Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 PS Cheats

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2



Unlock McSqueeb:
After beating the Game 100% with Tony you'll unlock McSqueeb ('80s Tony).

Unlock '80s Tony Skate Video:
Earn three gold medals with McSqueeb ('80s Tony). This will unlock a video of the early days of Tony Hawk. To view the movie you have to start a session and then end run.

Unlock Neversoft Bail Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Officer Dick to unlock the Neversoft Bail Video.

Jet Pack Mode:
You must hold L1 while you press Up, Up, Up, Up, X, Square, Up, Up, Up, Up, X, Square, Up, Up, Up, Up. Note: Controls are, hold Triangle to hover Hit X to trigger your Jetpack Push forward to fly forward

Unlock Neversoft Skaters:
From the Main Menu press and hold L1, now enter: Up, Square, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle, Triangle. You'll notice the wheel spin a little bit and then enter the Create a Skater option. Enter in a name of a person that works at Neversoft. Try these names: Joel Jewett (president of Neversoft), Connor Jewett (Joel's son) and Mick West.

More Neversoft Guys:
Aaron Cammarata Ralph D'Amato Noel Hines Gary Jesdanun Ryan McMahon Nolan Nelson Johnny Ow Scott Pease Chris Rausch Darren Thorne Jason Uyeda

Unlock Everything (except gaps):
Pause the game, then hold L1 and press X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Up, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle, Circle. If you entered the code correctly, the pause screen will shake. Then, select the "End Run" option from the pause menu. All cheats, FMV seqences, McSqeeb, Officer Dick, and Spider-Man will be unlocked.

Unlock Private Carrera:
You must search for and execute every Gap in the non-secret levels of the game.

Unlock Spiderman. That's Right, You Heard Me, Spiderman!!:
Web "Sidewalk" Surfing!! Create you own skater and beat the game with 100%. You'll unlock Spiderman, He comes with four costumes.

Unlock The Spiderman Skate Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Spiderman to unlock the Spiderman Skate Video.

Unlock the Neversoft Makes Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Private Carrera to unlock the Neversoft video.

During gameplay, pause the game and Hold L1. With L1 is held enter in the following code. X, X, X, X, SQUARE, X, X, X, X, SQUARE, X, X, X, X, SQUARE.
This code will make your skater lose a little weight. You can enter this code multiple times to decrease the girth.

25% More Speed:
Pause the game and Hold L1. With L1 held enter in the following code. Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle, Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, Circle.

Unlock Cheats:
After clearing every goal and collecting all the cash on every level and competition you will open a new cheat. The cheats are opened in the order listed below:

First Time
Officer Dick
First hidden character

Second time
Skip to Restart
During gameplay you can pause the game and choose your spawn point.

Third time
Kid Mode
Better stats, kid-like skaters

Fourth time
Perfect Balance
You'll be able to grind for days, no balancing necessary.

Fifth time
Always Special
Infinite Special power.

Sixth time
STUD Cheat
You'll max out your stats

Seventh time
Weight Cheat
Alter the way your skaters look.

Eighth time
Wireframe mode.

Ninth time
Tricks are in slow motion.

Tenth time
Big Head Cheat
Skaters will have big heads.

Eleventh time
Sim Mode
Realistic physics.

Twelfth time
Smooth Cheat
No textures

Thirteenth time
Moon Physics
Low gravity.

Fourteenth time
Disco Mode
Disco lights.

Fifteenth time
Level Flip
All levels are a mirrored versions of the original levels.

Special Moves

Tony Hawk
The 900 Right, Down, Circle. Sacktap Up, Down, Circle. Christ Air Left, Right, Circle. Varial Right, Left, Circle. Ollie north Up, Up, Square. 360 flip Down, Down, Square. Layback Grind Left, Right, Triangle. Bob Burnquist
FS Rocket Air Tailslide Up, Down, Triangle FS One Footed Smith Right, Down, Triangle Racket Air Left, Down, circle Chad Muska Backflip Up, Down, Circle. Sal flip Up, Down, Square. 540 flip Down, Up, Square. 360 shuvit Up, Up, Square. 360 flip Down, Down, Square. Hurricane Left, Right, Triangle. Nose Manual Right, Up, Triangle on the ground. Geoff Rowley Rowley Darkslide Left, Right, Tri. Double Hardflip Right, Down, Square. Half Flip Casper Right, Left, Square. Rodney Mullen Triple Kickflip Left, Right, Square. 540 Flip Down, Up, Square. Darkslide Left, Right, Triangle. Kareem Campbells Moves Ghetto Bird Down, Up, B Nosegrind to PivotDown, Up, B Casper Left, Down, Circle Elissa Streamer Madonna Tailslide Up, Left, Triangle Hospital Flip Left, Right, Square Indy Frontflip Down, Up, Circle Jamie Thomas: Laser Flip Down, Right, Square Secret Move Down, Up, Triangle Spider Man Spidey Flip Up, Down, Circle. Spidey Grind Left, Right, Triangle. What Spidey Can Do Left, Right, Square.


Multiple Points:
Pull off as many trick as you can while rotating. If you can incorporate this into your normal routine, you will see an incredible improvement in your scoring.

12 Million Points at Skatepark Ventura:
Turn on the perfect balance cheat and go to Skatepark Ventura. Then go to the halfpipe by the bowl and grind the pipe going towards the rail connecting the two rails. Don't go to fast because you want to start grinding backwards when you go up the hills of the rails or it won't work. Keep grinding for an hour to an hour and a half and you will have millions of points. Even though the timer has run out you will keep grinding until you jump off and you will get scores of 99.9 from all the judges.

More Time:
Just grind as the clock reahes "0". You can continue grinding until you fall, or just stop grinding.

Hidden Area:
In Marsellie there is a wooded area if you look straight ahead and a little to the left. If you go in it; you should see one of the lamp posts, but it has a wood board facing the wood wall propping the post up. If you skate into the board, propping the post up, it will break. Wait about 5 seconds then the post will fall onto the wood wall revealing a secret room with several plus 500 bonuses.

Extra points:
1. Jump completely over table
2. Jump completely over dumpster
3. Jump down stairs
4. Grind one rail jump grind other rail (behind start)
5. Grind curved rail by steps jump grind edge of steps
6. Jump over crossbar in middle of game (has banner)
7. Jump over table leaning on ramp
8. Grind Lampost 
9. Jump completely up steps 
10. Go to left of dumpsters, go up ramps a few times, jump off ramp dumpsters.          
11. Go to left of dumpsters, ride up ramp where crossbar is, come back down, go up small ramp opposite of where you are. 
12. In the area where there are 3 circles connected, jump from one of the humps on the ground to another. 
13. Jump over the smaller gate on the right side of the starting point  

Opening the Gym in School II:
To open the gym doors in School II, head to the Opensezmee Rail as soon as you begin the level. (This is the rail just above the long bike rack banks area). When you hear the second roll call bell sound (at 1:40), grind the length of the rail. Then head forward to get inside the gymnasium and do some serious calisthenics.

Skate Heaven:
If you achieve 100% and get 3 golds with every skater, you can open up a new level – Skate Heaven.

To do a wallie simply do an ollie (press X) while doing a wall ride. Wallies can get you some unheard of air. Works really good on the the School level. Right at the beginning of the level go straight towards the first school bell and boneless to wall ride to wallie to whatever flip or grab tricks you got and then go straight into a grind on that top rail. From there you can go left or righ but which ever you choose, try to keep the tricks going. I busted an easy 113,000 point trick with this wall ride to wallie thing.

Negative Points:
This is a fun code to do. First you have to turn on the fly code. (Jet pack) Fly up into the air so that you won't hit any walls. Now you should hold down Triangle so you will stay up there. Start to do some tricks while hitting R2 about 15-25 times. It dont really matter if you go past 25 times. Now do a trick that you can hold for a while. ( one of them that end with the button 0 ) While holding it hold down the right arrow key. After the point reaches anywhere between 20 million to 35 million it will jump to negative points. When that happens just land safely on the ground.

GameShark Codes

Unlock ALL Levels:                     800D63470001

No Bails Counted (CHAD)                801ea3800000
Trick Multiplied By 10 (CHAD)          d01eaaf40001

900's Always worth 8000 (TONY)         801ea8300001

Infinite Track Pieces In Park Editor
*Note: Don't go crazy with the number of pieces you place. The PSX will eventually run out of memory and crash. 

No Bails Counted (Tony)                801ea3740000
Trick Points Multiplied By 10 (TONY)   d01eaae80001

Infinite Time
This code will reset the time after each 2 minutes is up 
                                       dooe2630 1c1f
                                       800e2630 0001

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