Doom 3 PC Cheats

During play, press Ctrl + Alt + ~ to bring up the console, then enter the following:
com_allowconsole 1 From now on, only press ~ for console access
god God Mode
editor Opens Map Editor
give all All weapons, full ammo/health/armor
give keys All keys
notarget Invisibility to most enemies
doomhell Skip to last level
noclip Walk through walls
give doom95 Play Doom 95
freeze Freeze screen
com_showfps 1 Display FPS
benchmark Game benchmark
status Game status
gfxinfo Graphics card info
aviDemo Saves a demo to an AVI movie file
clear Clear console text
kill Suicide
give berserk Berserk mode
give weapon_bfgBFG
give weapon_chainsawChainsaw
give weapon_chaingun Chaingun
give weapon_machinegun Machinegun
give weapon_rocketlauncher Rocket Launcher
give weapon_shotgun Shotgun
give weapon_plasmagun Plasmagun
give pda Get current level's PDAs / disks
give armor 125 Armor
give health Maxed Health
give ammo Maxed Ammo
noclip Walk through objects Ghost Mode
pm_walkspeed ### Define Walk Speed
pm_runspeed ### Define Run Speed
pm_crouchspeed ### Define Crouch Speed
pm_jumpheight ### Define Jump Height
pm_noclipspeed ### Define Speed when in Ghost Mode
set g_dragEntity 1 Grabs objects or bodies when you fire at them
listmonsters Lists Monster Images
killmonsters Kill Every Monster
killmoveables Kill Every Enemy that Moves
killragdolls Kill Every Enemy that is Still
r_brightness <#> Set Brightness
r_gamma <0-3> Set Gamma
g_showprojectilepct 1 HUD hit % Toggle
g_showplayershadow 1 See your shadow in Single Player
g_nightmare 1 Get Nightmare Difficulty
quit Quit Game

Level Select Codes. Enter at the console.

map game/alphalabs1Alpha Labs 1
map game/alphalabs2Alpha Labs 2
map game/alphalabs3Alpha Labs 3
map game/alphalabs4Alpha Labs 4
map game/caverns1Caverns 1
map game/caverns2Caverns 2
map game/comm1Comm 1
map game/commoutsideComm Outside
map game/cpuCPU
map game/cpubossCPU Boss
map game/delta1Delta 1
map game/delta2Delta 2
map game/delta3Delta 3
map game/delta4Delta 4
map game/delta5Delta 5
map game/enproEnpro
map game/hell1Hell 1
map game/hellholeHellhole
map game/mars_city1Mars City 1
map game/mars_city2Mars City 2
map game/admin Mars City Administration
map game/mc_undergroundMC Underground
map game/monorailMonorail
map game/mp/d3dm1Multiplayer Map 1
map game/mp/d3dm2Multiplayer Map 2
map game/mp/d3dm3Multiplayer Map 3
map game/mp/d3dm4Multiplayer Map 4
map game/mp/d3dm5Multiplayer Map 5
map game/pdasPDAs
map game/recycling1Recycling 1
map game/recycling2Recycling 2
map game/site3 Site 3
map testmaps/test_box Plain Room
map testmaps/test_boxstack High Room with Domino Boxes
map testmaps/test_lotsaimps Big Room with Enemies

Spawn Monsters. Enter at the console:
spawn monster_zombie_maint"Yellow Jacket" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint2 Black "Yellow Jacket" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint_flashlight "Yellow Jacket" Zombie with flashlight
spawn monster_zombie_maint_wrench "Yellow Jacket" Zombie with wrench
spawn monster_zombie_maint_skinny A skinny "Yellow Jacket" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_maint_bald A bald "Yellow Jacket" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth "Suit" Zombie with bloody mouth
spawn monster_zombie_suit_skinny A skinny "Suit" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_suit_neckstump Decapitated "Suit" Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_fat Fat zombie
spawn monster_zombie_fat2 Fat Zombie with intestines out
spawn monster_zombie_fat_wrench Fat Zombie with a wrench
spawn monster_zombie_commando_cgun Chaingun Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_sawyer Chainsaw Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_jumpsuit Jumpsuit Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_commando Tentacle Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_tshirt_blown Infimary Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_tshirt_bald Bald Infirmary Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_boney Boney Zombie
spawn monster_zombie_bernie Flaming Bernie Zombie
spawn monster_flying_lostsoul Lostsoul
spawn monster_demon_archvile Arch-Vile
spawn monster_demon_cacodemon Cacodemon... Demon
spawn monster_flying_cacodemon Flying Cacodemon
spawn monster_demon_hellknight Hellknight
spawn monster_demon_impImp
spawn monster_demon_imp_crawler Imp Crawler
spawn monster_demon_imp_crawl_armdoor Imp, Immobile
spawn monster_demon_maggot Maggot
spawn monster_demon_mancubus Mancubus
spawn monster_demon_pinky Pinky (Cyber dog)
spawn monster_demon_tick Tick
spawn monster_demon_trite Trite
spawn monster_demon_revenant Revenant
spawn monster_demon_wraith Wraith
spawn monster_demon_cherub Cherub
spawn monster_boss_cyberdemon Cyberdemon
spawn monster_boss_guardian Guardian
spawn monster_boss_guardian_seeker Guardian's Seeker
spawn monster_boss_guardian_spawner Guardian's Spawner
spawn monster_boss_vagary Vagory
spawn monster_boss_sabaoth Sabaoth
spawn monster_boss_maledict_cinematic Maledict that is just for show

Spawn or Get Items, NPC's, Equipment, Environment Objects, Ammo. Enter at the console:
spawn weapon_bfgBFG 9000
give ammo_bfg_small Small BFG Ammo
spawn ammo_bfg_small Spawn Small BFG Ammo
spawn weapon_chaingunChaingun
give ammo_belt_small Small Chaingun Ammo
spawn ammo_belt_small Spawn Small Chaingun Ammo
spawn weapon_machinegunMachinegun
give ammo_clip_small Small Machinegun Ammo
give ammo_clip_large Large Machinegun Ammo
spawn ammo_clip_small Spawn Small Machinegun Ammo
spawn ammo_clip_large Spawn Large Machinegun Ammo
spawn weapon_pistolPistol
give ammo_bullets_small Small Pistol Ammo
give ammo_bullets_large Large Pistol Ammo
spawn ammo_bullets_small Spawn Small Pistol Ammo
spawn ammo_bullets_large Spawn Large Pistol Ammo
spawn weapon_plasmagunPlasma Rifle
give ammo_cells_small Small Plasma Rifle Ammo
give ammo_cells_large Large Plasma Rifle Ammo
spawn ammo_cells_small Spawn Small Plasma Rifle Ammo
spawn ammo_cells_large Spawn Large Plasma Rifle Ammo
spawn weapon_rocketlauncherRocket Launcher
give ammo_rockets_small Small Rocket Launcher Ammo
give ammo_rockets_large Large Rocket Launcher Ammo
spawn ammo_rockets_small Spawn Small Rocket Launcher Ammo
spawn ammo_rockets_large Spawn Large Rocket Launcher Ammo
spawn weapon_shotgunShotgun
give ammo_shells_small Small Shotgun Ammo
give ammo_shells_large Large Shotgun Ammo
spawn ammo_shells_small Spawn Small Shotgun Ammo
spawn ammo_shells_large Spawn Large Shotgun Ammo
spawn weapon_soulcube Soul Cube
give ammo_grenade_small Hand Grenades
spawn ammo_grenade_small Spawn Hard Grenades
spawn char_security_goggles_pistol Guard with Pistol
spawn char_hazmat Hazmat Scientist
spawn char_campbell Campbell
spawn char_campbell_bfg Campbell with BFG
spawn char_campbell_bfgcase Capbell with BFG case
spawn char_swann Swann
spawn char_betruger Evil Betruger
spawn marscity_marine_helmet_p90_walking Armed Guard
spawn moveable_base_barrel Barrel
spawn moveable_explodingbarrel Explosive Barrel
spawn moveable_burningtank Burning Exploding Tank
spawn moveable_explodingtank Exploding Tank
spawn moveable_base_fixed Base Fixed
spawn moveable_base Base
spawn moveable_base_brick Base Brick
spawn moveable_base_boulder Base Boulder
spawn moveable_base_domino Base Domino
spawn moveable_burger Burger
spawn moveable_cannister Cannister
spawn moveable_cartonbox (1-8) Cartons
spawn moveable_chair (1,2 or 5) Chairs
spawn moveable_gizmo (1-3) Gadgets
spawn moveable_burgerboxclose Closed Burger Box
spawn moveable_burgerboxopen Open Burger Box
spawn moveable_cokecan Can of Coke
spawn moveable_computer Computer
spawn moveable_blaptop Laptop
spawn moveable_monitor Monitor
spawn moveable_ktable Table
spawn moveable_wrench Wrench
spawn moveable_item_(any weapon here) Weapons
spawn env_gibs_spine Spine
spawn env_gibs_leftleg (or right) Legs
spawn env_gibs_leftarm (or right) Arms
spawn env_gibs_torso Torso
spawn env_ragdoll_skeleton Bloody Skeleton
spawn env_ragdoll_skeleton2 Normal Skeleton

Third person camera controls:

pm_thirdPersonAngle "XXXX" Change the angle your character is viewed in thirdperson. 180 is a front view.
pm_thirdPersonRange "XXXX" Change the distance the camera is from you in third person. 0 is a face view, 80 is default.
pm_thirdPersonHeight "XXXX" Change the height you are viewed in third person. Negative numbers are below normal.
pm_thirdpersondeath 1 Play from third person with your HUD, crosshair, etc.

Cabinet Combinations:
Cabinet Number Access code Contents
001 396 Bullets
003 483 Grenades, plasma cell, security armor, clips
009 752 Large med kits, security armor, grenades, clip
013 586 Grenades, shells, clip, security armor
017 347 Shells, clip, security armor, large med kit
023 531 Armor shards, shells, large med kit
038 409 Security armor, clip, grenades
039 102 Security armor, clips
047 123 Clips, grenades
048 123 Plasma cell, ammo belt, large med kit
049 123 Armor shards
054 246 Grenades, security armor
054 142 Security armor, rockets, grenades
063 972 Plasma gun, plasma cell, small med kit
064 651 Armor shards, clip, plasma cell
078 364 Large med kits, clips, grenades
079 364 Large med kits, clips, grenades
103 259 Plasma cells, shells, large med kit
104 579 Rockets, security armor, ammo belt
112 538 Armor shards, cell, shotgun
114 715 Backpack, security armor, clip
116 972 Large med kit, security armor, plasma gun, BFG cell
116 624 Shells, bullets, plasma cell
117 624 Security armor, BFG cell, grenades
213 371 Shells, clip, plasma cells
21D 298 Security armor, rockets, large med kit, grenades
317 841 Security armor, large med kits, clips, rockets, bullets
386 836 Clip, large med kits, ammo belt, bullets
387 836 Clip, rocket, grenades, large med kit, security armor
452 571 Rocket launcher, rockets, grenades
666 372 Imp, security armor
669 468 Grenades, plasma cells, security armor
Martian Buddy 1 0508 Chaingun, ammo belt, security armor
Martian Buddy 2 0508 BFG, security armor

Monorail Code::
If you don't use the PDA, the code to reactivate the monorail, the airlock code is 826.

Modifying Doom III .def files:
Every weapon and enemy in the game has attributes that are stored in .def files found in the doom/base/def folder. By changing the values associated with these attributes, you can change some of the basic characteristics of the game. So, for example, if you changed the "damage" value in the monster_zombie_fat2 def file from 15 to 100, the fat zombies would become much more powerful when you played the game. Converseley, if you changed the fat zombie damage value from 15 to 1, the fat zombies would hit for practically nothing.

**Note** Modifying game files is only recommended for advanced users. Extensive modification of def files can lead to stability and playability issues. Before altering any files, make a back-up copy of the /def folder so that you can replace the edited files with the originals if you need to. You cannot join any multiplayer games if you're running a game with edited def files, however you can still host multiplayer games. The changes to your def files will then affect everyone playing in your game.

Thanks to Revolution readers sapz, finn eliasen, Sandy Brown, Big Bubba, Polonius, and Jason Pate!