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Dead Rising
Probester/Sam C.
Xbox 360

1. Controls
2. Basics
3. Opening Segment
4. Case 1-1
5. Case 1-2
6. Case 1-3
7. Case 1-4
8. Intermission
9. Case 2-1
10. Case 2-2
11. Case 2-3
12. Intermission
13. Case 3-1
14. Intermission
15. Case 4-1
16. Case 4-2
17. Intermission
18. Case 5-1
19. Case 5-2
20. Intermission
21. Case 6-1
22. Intermission
23. Case 7-1
24. Case 7-2
25. Intermission
26. Case 8-1
27. Case 8-2
28. Case 8-3
29. Case 8-4
30. The Facts
31. Overtime Mode
32. Infinity Mode
33. Downloadable Costumes
34. Unlockables
35. Bosses/Psychopaths
36. Closing

1. Controls

Left Bumper/Right Bumper = Scroll through inventory left or right,respectively
Left Trigger = Hold down for camera view
Right Trigger = Manual Aim for guns, throw aim for melee weapons
Left Analog Stick = Move Frank around, steer vehicles,shake off zombie
Right Analog Stick = Aim camera viewfinder,rotate camera around Frank
Right Analog Stick(Click)= Center the camera behind Frank
Left D-Pad = Check Frank's Watch
Right D-Pad = Answer transciever calls
Down D-Pad = Drop equipped item
Up D-Pad = Put away equipped item (Drop item if inventory full)
Back Button = Brings up Mall Map
Start Button = Pauses game, allows access to notebook and status
B Button = Action button, cancel button in menus, shake off zombies
A Button = Jump button
X Button = Attack Button
Y Button = call to survivors, used to mark location if RT is held down

2. Basics

In order to survive Frank West's adventures in the Willamette Parkview
Mall, there are some basic things the player should learn and know well.

The watch plays a very important role in both the 72 Hour Mode, as well as
Overtime Mode. The watch can be used to set guide arrows to tell Frank where
to go on story cases and side scoops, as well as check the time. The time
remaining and open cases and scoops are also displayed on the watch screen.
Look at Frank's watch by pressing the left button on the drectional pad.

Healing Items
Frank will constantly be attacked and damaged, and that means in order to stay
alive, Frank will need to consume healing items occasionally. It is
recommended that the player finds a spot where they know they can constantly
replenish their food supply if needed, and know the layout of the area.
Healing items can be taken from the Security Room before the end of case 2,
after which the items start disappearing. The Columbian Roastmasters on the
second floor of the Paradise Plaza is also another excellent place to find
some healing items, especially since Orange Juice(an item that restores a high
amount of health) can be found in infinite quantities there.

Frank will need to defend himself from zombies and humans throughout his
travels. Firearms should generally be saved for boss fights and psychopath
scoops. Pistols can be found on zombie cops wandering around, if they do not
drop nightsticks instead. It seems that the zombie cops tend to drop pistols
when they are attacked when it is still daylight, as opposed to night time,
when they often drop the nightsticks. Pistols can also be found in infinite
quantites in the displays of the Huntin' Shack gun store. 3 shotguns and 2
sniper rifles can also be found in the Huntin' Shack each time the player
enters the North Plaza. Submachine Guns can be found on top of a store display
in the Paradise Plaza, and inside the water fountain in the Al Fresca Plaza.
Machineguns can be found when Frank kills a Special Forces solider later in
the game, or if you kill the survivor named Brett on the third day for the
gun. The heavy machine gun mounted on top of the truck the convicts
drive around can not be put in your inventory, but Frank can rip it off
the stand and use it as long as the ammo lasts, or if he drops it. This gun
is useful for killing the stronger psychopaths and for the boss fights in the
main Case story.

Frank is a photojournalist, and carries his trusty camera everywhere. The
camera is an excellent way to gain PP points, to help Frank level up. The
better the photo, the more PP points you will gain. The camera Frank carries
has a charge of 30 batteries. When these run out, you will have to find a
camera store and recharge the batteries at a battery display. To view your
photos, press the start button to access the pause menu, and go into photo
viewer. You can choose to keep up to 29 of the pictures you take.

3. Opening Segment

The opening segment of the game is meant to teach you
how to take photos and control the camera properly. The
main shot attractions are the zombies attacking the man on top of the car,
the zombies crowding around the school bus, the gas station exploding, and
the woman trying to escape zombies on the roof. You can take multiple shots
of each. You can get extra points if you take a photo while the woman on the
roof is shooting at a zombie, or after she has fallen off the roof. The
counter on the bottom right corner of the camera screen is your battery
indicator. You probably won't run out of batteries during this segment.
After the cutscene where Frank jumps out of the helicopter, talk
to Carlito on the roof, then go through the door he is leaning beside.

You will enter the Security Room. This will be a place you will
frequently visit throughout the game. Head down the metal stairs and straight
through the red door ahead of you. Open the red door and exam the security
monitors by pressing B. After the cutscene, head through the yellow door
on your right side. Head through the metal grey door that says
"Staff Only"on it, and run down the hall until you reach the exit.

When you exit the door, you will get a cutscene showing the plaza
that Frank has emerged in. Jump into the water and take a photo of the
three survivors at the barricade in front of the main entrance.
You will probably also get some zombies in the picture.
Take a picture of Lindsay, the old lady look for her dog, Maddona.
Turn around and take a photo of Brian and Todd talking.
Do the same for the two women sitting on the ground near the
sporting goods store. Take a picture of Mark, the man wandering around
with his baseball bat. Finally, take a picture of Alan and Kathy,
the couple arguing near the metal gate, before walking over
to the pile of benches and garbage cans. You should recieve
an achievement for taking photos of these 10 survivors. As soon as you
walk over to the pile, you will trigger a cutscene.

The zombies will start attacking the survivors. There is no way to save them,
so don't bother trying. To your right, near the pillar is a bag of snacks.
Take it. To your left is the scrap pile. Grab a 2 X 4 and another bag of
snacks, then run toward the stairs. Change weapons/items by hitting the left
and right bumper to scroll through your inventory. If you are grabbed,
press B and quickly rotating your left analog stick to push the grabbing
zombie off. If you get knocked onto the ground, you will see a button come
on screen with a time bar quickly draining. You must hit this key in time to
push the zombie off of you. If zombies get in your way, press X once to
hit them with the 2 X 4. They should go down
in one hit, but don't waste too much time standing around attacking zombies.
Move up the stairs to trigger another cutscene.

5. Case 1-1

Back in the security room, go to where Jessie is sitting and grab some food.
Use the apples first, as they feel only one block of health. Take at least one
coffee creamer with you in your inventory. Talk to Otis near the vent
where Brad left. He will give you a map of the mall and a transciever so that
you can talk to the people back at the security room. Go through the vent
after Otis is done talking. On the right side of the roof, you will
hear a survivor, Jeff yelling. Go over to him and talk to him until he
joins Frank. With Jeff now following you, move to the other side of the roof
to find his wife Natalie. When they get close enough to one another, they
will call out each other's name and run toward each other. When they hug,
take a picture of it. You will get two giant PP signs above their heads
on the camera screen. When you have finished taking the shot, go over to them
and talk. Frank will get Natalie to follow him as well, and you will have to
lead both of them back to the security room. Simply go back vent, and make
sure both are beside you before you go through the vent. After they are safely
in the security room, you will get a 20,000 PP bonus, and likely a level up.
Head back through the vent and move to where Natalie was standing earlier. Go
through the door here and enter the warehouse. Otis will call you on the
transciever here. Answer it by pressing the right button on the d-pad. Jump
down the ladder onto the top of the shelves. Jump straight down onto the
ground for an achievment. If you lose a health block, pick up one of
the cardboard boxes on the ground and throw it against a wall. One of them
will likely contain Frozen Vegetables that you can eat to restore your health.
Head down the lighted path that has a sign that says "Paradise Plaza" beside
it. Halfway down the path, you will get a cutscene.

5. Case 1-2

After the cutscene, you will have a handgun in your inventory, and Case 1-2
will start. Your objective for this case is to go help Brad. You will
automatically have the case marker arrow set for you. Head through the door.
Ignore the zombies as best as you can run through the plaza following the
arrow. The water on the left side will be free of zombies, for the most part,
so use this to avoid zombies if needed. When you reach the water foundtain,
head through the doors on the left to enter Leisure Park. Again, ignore the
zombies here and make your way through the park following your guide arrow.
When you see the doors of the plaza you need to enter, you will see a crowd
of zombies clawing at the door. To the right of the crowd is a lawn mower.
Move over to the lawnmower and use it. Move foward by holding the X button.
Steer with the left analog stick. Mow through the zombies until you see the
icon that tells you to press B to enter the food court. When you see the icon,
stop using the lawn mower and enter the food court.

After the cutscene here, run towards the stairs under the giant WELCOME sign.
From here, you will be behind Carlito. Use manual aim with the pistol (Right
trigger) to shoot him, When he is hit, he will run off and shoot at you from
another window. Repeat this process. He will occasionally lob a grenade at
you, so be ready to run out of the way when he does this. Only shoot
at Carlito when he is standing still. If Otis calls during
the gun fight, ignore him. If you start to run low on health, use a healing
item in your inventory, or simply look behind one of the food court counters
for food. If you run out of ammo, go back to Brad and talk to him for a new
gun. When his health bar is down to halfway, Carlito will relocate to the rear
of the food court, but he will perform the same attacks. Keep attacking him
the same way. Brad will move up and start fighting alongside you. When
Carlito's health bar runs out, a cutscene will be triggered.

6. Case 1-3

During the cutscene, we learn that Brad and Jessie are DHS agents. When the
cutscene ends, Case 1-3 will be engaged. You will gain 20,000 PP for defeating
Carlito. Answer Otis' call now if you wish. Heal before you follow Brad
through the doors to Paradise Plaza. Move to the Food Court store named Frozen
Dreams. Jump over the counter and take a Yogourt. While Frank has it in his
hand, use the blender. Frank will put the container inside the blender. Take
another Yogourt and repeat the process. The blender will make a drink and pop
out a container called "Quickstep." DO NOT use this item yet. Move over to
where Brad is waiting by the door. Ignore the zombies attacking him and go
through the glass doors.

You will emerge in the Al Fresca. Drink your Quickstep and follow the guide
arrow to the end of the plaza, during your best to avoid getting hit by the
zombies. You will notice that Quickstep allows Frank to travel at a much
higher speed then normal. When you arrive at the doors that the arrow leads
you to, be enter the glass doors. When you emerge inside, move towards the
gate control panel on the wall to trigger a short cutscene. Move towards the
gated store named "Everyone Luvs Books". This will trigger yet another

7. Case 1-4

Follow the guide arrow back to the Al Fresca plaza door. Ignore the zombies
that now crowd around the door. When you enter the Al Fresca, move past the
fountain towards the cafe on the other side. You will see a bike leaning
against the wall. Get on the back and rapidly tap X to accelerate. Use the
bike to plow through the swarm of zombies back to the doors leading to the
food court. Note that you cannot bring the bike with you, so you have to
get off the bike and go through the doors on foot. Going up the stairs on your
right will lead you to a restaurant where you can take multiple bottles
of wine, if you wish. Heal before going through the doors to the park.
Follow the arrow to find your way back to the entrance to the Paradise Plaza.
If it is nighttime in your game, you will recieve a cutscene where 3 convicts
on a Hummvee try to attack Frank, and then attempt to attack a girl named
Sophie. Assuming this is your first time through the game and you are low
level, ignore both the convicts and their machine gun. If they attempt to
attack you, run behind a tree so that their vehicle will get stuck. Enter the
Paradise Plaza when you get to the doors.

In the Paradise Plaza, follow the guide arrow back to the Warehouse entrance
door. When you enter the warehouse, you may recieve a scene if you were late.
If you do recieve the scene, capture a Queen for later use. If you don't
recieve the scene, head back to the roof by either climbing the shelves by
jumping over the TVs and onto the crates, or take the elevator. On the roof,
head back into the Security Room through the vent. Open the yellow door
and enter the monitor room to see a cutscene.

8. Intermission

When the scene ends, you will get a message that they next case will occur
at 6:00 AM. You can now save in the Security Room if you wish. Frank now has
a couple of hours to kill before the next case. It is recommended that you
spend this time gaining experience for Frank. Kill some zombies, take some
photos, or do some of the Scoop missons to rescue some survivors. The
important thing is gaining some experience and leveling up. When you think
you are ready, attack 2 zombie cops for 2 pistols, and find some healing
items in preperation for the next case. Remeber, Frank has to be in the
security room, in the monitor room by 6:00 A.M. Do not miss the time or
you will either fail the story completly, or make the rest of Case 2 much more

9. Case 2-1

You will get a chance to save as the case starts. SAVE YOUR GAME.
At 6:00 AM in the Security Room, Jessie will see Carlito on the monitor. Time
to rush out with Brad and fight Carlito yet again.

10. Case 2-2
Instead of taking the
elevator down to the bottom of the warehouse, use the shelves and ladder
instead, as the elevator will start filling up with zombies for some reason.
Otis will call you. Answer it, and he'll tell you that the shutter blocking
Paradise Plaza from the Entrance Plaza has been lifted. When you exit the
Warehouse, take the path on Frank's left to quickly head into the Entrance
Plaza. A cutscene will play. Apparently this time, Carlito brought a bigger
gun. A lot bigger. Carlito will stick to the second floor and take shots
at Frank and Brad, so your plan should be to rush up the escaltors. Head over
to the sporting goods store and take cover there. Brad will also run up to the
second floor. He will exchange fire with Carlito. Be aware that Brad CAN die,
and that you're also on a time limit, so don't let Brad do all the work. If
Carlito rushes near you, shoot him as much as you can. Grab a skateboard from
the sporting goods store before you kill Carlito. Another strategy is to
move Frank behind the pillar so that he can aim at Carlito and rapidly shoot
Carlito with your gun. He will run around, but if you shoot him enough he will
become stunned. Keep shooting at him until all your ammo runs out, or if the
battle ends. If you need to heal, use your healing items inside the sporting
goods store.

During the cutscene after the battle, Carlito and Brad will exhchange
pistol fire, and both will become injured. Frank will carry Barnaby back to
the security room.

11. Case 2-3

After the cutscene, we learn that Brad needs medicine. We need to get to
the supermarket in the North Plaza and get a first aid kit from the
pharmacy. On this case, we are on a strict time limit. Check Frank's
watch and set the guide arrow for the case "Medicine Run". On your way
out of the Paradise Plaza, attack two zombie cops and take their guns.
There will most likely to be two of the cops standing around near the
exit doors in the water area, if you can't find any.
Head out of the plaza and go through Leisure Park to the North Plaza.
Equip the skateboard in the park area and mash X to increase speed. Try
to avoid hitting zombies while on the skateboard, as it breaks easily.

In the North Plaza, while heading towards the supermarket, try to climb
on top of the contruction platforms to avoid the massive swarms of zombies.
Avoid using your pistols, as we have to conserve the ammo for the upcoming
psychopath battle. There will occasionally be food on these platforms. Take
and eat it instantly if you are in need of health. If you still have your
skateboard, avoid using it in this area. Enter the supermarket through the
glass doors. If you got hit while trying to enter the supermarket, grab food
off of the shelves to eat before you enter the pharmacy. Make sure you have
all the healing items you can carry, then enter the door marked
by the arrow. You will start a cutscene.

Immediately after the cutscene, jump and climb on top of the shelf to the left
of you, as Steven will charge you. Jump down on the other side of the shelf,
as Steven will proceed to pull his shotgun on you if you are out of reach of
his cart. Move as fast as you can towards the checkout counters, and get
behind them. Steven will have trouble hitting with his cart here. If he pulls
out his gun again, quickly shoot him in the head before he can fire. If he
hits you, he will put his gun away and cart off behind the aisle. Do not
follow him. He will try to take a shoot at you, and miss. Wait for him to
come near the checkout counters again, and repeat the process. Watch out for
the zombies that start appearing from the direction of the entrance. If
you need food at anytime during the fight and you don't have any in your
inventory, run into an aisle and take some food off of the shelf. Be careful
though, as one of the aisle contains cooking oil and other non-healing items.
If you run out of ammo, head over to the fish counter and grab the broom. You
can use this to melee him when he is trying to make a turn with the cart. When
the broom head breaks off, it turns into a quicker, deadlier weapon. While it
may be hard to hit him with either of these weapons, once you hit him, rapidly
tap the attack button, as Frank will follow up with an attack before Steven
recovers from the previous one. After the cutscene, quickly grab some items
and heal. Go to the pharmacy and take the first aid kit, then quickly
head over to the milk section and take as many as you can. Now exit the
supermarket and make your way back to the Security Room. If you still have
the skateboard, use it in Leisure Park and Paradise Plaza to save some time.
When you enter the security room, talk to Jessie to give her the First Aid

12. Intermission

The next case will occur at 11:00 AM. By the time you get back from the
supermarket, this should only be an hour or two hours away. You can just go
into the mall and kill some zombies until then for some PP, or take some
photos. There is probably not enough time to rescue some survivors. There is
no need to equip yourself for the next case.

13. Case 3-1

This is a cutscene case. All we do is watch a cutscene, then we can save
our game.

14. Intermission

We have a few hours to waste before 3:00 PM, so we can prepare for the next
case. A good idea would be to complete some more Scoop missions and other
tasks to gain some more PP. When you're almost out of time, gather 3 pistols
and healing items to fill the rest of your inventory for your next case.

15. Case 4-1

Be at the Security Room at 3:00 PM to get a cutscene showing Isabela entering
the Supermarket. Case 4-2 will start.

16. Case 4-2

Head over to the North Plaza through Leisure Park. If you get a cutscene
showing a wierd cult, ignore the cult members. Avoid fighting the people
in the yellow raincoat at close range, as they do a lot of damage with their
knives, and they can spray gas at Frank which will knock him out.
Like last time, avoid the crowd of zombies by walking on the construction
platforms. A cutscene will play when you reach the area in front
of Seon's, and Isabela will try to run you over. Immediately dodge, then take
a shot at her with your pistol. Move up the ramp behind you, then climb to the
highest level. She will attempt to reach you, and you will have some chances
to shoot her when she pauses. If she drives off into the distance, then jump
off the higest level onto the raised platform. This will prevent her from
taking a jump and hitting you. Occasionally, Isabela will pause, and raise her
pistol. Shoot her to prevent her from shooting back. She will then go back
to her normal pattern of trying to run you over. If you do not miss often,
she should be defeated with two pistols. You should gain 30,000 PP for
defeating Isabela. A cutscene will play after the battle.

17. Intermission

The next case will occur at 12:00 AM. There is no need to prepare
for the next case, other then to grab a few healing items and a 2 X 4.
This is yet another good opportunity to do some Scoops and gain some more
PP points. You have to be at a store in construction near the camera store
in the North Plaza at 12. Pick up the nail gun on the ground here
before the case starts.

18. Case 5-1

A cutscene will play a 12, showing Frank waiting for Isabela. When she
arrives, a zombie attempts to attack her. Use the nailgun and shoot the zombie
off of her.

19. Case 5-2

The whole point of this case is to transport Isabela back to the security
room. The zombies appear to have a hard time hitting Frank while he is
carrying someone on his back. If you were quick to shoot off the zombie
that attacked Isabela earlier, a survivor with a shotgun named Kindell
will join you after you leave the store. Talk to him until he joins to,
then he will assist in clearing the path for you. You will get bonus PP
if you manage to keep him alive with you all the way back to the security
room. At the warehouse, take the elevator up, as Frank cannot jump while he
has Isabela on his back, and Kindell would not be able to follow. Basically,
call the elevator and rush in for the button, as they have a really difficult
time hitting Frank while Isabela is on his back. When you get Isabela to the
rooftop area where you have to climb to reach the vent, you will trigger
a cutscene.

20. Intermission

The next case will occur at 3:00 AM. Now is a good time to save your game
and kill some zombies. Do not worry about preparing for the next

21. Case 6-1

Isabela wakes up and reveals that there was no drug trade in Santa Cabeza.
It was a cover-up done by the government, and that Dr. Barnaby was
part of the research that took place on an insect that turned living
things into zombies.

22. Intermission

After the cutscene, you will get a chance to save your game. The next case
will occur at 11:00 AM. With Barnaby's brains splattered all over the security
room, you now have a fair bit of time to pursue Scoops and gain some more PP
to level up. To prepare for the next case, it would be a good idea to get a
good weapon or two, and some large healing items. A good idea would be to get
some guns from the gun store, but survivors now occupy that area. If you would
like to get the guns, take a picture of the vent from the rooftop. When you
enter the gun store, they'll shoot at you. Dive out of the store, and they'll
talk to you and ask for proof of the vent. Show the picture, and they'll join
you. Break the glass in one of the counters for a handgun, and give it to
Brett. He'll drop his assault rifle and take the handgun. Now you can pick
up his assault rifle and the shotguns in the store. It is up to you whether
or not you want to save them, though I would suggest saving them for the PP.

23. Case 7-1

A cutscene will occur. Carlito wants to blow up the mall
with a bunch of bombs under the mall in the tunnels.

24. Case 7-2

Head for the parking garage where you will find a motorcycle and
a car. Take the motorcycle and head down into the tunnels through
the barricade. As soon as you are past the barricades, turn to the left and
follow the road until you see two milk trucks. Open the back door of the
farther truck and collect the bomb from the back. Enter and drive the other
truck. Follow the arrows to each bomb's location. The bombs are always in the
back of the trucks. Open the doors and collect them all. Carlito will appear
in an identical truck and attempt to stop you from collecting all the bombs.
When on foot, he will try his best to either throw grenades at you, or to run
you over. If you do not want Carlito hampering your efforts to collect all
the bombs, unload the guns you got from the Huntin' Shack earlier onto his
truck. While durable, the truck you are driving can be destroyed, so it is
in your best interests to avoid hitting as many zombies as you can. When your
truck eventaully breaks down, you'll have to run to the zombies. Shopping
carts can be pushed for a speed boost, but they do not last very long.
Once all the boms have been collected, follow your guide arrow to get to
the exit. Frank will toss the bombs into the shopping cart, and wheel it to
the surface.

25. Intermission

When you arrive at the top, you will get the case screen again. The next case
will occur at 5:00 PM. You have to get back to the Security Room before then.
This is another good opportunity to finish up some Scoops. Plenty of them
should be availible. You can also go back into the tunnels and find Brad
for a cutscene. Take his picture for an achievement.

26. Case 8-1

A cutscene will occur. We find out from Isabela that Carlito had a secret
hideout and that he had a computer full of information. Frank wants Isabela
to take him there.

27. Case 8-2

Frank has to follow Isabela to Carlito's North Plaza hideout. She doesn't
count as a survivor, so you can't give her any healing items or weapons.
Just stay close to her and make sure she doesn't get mobbed, or that you don't
accidently kill her. All you have to do is follow her as she makes a beeline
through Paradise Plaza, then through the park. She will stop at the base of
a stack of cardboard boxes near the Huntin' Shack in the North Plaza. Note
that you can save your game at Carlito's hideout after this point.

28. Case 8-3

A cutscene will occur once you talk to Isabela inside Carlito's hideout.
Jessie will call Frank on the transceiver, and ask him to come back to check
out something she found on the security monitors inside a store. After leaving
Carlito's hideout, go into the hunting shack and grab some shotguns to make
the upcoming psychopath battle much, much easier. Head back through the North
Plaza, and into Leisure Park. Head into the Paradise Plaza, and into the
warehouse. In the Security Room, head into the Security Monitor room, and a
cutscene will start. It appears that someone has captured Carlito in the
basement of the North Plaza, right beneath the butcher shop. Frank sets off
to find out what has happened with Carlito.

29. Case 8-4

Since we already equipped ourselves with shotguns, grab some healing items,
then head out of the Paradise Plaza and into Leisure Park. Follow the guide
arrow to the parking garage again, and take either vehicle of your choice.
Drive down the ramp and back into the tunnels. After you emerge in the tunnels
after the loading screen, drive to the left side and follow the road to where
the two trucks we saw earlier were. Get out of your car and head over to the
double doors beside the single door. A cutscene will occur as soon as
you enter the meat processing plant. A crazy butcher named Larry has Carlito
strung up like meat. He is about to turn Carlito into ground beef. After the
cutscene ends, pull out your shotgun and blast Larry in the head. He will try
to slash you. Shoot him again. If he goes over to one of the pieces of meat
strung up on hooks, get ready to jump or dive out of the way when he throws
it at you. He may try to charge at you head on, then slash you. Jump out of
the way when he does this, and shoot him. His most devastating attack is when
he leans all his weight on his cleaver and performs a downward slash. Try not
to be hit by this attack. Heal when you need to, but do not start eating when
he is about to throw a piece of meat, as you will not be able to heal in time,
and the meat will cause damage to you while you are standing still. It is best
to remain a fair distance away and blast at him with your shotguns. There are
two cartons of milk on a counter in the corner if you run out of healing items
during this battle. If he is sharpening his knife, shoot him if you would like
to get in a free hit, or use a healing item yourself if you are low on health.
When he is low on health, he will run over to the corner of the room and drink
from a bucket. Shoot him before he drinks from the bucket, or he will regain
some of his health. When he finally dies, a cutscene will occur. Carlito
ponders why meat was more important then human life while life slowly
seeps away from him. Frank attempts to press the computer's password out of
the dying terrorist, but instead, Carlito hands Frank a locket he kept around
his neck. He asks Frank to give the locket to Isabela, then dies. When you
exit the meat processing plant, get into the truck on Frank's left, and
drive out of the tunnels the way you came. The next "case" will occur
at 10:00 PM. You should get 50,000 PP for defeating Larry. His giant meat
cleaver should also be on the ground beside him, availible for use if you
wish to take it with you. The milk on the counter should also have respawned,
if you want to heal before exiting the meat processing plant.

30. The Facts

All there is left to do is go back to Carlito's hideout and talk to Isabela.
Frank will give her the locket that Carlito handed over before he died.
Wait until the timer on "Memories" expires to give her the locket.Jessie
would like you to come back to the Security Room for a chat. Before leaving
the North Plaza, grab some feeling items and some guns. You will recieve a
number of ctuscenes as you make your way back to the security room. When you
finally reach there, you will find 2 special forces soliders dead on the floor
with blood everywhere. Open the door that leads to the save game couch, and
Frank will encounter a zombified Jessie. Take a picture of her for an
achievement, then dispatch her if you wish to do so. Save here, and head
back to the hideout. Along the way, you may encounter a cutscene that shows
special forces soliders entering the mall. If you do not, make your way back
to Carlito's hideout as fast as you can. Talk to Isabela there, and save your
game. The safest way to pass the time is to simply let Frank stand around for
the time remaining. At 10 AM, the miltary will leave the mall. Talk to Isabela
again, and leave the hideout. She will tell Frank that is is almost time for
him to leave. You will now have nothing to do for the rest of
the time until the helicopter arrives, as the zombies and the special forces
are all gone from the mall. Grab shotguns if you need it, and large health
restoring items. Move to the helipad and stand on it until the time runs
out. If you talked to Isabela properly, you should recieve Ending A.


Yes, Ed is supposed to be killed, and Frank just kneels down like that.
After the credits, you will recieve yet another cutscene. This leads
into Overtime Mode, the 4th day. This is the "best" ending.

31. Overtime Mode

The objective of Overtime Mode is to stop Frank from turning into a zombie,
then escaping the Willamette Mall. While zombies are no longer much of a
problem, the special forces return, as well as their helicopter. The only
area in the mall that zombies still roam is Leisure Park.

Move over to the Paradise Plaza and up the stairs, after disposing of
the Special Forces in your way. You will find the COLD SPRAY on the shelf
in the Sporting Goods store next to the skateboards. Run over to Columbian
Roastmasters and grab the BLENDER, and orange juice if you need it. Move down
the opposite set of stairs and go to Cam's Camera. Go behind the counter
and get the DEVELOPING SOLUTION. Charge your camera if you want to. Head into
the Entrance Plaza. When you arrive, head up the escalator and kill the
Special Forces solider in the cosmetic shop. Grab the PERFUME BOTTLE from the
back of the store. Head over to the sporting goods store and grab a skateboard.
Skate over to the Security Room entrance on the second floor, and enter. Go
over to the security monitors and grab the COFFEE FILTERS. Leave the way you
came. Head down the stairs and into the sporting goods store for the CAMP
STOVE. Drop your skateboard and take the bike here. Bike all the way to the
Al Fresca doors, and go through. Again, take the bike here, and ride all the
way over to the Food Court entrance before getting off of the bike. Run up
and grab some wine if you need the health or some healing items, then run
for the Wonderland Plaza entrance. Head past the ride to the jewlery store,
and kill the Special Force solider waiting in here for you. Take the
MAGNIFYING GLASS here. Make sure to take his gun if you have less then 2
machineguns. Run up the steps and into the North Plaza. Head past the
peoplemovers and into Seon's. Shoot the Special Forces as they swarm you.
When they stop appearing, replace your guns with theirs, and heal with
food off of the fruit shelf. Grab some for your inventory if you need some
healing items. Head into the Pharmacy and take the FIRST AID SPRAY. If you
missed any Special Forces, they will attack you on the way out. Run out of the
store, and jump onto Isabela's motorcycle. Ride past anything that
tries to attack you, and stop at Carlito's hideout. Talk to Isabela to give
her your items. She will now need a generator. Go into the park and take it
from the back of the clocktower after the cutscene.

Now head back to Isabela and give her the generator. She will now need 10
Queens. There are numerous ways to complete this segment, but the safest
way is to simply run around the area near Carlito's hideout. If you do not
find any Queen Zombies after a while, simply enter and exit Carlito's
hideout to spawn a new batch of zomibes. You can gradually give them to
Isabela, so you do not have to carry all of them at once. When you finish
giving her all the Queens, a cutscene will occur.

After the scene, save your game at the steps. Hold Isabela's hand and move
to the first gate. There are numerous gates in this segment which require
you to send Isabela through a trapdoor on the side of the wall to the other
side of the gate to open it. While she does this,your best method of avoiding
the zombies is to simply climb on top of them with the Zombie Ride ablility.
Eventually, you will get to a point where you will get a cutscene. You can
save your game, then carry Isabela on your back. open up the gate, and rush
towards the truck. When both you and Isabela are near, you will be able to
get in the truck. When you do so, a cutscene will occur.

You will have to fight a laser sighted tank. Keep holding down the fire
button, and try your best to hit the lights on the left and right sides
of the tank. Keep shooting those points until a small turret pops up out of
the top of the tank and shoots a laser beam towards you. Shoot the laser sight
before it can allow the tank to fire on you. Halfway through the fight, the
tank will start launching small missles at you. These will often hit some
obstruction in the way, but shoot them down if it looks like the missle will
hit you. Keep repeating this strategy, and the tank will eventually be
defeated, triggering a cutscene.

The fight Brock on top of the tanl, simply keep spamming Double Lariats at
him. If he knocks you off the top of the tank, simply climb back onto it
and repeat the Double Lariat attacks. He will be defeated quickly this way.
Note that the zombies around the tank are worth bonus PP.

After the fight, the game will truly be over, with the best ending.

32. Infinity Mode
Infinity Mode is the mode unlocked after the Overtime mode is beaten. Infinity
Mode puts Frank back in the mall at 0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes. The only goal
of this mode is to survive as long as possible. There are no scoops or cases
in this mode. You cannot even check your watch. Sounds easy, right? Frank's
PP bar will now be replaced with a "food bar". This bar will constantly
deplete regardless of what Frank is doing. When the bar completly runs out,
Frank loses one of his life bars. That means that Frank will need a constant
supply of food and drinks to stay alive. In this mood, all survivors
are immediately enemies. Some of the psychopaths from the main story as well
as the side scoops appear in infinity mood, but instead of being in a set
location with a cutscene, these characters will appear purely to fight zombies
and Frank. When Frank kills a survivor or psychopath, they will drop rotating
cardboard box beside their body. Walk into these boxes to make the contents
spill out nearby. What makes it worthwhile to attack and kill these characters
is that they might drop food items. The more food Frank can gather, the longer
he can survive. Places in the mall with "infinite" supplies of food are
disabled, such as Columbian Roastmaster's orange juice shelf. Instead, small
quantites of food are placed next to these areas instead. It is ideal to kill
characters and take their food to use before having to resort the the mall
food. Two achievements that can be obtained through Infinity Mode are the
5 Day and 7 Day Survivor awards. These achievements come with rewards such
as a new costume for Frank, and a laser sword.

To survive 7 days, the player must survive for 14 hours. This means that the
player cannot save the game or turn off the Xbox for 14 hours. Frank needs to
eat a regular intervals too, so many players hoarde all the food in one area,
then find a safespot in the plaza they are in and let the game sit until Frank
needs to eat again, at which point the player will feed Frank and walk away
again. This is the easiest way to do 7 day survivor. Many people use the books
that boost the healing power of some foods, such as the book found in the
Sports High store, or the empty store with doors beside Crislips in the
North Plaza.

"Safe" locations are any store with doors that zombies cannot get through,
any store with counters behind which zombies cannot attack Frank, or any high
places where Frank cannot be attacked or grabbed by zombies.

There are no real requirements for Infinity Mode other then finishing the
Overtime mode, but it is highly recommended that Frank is level 50 (top),
and that the player has achieved the Zombie Genocider achievement so that the
player has access to the Real Mega Blaster weapon, which would severly aid
Frank in battling the more difficult survivors and psychopaths.

33. Downloadable Costumes
Capcom has released a few downloadable costumes on the Xbox Live
marketplace for use in Dead Rising. Below is a list of them:

Casual Key
Coldhearted Snake Key
Grandpa Key
Pink Paparazzi Key
Round Shades Key
Miami Nights Key
Weekender Key

34. Unlockables

Real Mega Blaster
You get the Real Mega Blaster for completing the Zombie Genocider
achievement. The quickest way to complete this achievement is to drive up and
down the underground tunnels in a car, occasionally going back up to the
above ground parking garage for a new car. This would take the average person
TO SPAWN inside the Security Room.

Laser Sword
To unlock the laser sword, you have to get the 5 day survivor achievement.
Note that after you pass 5 days on Infinity mode, you can immediately go to
the Security Room and use the Laser Sword.

Ammo Belt
The easiest way to get this is to get the machinegun from Brett, then drive
down into the tunnels and into the meat processing plant. Clear out the room
with melee weapons, then aim the machinegun at a piece of meat hanging on the
hooks and fire all 150 bullets into it. When the gun is empty, you will get
the achievement.

Arthur's Boxers
To get this costume, survive for 7 days in Infinity Mode.

Cop Hat
To get this hat for Frank, you must get the Saint achievement. Frank must
rescue all the survivors in the mall, as well as Brad and Jessie to get this
achievement and costume.

Hockey Mask
To get this mask, you must collect all the PP stickers in the game. This does
not have to be done in one playthrough. Simply photograph all of the PP
stickers in total to get the achievement, and the hockey mask will be

Mall Employee Uniform
To get this costume, Frank must answer every single call from Otis to
recieve the Transmissionary achievement.

Mega Man Boots
To get these boots, beat the game without getting captured by the cult
or the special forces.

Mega Man Tights
You get these tights for achieving the Punisher achievement. You will have
to kill some of the side scoop psychopaths, as well as some of the story ones
to finish this achievement. Note that Carlito and Isabela do not count as
psychopaths towards the count. The convicts and the raincoat cultists do
not count toward this number, either.

Prisoner Garb
To get this costume, simply defeat the convicts, then get into their truck
for a moment. You will get the achievement as soon as you enter the vehicle,
but the costume will not spawn in the Security Room until you get an ending
in that same playthrough.

Pro Wrestling Boots
To get this achievement, all you have to do is break lot of objects. Note that
this apparently does not have to be done in one playthrough, so you will get
this eventually, even if you do not try.

Pro Wrestling Briefs
To get these briefs, you must kill 1000 zombies with Frank's hands. Note that
jumping kicking and throwing zombies do not count toward this number. Kills
literally using Frank's fist count only. Spamming Double Lariat attacks
in the maintanance tunnels are the fastest way to finish this achievement.

Special Forces Boots
You must kill 10 Special Forces soliders and get an ending to get this
achievement. This is easiest to do in Overtime mode, as you do not have to
play through all of the main story in 72 hour mode to wait for the Special
Forces to invade the mall.

Special Forces Uniform
To get this costume for Frank, you must shoot down the helicopter that roams
Leisure Park at the end of 72 Hour mode, or Overtime mode. The only way to
stop the helicopter is to shoot the pilot in the cockpit, or to shoot out
the helicopter's rear rotor. This is easiest standing on top of the picnic
bench covering roof, and aiming at the helicopter with a machinegun or
a sniper rifle.

Overtime Mode
Overtime mode is unlocked by finish 72 Hour mode with the "best" ending.

Infinity Mode
Infinity Mode is unlocked by completing Overtime mode.

35. Bosses/Psychopaths

Carlito is the mastermind behind the entire Willamette incident. You will see
him many times throughout the game. The first time Frank encounters Carlito
is on the helipad where Frank first arrives. He would later appear in the food
court with an FN P90, attempting to gun down Brad and Frank. A later attempt
had Carlito tie up Dr. Barnaby and suspended above a crowd of zombies as bait,
while he took potshots at Frank and Brad with a .50 sniper rifle. The battle
would end in both Brad and Carlito being shot. Carlito then attempts to blow
up the mall by planting bombs in the tunnels underneath the mall. Failing that
and trapping Brad with a crowd of zombies, Carlito gets captured by an insane
butcher named Larry, hell bent on serving Carlito as meat. After Frank defeats
Larry and rescues Carlito, Carlito hands Frank his locket to give to Isabela
before finally dying.

Isabela is Carlito's little sister, and only appears as an enemy once in the
entire game. She attemtps to run over Frank with her motorcycle, and Frank
avoids her, taking shots at Isabela until she crashes. Frank then pins her
to the ground and forces her to converse with him. Frank promises to meet
Isabela later that night. When she arrives, Frank finds that Carlito has
shot Isabela, and Frank carries her back to the Security room. From then on,
Isabela aids Frank in the attempt to stop Carlito.

A supermarket manager gone insane after the zombie outbreak, Frank encounters
Steven in Seon's Supermarket, with Isabela ridiing in the front of his deadly
shopping cart equipped with many different types of blades. Steven also makes
deadly use of a shotgun whenever Frank is not within reach of the deadly
shopping cart. After Frank defeats Steven, a cutscene occurs where Steven
probably recalls that all of his customers have turned into zombies. He then
drops a pharmacy key, allowing Frank access to a first aid kit that he
requires to aid Brad.

Adam is a performance clown that supposedly went crazy after he witnessed
his audience being eaten alive by zombies during the outbreak. He turns on a
ride in Wonderland Plaza in an attempt to "keep the zombies away". He
threatens Frank with a chainsaw when Frank attempts to turn the ride off. A
battle then insues between Frank and Adam, who dual wields chainsaws equipped
with handles behind them. After Frank defeats Adam, the clown falls
on top of his own chainsaws and dies a violent death. Frank then turns
off the ride to find that a mall employee was stuck on the ride.

Cletus is the owner of the Huntin' Shack gun store in the North Plaza.
When Frank first enters the Huntin' Shack, he finds that another survivor
named James is trying to reason with Cletus, who is standing behind the
counter of his store with wine and a shotgun. When Cletus refuses to let James
enter the store for guns, James persists, and Cletus opens fire with his gun.
Frank then battles Cletus inside the gun store. When Cletus is defeated, he
accuses Frank of being crazy, that Frank would kill for some guns. Frank
expresses guilt, and Cletus is attacked by a zombie right outside the store.

Larry is the crazy butcher Frank encounters in case 8-4 of the main story.
Larry has kidnapped Carlito, and has dragged him back to the meat processing
plant in the underground tunnels. When Frank tries to reason with Larry about
Carlito, Larry declares that zombies are not good as meat, and that Carlito
would be the finest ground meat Frank has ever tasted. When Frank protests
this, Larry screams that his reputation as a butcher is on the line. A
battle insues where Frank kills Larry, then rescues Carlito, only
to have Carlito die moments after giving Frank a locket to give to Isabela.

Brock is the commander of the special forces that invade the mall near the end
of the 72 hour mode, assuming the main story cases are completed. Frank
encounters Brock at the end of Overtime mode, on the 4th day. Frank and
Isabela defeat Brock's laser sighted tank, and Brock emerges to kill
Frank and Isabela, only to have Frank attack him instead. The final
confrontation of the game occurs between Frank and Brock on top of the
destroyed tank;Frank ulitmately winning the battle.

Paul is a young man who thinks that people are always laughing at him and
mocking him. He appears in the Scoop "Long Haired Punk", where Frank
encounters Paul threatening two women hiding in a women's clothing store
with a molotov cocktail. Frank tries to reason with Paul, but Paul believe
that Frank is mocking him. Paul and Frank fight, and Frank wins. Paul lights
himself on fire, and Frank can choose whether or not to use a fire
extinguisher to save Paul's life. If Frank does so, he can escort the two
women and Paul back to the security room. Otis will later call Frank and
inform him that Paul would like to speak to him. If Frank goes back to the
security room and talks to Paul, Frank can recieve an infinite number of
molotv cocktails from Paul.

Kent is a cocky young photographer Otis Washington spots on a security
monitor. Otis informs Frank of this, and Frank goes to Columbian Roastmasters
in Paradise Plaza to investigate. He encounters Frank,and challenges him to a
variety of photographer challegnes. If Frank wins all of these challenges,
Kent will appear for a third time, with a captured survivor. Frank fights
Kent at this point, and saves the survivor Kent had captured.

Jo is a large, overweight and ugly police officer that Otis spots on
the security monitor entering a women's clothing store in Wonderland
Plaza along with another woman. Frank can find a total of 4 women
in the store tied up and held prisoner by Jo, presumedly torturing
them with her nightstick. Frank challenges Jo, and Jo attempts to kill
Frank. When Frank finally defeats Jo, he recieves the handcuff keys, and
can release all the women held prisioner and escort them to the
security room.

Cliff is a Vietnam veteran hiding out in the Crislips hardware store. When
Frank goes to investigate a man hiding from the security monitors, he
finds bloody bodies with severed heads hanging from the ceiling. Frank
is then startled by Cliff, holding a blood soaked machete, asking him for
his name and rank. Cliff believes that Frank is a member of the Vietcong, and
attempts to kill him. Frank defeats Cliff, and Cliff tells Frank that he saw
his granddaughter being eaten alive by zombies, and that he had a flashback
to the Vietnam War. Frank closes Cliff's eyes after he dies, and heads next
door to a vacant store, to free 3 survivors that Cliff had held captive.

Sean is the leader of the "eye" cult that Frank encounters on the afternoon
of the second day. Sean is seen about to sacrifice a girl in a box
with a ceremonial sword when he spots Frank taking pictures of the cult
meeting. Sean then orders his cult to kill Frank. Frank can then later
recieve a call from Otis telling him about the cult hiding out in the movie
theather in Paradise Plaza. If Frank goes to kill Sean, he can free 5
survivors that Sean had held prisioner.

3 convits that probably escaped prison during the chaos of the zombie
outbreak, and stole a military Hummvee with machine gun mounted on top.
Frank first encounters these convicts on the first night, when they
attempt to attack Frank with a baseball bat, before attacking two survivors
they see in the distance. Frank can save one of these survivors, named
Sophie, if he defeats the convicsts. The Convict vehicle can then be driven,
and the machine gun can be dismounted from the truck for hand held usage.

36. Closing
Dead Rising
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