoon - splatoon_089 Splatoon - splatoon_088 Splatoon - splatoon_087 Splatoon - splatoon_086 Splatoon - splatoon_085 Splatoon - splatoon_084 Splatoon - splatoon_083 Splatoon - splatoon_082 Splatoon - splatoon_081 Splatoon - splatoon_080 Splatoon - splatoon_079 Splatoon - splatoon_078 Splatoon - splatoon_077 Splatoon - splatoon_076 Splatoon - splatoon_075 Splatoon - splatoon_074 Splatoon - splatoon_073 Splatoon - splatoon_072 Splatoon - splatoon_071 Splatoon - splatoon_070 Splatoon - splatoon_069 Splatoon - splatoon_068 Splatoon - splatoon_067 Splatoon - splatoon_066 Splatoon - splatoon_065 Splatoon - splatoon_064 Splatoon - splatoon_063 Splatoon - splatoon_062 Splatoon - splatoon_061 Splatoon - splatoon_060 Splatoon - splatoon_059 Splatoon - splatoon_058 Splatoon - splatoon_057 Splatoon - splatoon_056 Splatoon - splatoon_055 Splatoon - splatoon_054 Splatoon - splatoon_053 Splatoon - splatoon_052 Splatoon - splatoon_051 Splatoon - splatoon_050 Splatoon - splatoon_049 Splatoon - splatoon_048 Splatoon - splatoon_047 Splatoon - splatoon_046 Splatoon - splatoon_045 Splatoon - splatoon_044 Splatoon - splatoon_043 Splatoon - splatoon_042 Splatoon - splatoon_041 Splatoon - splatoon_040 Splatoon - splatoon_039 Splatoon - splatoon_038 Splatoon - splatoon_037 Splatoon - splatoon_036 Splatoon - splatoon_035 Splatoon - splatoon_034 Splatoon - splatoon_033 Splatoon - splatoon_032 Splatoon - splatoon_031 Splatoon - splatoon_030 Splatoon - splatoon_029 Splatoon - splatoon_028 Splatoon - splatoon_027 Splatoon - splatoon_026 Splatoon - splatoon_025 Splatoon - splatoon_024 Splatoon - splatoon_023 Splatoon - splatoon_022 Splatoon - splatoon_021 Splatoon - splatoon_020 Splatoon - splatoon_019 Splatoon - splatoon_018 Splatoon - splatoon_017 Splatoon - splatoon_016 Splatoon - splatoon_015 Splatoon - splatoon_014 Splatoon - splatoon_013 Splatoon - splatoon_012 Splatoon - splatoon_011 Splatoon - splatoon_010 Splatoon - splatoon_009 Splatoon - splatoon_008 Splatoon - splatoon_007 Splatoon - splatoon_006 Splatoon - splatoon_005 Splatoon - splatoon_004 Splatoon - splatoon_003 Splatoon - splatoon_002 Splatoon - splatoon_001


Splatoon 04/02/15
New maps trailer.
Splatoon 03/24/15
Splatoon trailer.
Splatoon 06/17/14
Splatoon E3 2014 trailer.

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