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Destiny 2 – Best Farming Locations

Whether this is your first time playing Destiny 2 or you were an avid Destiny pro, you will want to know how to get Exotic Engrams. In our previous guide, we detailed how to get them through the story, quests, and Xur.

However, those aren’t the only ways to get them in Destiny 2, as there are several farming locations throughout the various four locales you’ll visit during the campaign.

Destiny 2 – Exotic Engrams

Destiny 2

Before we go any further, let’s explain exactly what these are and why you should care about them. Engrams, for lack of better words, are simply loot chests of a sort. You collect them at random, and they can be unlocked by going to either of the two social spaces in Destiny 2.

Exotic Engrams, specifically, contain exotic weapons or armor. These are the cream of the crop in terms of loot for the popular shooter MMO. Exotics, unlike everything else from uncommon to legendary, are able to be powered up through the sacrifice of other weapons or armor of the same category.

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This allows them essentially to level up with you, granted you have the correct materials. Even when you’ve already reached the max level of 20, they can continue to be powered up to the current power level cap of 300. This will have you ready for the upcoming raids and trials that will be releasing soon.

Destiny 2 – Best Farming Locations

Destiny 2

All of this, of course, requires you to actually have Exotics, which is where we come in. The easiest way to gain these is through public events, specifically heroic public events.

These souped up versions of the normal events that you’d find in an MMO – like the FATE’s in Final Fantasy XIV – have you face off against massive enemies or objectives alongside the other random strangers in your specific area.

Though normal public events have the potential to grant exotic engrams, it is a very slim chance. Heroic events make it much easier to happen, but require you to complete regular public events in a specific way.

Though several public events can become heroic, the best and easiest way is through completing the normal public event that has you go up against the Arsenal Walker. This massive walking tank must be defeated with these specific steps:

  • Travel to the closest location to the Walker event (check your Director and don’t forget fast travel)
  • Shoot its legs to disable them
  • Collect its dropped orbs
  • Place two orbs in each of the three shield generators around the Walker (so you need six orbs total)
  • Doing all this will cause the heroic event to start
  • Completely destroy it and the additional Arsenal Walker that will show up

Completing this specific heroic event will give you the best chance at receiving those coveted Exotic Engrams, as well as leveling up whether or not you are already level 20. Here are the best locations to farm for them using the Arsenal Walker method:

  • European Dead Zone- Outskirts
  • EDZ- Sunken Isles
  • Titan- Siren’s Watch
  • Titan- The Rig