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General Tips
  • Always be putting ink on the ground. Don't worry too much about shooting other players right out of the gate. Remember that the victory conditions are entirely about the amount of your team's ink on the map.
  • Only shoot ink on walls when you want to travel to a higher spot. It does not count towards the final percentage at the end of a match.
  • Remember you can test weapons before you purchase them. It'll help you save some coins and help your team if you happen to perform poorly with a charger in the test level. Better to find that out before an actual match.
  • Ranked matches are unlocked once you reach level 10.
  • Play through the single-player mode to unlock blueprints for new guns in multiplayer.
  • If you see a cool piece of equipment on a character in the plaza, click on them and order their gear. It costs a bit more, but what's a few extra coins in the name of fashion?
  • Try to purchase gear with more ability slots.
  • The shopkeepers change their inventory every day, so be sure to check back to see what new items have arrived in the stores.
  • When you get your special, get to a safe spot and use it. If you get splatted before you use it, you have to charge up the meter all over again.
  • You can spawn on a teammate at any time by clicking their icon on the gamepad. Just be sure they're in a safe spot so you don't get splatted immediately.
  • Remember to go back to the plaza every now and then to check out the Miiverse posts. You're bound to see some fantastic artwork (and way too many Spongebob Squarepants posts).

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  • Arrowana Mall
  • Blackbelly Skatepark
  • Port Mackerel
  • Saltspray Rig
  • Urchin Underpass
  • Walleye Warehouse

Sunken Scrolls

Every single stage has Sunken Scrolls, hidden collectables that give some more background information on the world of Splatoon. They are often found in small orange boxes, so keep an eye out when you're traversing each stage. Also, Sunken Scrolls from boss fights can be taken back to the weapon shop to unlock additional weapons.

Quick start in Squid Racer

During the pre-race countdown, press [Accelerate] immediately before "2" turns to "1". If done correctly, you will get a faster start.

Mario and The Legend Of Zelda series references

In the "Urchin Underpass" map, you can find retro style mosaic artwork of Bloopers from the Mario series and Octoroks from The Legend Of Zelda series on opposite sides.

Wii U reference

When outside the Battle Dojo in Inkopolis, look through the window to see a white Wii U gamepad and a gray Pro controller to the left. Look to the right to see the black version of the controller.

Multiplayer gear sets

Defeat the final Boss in the single player campaign to unlock the Hero Suit Replica and Octoling Suit Replica sets in Multiplayer mode. Each set has a hat, shirt, and shoes.

Armor Helmet Replica

Note: This requires v2.0.0. Reach Level 25, then talk to Judd at the Plaza to get the Armor Helmet Replica.

Squid Beatz

Successfully complete the fourth tier of Green Squid Amiibo challenges, and defeat the fourth Boss within the time limit to unlock Squid Beatz. Note: To reach the fourth tier, complete the corresponding levels in Octo Valley. "Squid Beatz" is a rhythm mini-game and a soundtrack selection menu at the arcade in Inkopolis.

Judd unlockables

Note: This requires v2.0.0 and higher. Reach the indicated level, then speak with Judd in the Plaza to get the corresponding bonus:

Armor Boot Replicas: Level 35

Armor Helmet Replica: Level 25

Armor Jacket Replica: Level 30

Legendary Cap: Level 50

Octo Tee: Level 45

Octoshot Replica: Level 40