Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure FAQ/ Walkthrough

Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
January 20, 2008-
Copyright 2008 Anthony Murano

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Controls

4. Walkthrough

4a.Jungle Ruins
4a1.An Adventure Begins
4a2.Pit of Tragedy
4a3.Flute of the Growlin Goblins
4a4.The Fountain Guardian
4a5.Three Colossl
4a6.King of the Jungle

4b.Frozen Temple
4b1.The Crystal Key
4b2.Icicle of Prosperity
4b3.Keeper of the Ice
4b4.Frost Breath

4c. Volcano Cavern
4c1.Bridge of Doom
4c2.Lake of Fire

5. Treasure List
6. Version History
7. Contact Info
8. Legal Info
9. Credits

1. Introduction
Hello everyone, and welcome to Darkdoomsday's Walkthrough for Zack and Wiki:
Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. This is my first FAQ for the site, and I wanted to
start off my FAQ career with Zack and Wiki. Plus, this game needs some
more guides with all of the puzzles this game has to offer. Before I begin the
actual guide, I wanted to tell you about some of the things you will see in this
guide. For starters, you must have noticed the capitals in parenthesis next to
each catagory. This is used for the Ctrl+F search to make finding what you are
looking for much easier. Also, you may notice asterisks {*} next to the names of
the levels. This symbolizes the difficulty level of the puzzle you are trying to
solve. Well, that pretty much sums of the content in this FAQ you will see. I
hope you enjoy reading this and the game because it is awesome.

2. Characters
This game features a few characters that are really important to the game's
plot. You will find these characters in the beginning of the game, and you will
know who they are as you progress. Here is a complete profile of each character
that is listed from the game.

Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Pistachios

Zack found this golden monkey in his travels, and Wiki has been his faithful
sidekick ever since.

Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Chocolate Bars

The newest member of the Sea Rabbits, Zack is a free spirit with big dreams.
Someday, he wants to become the world's #1 pirate.

Johnny Style
Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Fole Gras

The Sea Rabbits' ace pilot and mechanic. He's rough around the edges, but well
respected by the others.

Captain Rose
Affiliation: Rose Rock
Favorite Food: Whipped Cream

The wealthy leader of the Rose Rock pirates. Spoiled to the core, she enjoys
the finer things in life, and she loves treasures.

Goon #1-#7
Affiliation: Rose Rock
Favorite Foods: Toads

The Rose Rock henchmen. They are always waiting on Rose hand and foot, and they
would go to the ends of the Earth for their boss.

Captain Barbaros
Affiliation: ???
Favorite Food: Roast Beef

A legendary pirate known round the world, but a curse has left him in pieces.

Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Ravioli

He has a lot of useful info to give, but some of it should be taken with a
grain of salt.

Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Licorice

She runs the hideout store. Granny appears outgoing, but she can have a stingy

Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: Spaghetti

A cabin boy for the Sea Rabbits. He tends to goof off without constant

Captain Hulk
Affiliation: Sea Rabbits
Favorite Food: All

The leader of the Sea Rabbits and a big man. He is steadfast and not easily

3. Controls
This game uses the Wii Mote to perform the functions and actions. The standard
way of holding the Wii Mote is forward, but it can be held other ways to
complete the game's puzzles.Here is a breakdown of the Wii Remote and how to
hold it.

Pointer-move cursor
A Button- Check/ok Examine/Move
B Button- Camera view/Cancel Examine/Move
+ Button- Open Pause Menu
- Button- Skip Movie/See how to hold Wii Mote when interacting with a puzzle.
1 Button- Call hint Oracle
Shaking Wii Mote- use Bell/shake an object/various actions

4. Walkthrough
Here is the meat and potatoes of the FAQ. This is the section that covers every
single puzzle you will play through in this game and how to solve it to move on.
Keep in mind that the asterisks represent the difficulty level of the puzzle.

4a. Jungle Ruins
4a1. An Adventure Begins *
Notes about Level
-This is a point and click level basically to get you used to the controls
-If you don't figure out how to get away from the falling airplane piece, you'll
get a game over.

The adventure begins with Zack, Wiki, and Johnny Style on a plane. Wiki will
wake Zack up with a treasure rumor. After some conversation between the three,
you will start the level. Wiki will instruct you to aim at the screen. After
explaining how to check something, point at Johnny style and press A to get 500
HQ points. He will tell you to do that for anything you want to check. All of a
sudden, the plane will be hit, and the alarm will blare. Johnny will tell you to
look in the back, and Wiki will explain how to look around while moving. Press B
and move the pointer around. The plane will get hit again, and Johnny Style will
ask you to look outside. Wiki will explain how to use the camera icon. Point at
the camera icon and press A to get an outside view. A flying object will appear
next to you, and Johnny will tell you it's the Rose Rocks. Captain Rose will
order her men to take your treasure map from you. When they ignore her, she
yells at them to shoot you. A gun appears and sets your plane on fire. Goons #1-
#7 will pop out and start hitting your plane with hammers.

Johnny Style will bail from the plane leaving Zack and Wiki there. Point at the
lever in the back of the plane and press A. Select the lever again with A to
grab it. Wiki will tell you how to pull it. Point the Wii Mote up and jerk it
back. The hatch will open. Point to the open air and press A to jump from the
plane. You are now plummeting to the Earth. Press B to look around. In the
Northwest corner, you'll find a box with an umbrella sticking out of it. Point
to it and press A to have the umbrella jump to you, and press A to obtain it.
Wiki will tell you to check the item icon. Point at the item icon and press A.
Wiki will tell you to check out the item and use the back icon when you are
done. You should see a 2 Button icon on the umbrella. Point at the back icon
and press A. Press the 2 Button to open the umbrella. Wiki will then show you
how to ditch an item. Go to the item icon, press A, and drag the item of the
icon. You will lose your umbrella.

Zack will then fall from the sky and land in a tree. Shake the Wii Mote to
have Zack fall out of the tree. Wiki will then notice a gold treasure chest on
the other side of the level. She will then notice the front part of the plane
heading towards you on the waterfall. You must get to the other side before the
front end of the plane falls. Point at the tree and press A. Press A again on
the tree and shake the Wii Mote to make a Centipede pop out. Wiki will then
tell you how to use her bell. Shake the Wii Mote and pick up the Centi-saw you
turned the Centipede into. Head over to the tree and cut through it using your
saw by moving the Wii Mote like a saw. Cross the tree and head over to the
treasure chest to find a blue spirit guarding it. Shake the Wii Mote to give the
spirit a taste of your bell. He'll fly away; open the chest. You will meet the
head of Barbaros. After talking, he will come with you and ask you to piece him
together in return for the Legendary Ship.

You are now back at the hideout of the Sea Rabbits. You will come here after
every stage. All you have to do here is talk to everyone, and you are done. When
you are ready to do the next stage, talk to the captain. You don't have to talk
to the Captain right away, but I will give you a list of what you can do in the
hideout in between missions.

-Practice using items you get.
-Buy Oracle Dolls or Platinum Tickets from Granny
-Check the treasures you collect
-Check your pirate log
-Check and see how many pieces of Barbaros you have.
-Talk to the Captain to move to the next objective
-Talk to Johnny Style

4a2. Pit of Tragedy **
Notes about Level
-Look under rocks and shake trees
-Do not rush forward towards things. Take a minute to survey the scene.

Walk up the steps and head over to the jar. Point at it and press A to make a
snake pop out. Use Wiki's bell to turn the snake into the Slither Gripper. Head
over to the pillar and use the Slither Gripper to grab the Ruin Key. Make sure
you lift all the rocks because there is a chance you will find a treasure. Head
back down the steps and insert the key. Twist the Wii Mote to open the door.
Point at the jar and press A to meet JOhnny Style. He will warn you not to rush
ahead to the treasure. Head back up the steps and grab the Slither Gripper. Head
back to the room with the pit and use the Slither Gripper to grab the chain in
the Northwest Corner. The platform above will crumble and block the pit. Head
over to the treasure chest and fend off the blue spirit with Wiki's bell. Open
the chest for the Elend Bracelet.

4a3. Flute of the Growlin Goblins ***
Notes about Level
-Do not get noticed by the Goblins
-Move only when the Gondola tells you to move
-Utilize Wiki's bell to the fullest

Begin by pointing at the gondola and pressing A north of your current position.
You will need to turn your Wii Mote sideways and move it like you're turning a
crank. Do this only when the Goblins bow their heads. Ride it completely to the
other side. You will see a scene where the Goblin cooking bangs his ladle
against the gong. All of the Goblins will come and eat from the pot. Head down
the steps and shake the tree for a Coconut. Head back to the other side across
the gondola. Head to the Southwest corner by the Sleeping Mushrooms to see a
rock. Point at it, press A, and shake the Wii Mote to remove it. Toss your
coconut into the hole to make a snake angry. It will exit the hole and chase the
Goblin cooking away from the area. Grab a Sleeping Mushroom and climb down the
vine. Add the Sleeping Mushroom to the bowl and use Wiki's bell to turn the
snake to turn it into a Slither Gripper. Use the Slither Gripper to grab the
Iron Ladle. Use the Iron Ladle to bang the gong and get the heck out of there by
climbing up the vine. The Goblins will eat the mixture and fall asleep. Climb
down the vine and get the Growlin Goblin Flute. Head over to the pillar and play
the notes on the sign as shown. The fire surrounding the chest will disappear.
Before leaving up the vine, use Wiki's bell to get the Growlin Goblin Totem and
the Growlin Goblin Chief Tote. Head back to the gondola and ride it to the
treasure Use the bell on the blue spirit and open the chest. You will get the
Neid Anchor.

4a4. The Fountain Guardian ***
Notes about Level
-Get rid of the Golbin on the other side or lose
-Do not swim in the fountain when the guardian is still in there
-The guardian likes live bait.

Start by climbing up the vine and heading towards the waterslide. Wiki will warn
you about the Goblin, and a frog will pop out. Use Wiki's bell to turn the frog
into a Frog Bomb. You have ten seconds to use it before it explodes. Take it
over to the waterslide and drop it in. The Goblin will be knocked out by the
blow. Before heading over, lift up the rocks until you find a Worm. Use the bell
to the Worm into a Worm Starw. Take the Worm Straw with you to the other side
via waterslide. Use Wiki's bell to turn the Goblin into the Growlin Goblin
Totem, so he can't wake back up. Then, use the bell to turn the Worm Straw back
into the Worm. Head over to the fishing pole and hook the Worm. Next, take the
fishing pole and cast it into the water. Jerk back on the Wii Mote when the fish
bites it to lower the points. Do this only when it tells you to move. Note: you
may have to go back to the wormhole a couple of times to get the Worm back if
the fish eats it before you can catch it. Once the fish is out of the way, head
down the waterslide into the fountain. Dive under the water and remove the
Spring Plug. Next, climb up the vine and go down the steps. Grab the Ruins Key
and head back down to the fountain. Take the Spring Plug and put it back in the
hole. Dive back underwater and swim down the passage with the Ruins Key. Insert
the Ruins Key in the door and use the bell on the spirit. Open the chest for the
Abscheu Scope.

4a5. Three Colossl ****
Notes about Level
-Make the pieces of the puzzle resemble a snake
-use the crank in the wheels left and right of the puzzle
-flip the crank to turn both wheels
-don't be so quick to activate the puzzle. Take a minute to do things step by

Head over to the middle platform, where you'll find three pieces on the ground.
You must arrange them to look like a snake. Once you feel they are in the
correct order, pull the lever. Once you get the correct combo, you will receive
a Crank Handle. First, head to the left pillar and flip the Crank Handle to
insert it. Next, pick up the Totem Head that falls from cranking it. Place it on
the switch with the red symbol by the stairs. Then, go to the right pillar, and
crank the handle to watch a cutscene. Now, head up to the treasure and scare the
spirit away. Open the chest the Grauen Goblet.

4a6. King of the Jungle ******
Notes about Level
-Do not let the Jungle King see you
-Snake Totems blows out your torch
-Sneaking by the king gives good results
-Using Wiki's bell will give you a guarenteed victory

After the crazy opening scene, head left and use the bell on the centipede to
turn it into the Centi-saw. Head right to the barred opening and use the saw to
cut through the poles. Head into the opening and go up the steps. Sneak past the
beast and pick up the Scale Vase. Head back through the opening and toss the
Scale Vase over the pole with the snake head. Next, pick up the stick and head
over to the fire. Light the stick on fire to get the Torch. Take to the opening
and go down the steps. Place the Torch in the snake totem and save the puzzle
next to it by putting the pieces in the right spot. Water will flood the lower
right passage which will allow you to swim to the other side. Point at one of
the bats and ring the bell to get a Batbrella. It is for collection purposes
only. Ring the bell and quickly go back in the passage to make the monkey come.
He will sit there and stare at the other side. Swim through the passage and head
up to the top level where the monkey is. Get right behind him and ring the bell
to turn him into a totem. Now, head over to the chest and scare the spirit. Open
the chest for a treasure map of the next area. Enjoy the ending cutscene.
Congradualations, you have cleared Jungle Ruins.

4b. Frozen Temple
4b1. The Crystal Key **
Notes about Level
-the left puzzle should resemble a key
-make use of the lever
-Sunlight melts ice

You will begin by arranging the puzzle on the left side. You want to make it
look like a key. Arrange the three blocks, going down the middle, in this order:
Light Green, Blue, Light Blue. Then, pull the lever to make water appear at the
right. Pull it again to freeze the water. Pick up the Ice Bar and put it in the
left slot where you made the key. Make another Ice Bar on the right. Use the
second Ice Bar to refract the light from the sun onto the one in the left slot.
The Ice Bar will melt into water. Pull the lever to freeze the water on the
left. Pick up the Ice Key and and insert it by flipping it. Go in and scare the
spirit away from the chest. Open the chest for the Verbittering Axe.

4b2. Icicle of Prosperity ****
Notes about Level
-The boar must be stopped
-The Goon must be blocked
-Block the holes to whack the mole
-Destroy the ice block that prevents you from clearing the level

Begin by heading down the ice slope. Wiki will warn you about the boar running
around. Run past the boar and go down the slope. Go to lift the jar to find a
snake. Use the cell to turn it into the Slither Gripper. Make your way back to
where you began and turn the Slither Gripper back into a snake. This will scare
the frog off the ledge. Turn the frog into the Frog Bomb. Take the Frog Bomb to
the runnng boar and place it down. This will cause the Goon and the boar to be
knocked out. Ring the bell to get the Boar Hammer and Goon Totem. Take the Boar
Hammer, climb the ladder, and smash the Icicle Switch. An icicle will fall and
block the Goon. Use the bell to turn him into a Goon Totem. Take the two Goon
Totems and plug up the holes. Take the Boar Hammer and smash the mole when it
pops out of the third hole. Ring the bell to get the Moledrill. Take the
Moldrill and drill a hole in the ice block surrounding the chest. Next,take it
to the hole and crank it to make a centipede come out. Ring the bell to turn it
into a Centi-saw. Use the Cent-saw to cut the sides of the ice block. Then, take
the Icicle and stick it in the hole you made with the Moldrill. Next, take the
Boar Hammer and smack the hole where you put the Icicle. Now, hit the ice with
the Boar Hammer until you can open the chest. Scare the spirit away and open the
chest to get the Qual Hammer.

4b3. Keeper of the Ice ****
Notes about level
-Get to a safe area when the clock strikes 12
-Shaking trees covers clues of the past
-Careful about pushing buttons
-The middle part becomes thin ice

Begin by stepping on the snow to watch the robot activate. When you get a
chance, before the clock strikes 12, head over to the Stick and pick it up for
collection purposes. Then, head up the ladder and go pick up the jar to meet
Johnny Style. After he gives you some advice, throw the jar to watch a funny
scene. Head down the ladder and progress to the right. Shake the tree nearest to
you to erase the footsteps by you. The guard will not get you. Head over to the
Old Umbrella and pick it up. Head back to where you began, shaking trees as you
go. Once you reach the beginning platform, open the umbrella and poke the button
to freeze the water. Head to the center of the frozen area to get the Snow
Shovel. The guard will break the ice and head back. Now, make your way over to
the Goon and dig him out with the Snow Shovel. Next, ring the bell to turn the
Goon into a Goon Totem. Next, take the Goon Totem to the right side by the
ladder and insert the Goon Totem into the slot. Before heading up, go back to
the start platform and freeze the water again. Now, take the Snow Shovel to the
Goon Totem and and go up the ladder to shovel a pile of snow. The snow will land
on the ice area. Finally, go and walk all over the snow on the ice to make the
guard go try and clean it. He will sink underwater and deactivate. Go to the
chest and scare the spirit away. Open the chest for the Leid Goblet.

4b4. Frost Breath *****
Notes about Level
-Frosty breath will kill you if you are in an open area
-Mirrors reflect light
-Captain Rose can be used as a pawn
-Aim the light and turn the mirrors just right for maximum effect.

The level begins with Captain Rose trying to open the treasure chest. Zack and
Wiki will confront Captain Rose, but Goon grabs Wiki and turns him into the
bell. However, a giant ice monster wakes up and swallows Goon and Wiki. Wiki is
now frozen to the ice monster. Begin by pulling the lever to shoot light at the
monster, but he'll drop icicles and blow his frosty breath. Whatever you do, do
not get hit by that, or it's game over. Once he's done blowing, the water will
turn into Ice Mirrors. Take one and place it on the right of the blaster. Place
the mirror facing Northwest. Next, take another one and place it on the top most
right by the beast facing Southwest. Take the last mirror and place it to the
left of the one you just placed facing Northeast. Next, turn the light blaster
to the right and pull the lever. You will see a scene where the beast freezes
Captain Rose and more icicles fall. Go take Captain Rose and fit her into the
slot on the left side. Next, go to the right and look for the statue loosely
holding the Idol Mirror. Take the Idol Mirror and put it in Captain Rose's
hands. Next, take an Ice Mirror and put it facing west to the Northeast of the
light blaster. Take the last Ice Mirror and put it in the middle of the third
row facing south. Turn the light blaster facing northeast and pull the switch.
The ice monster will explode. Go to the chest to see a funny scene of Captain
Rose thawing out. Scare the spirit away and open the chest for a map of the
volcano. Enjoy the ending scene because you just cleared the Frozen Temple.

4C. Volcano Cavern
4C1.Bridge of Doom
Notes about Level
-Crossing the bridge too many times causes you to fall.
-Water extinguishes flames.
-Patterns solved open new areas.
-Things other than cups can hold water.

Begin by crossing the bridge and picking up the Antique Goblet. Take it to the
fountain and scoop some water to get the Antique Goblet{Full}. Hop down the
steps and go to the lever. You will find that it is stuck, but then a whole
bunch of buttons will light up in a certain order. Enter the pattern of buttons
on the control pad to be able to pull the lever. Hop down the steps and pour the
water onto the flames. Next, ring the bell by the Goons to get the Goon Totems.
Take one of them and insert it in the gap where flames are coming up. You will
see a bigger fire. Head back to where you found the Goons and pick up the Hard
Hat. Go back up the steps and pull the lever up. Fill up the Hard Hat to get the
Hard Hat{Full}. Head back to where you placed the Goon Totem in the space and
dump the water on the flames. Cross the gap and get the second Goon Totem. Go
back across the gap and place the Goon Totem in the slot to activate the switch.
Fill up the Hard Hat and stand on the platform that fell. Next, ring the bell to
make the Goon Totem turn into a Goon. You will shoot up to the top. Dump the
water in the tank and cross the bridge. Fill up the Hard Hat again and cross the
bridge again. Dump the water in the tank to make the statue extinguish the
flames surrounding the chest. Ring the bell to ward off the spirit and open the
chest for the Ekel Bracelet.

4c2. Lake of Fire *****
Notes about Level
-Great Force smashes objects.
-Fill in the missing piece
-Lift the jars to uncover secrets
-Lava than water makes hardened rock

Begin by using Wiki's bell on the first Goon you come across. Take the Goon
Totem and place it on the slot closest to the lava. Next, cross the bridge and
use the bell on the Centipede. Locate the second Goon and turn him into a Goon
Totem. Take it across the bridge and place it in the peg by the stairs. Now,
lift up all the jars until you find two other Fang Pieces. Pick up one of the
two Fang Pieces you found from lifting the jars. With the Fang Piece, go across
the bridge and down the stairs. Go up the stairs in the bottom section and place
the Fang Piece into the missing slot. Lava will spew out, surround the treasure
chest, and burn the pole it is on. Head back to the upper area and take the
Centi-Saw. Hop up the steps by the Goon Totem and cut the two poles to make them
form a bridge along the gap. Next, cut the pole supporting the molten rock. It
will crash into the metal doors and knock the tank of water onto the lava. You
can now walk across the hardened lava to access the treasure. Ward off the
spirit and open the chest for the Zorn Candelabra.
5. Treasure List
Stage: An Adventure Begins
Treasures: Old Umbrella, Centi-Saw

Stage: Pit of Tragedy
Treasures: Slither Gripper, Ruins Key

Stage: Flute of the Growlin Goblins
Treasures: Sleeping Mushroom, Slither Gripper, Iron Ladle, Growlin Goblin Totem,
Growlin Goblin Cheif Totem

Stage: The Fountain Guardian
Treasures: Frog Bomb, Worm, Worm Straw, Growlin Goblin Totem, Ruins Key, Spring

Stage: Three Colossl
Treasures: Totem Head, Crank Handle,

Stage: King of the Jungle
Treasures: Centi-saw, Torch, Stick, Scale Vase, Batbrella

Stage: The Crystal Key
Treasures: Ice Bar, Crystal Key

Stage: Icicle of Prosperity
Treasures: Frog Bomb, Slither Gripper, Centi-saw, Moldrill, Goon Totem, Boar
Hammer, Icicle.

Stage: Keeper of the Ice
Treasures: Stick, Old Umbrella, Snow Shovel, Goon Totem

Stage: Frost Breath
Treasures: Ice Mirror, Idol Mirror, Captain Rose

Stage: Bridge of Doom
Treasures: Antique Goblin/Antique Goblin{Full}, Goon Totem x2, Hard Hat/Hard Hat

Stage: Lake of Fire
Treasures: Goon Totem x2, Centi-Saw, Fang Piece X3,

6. Version History
Version 0.5 January 20-January 28- Guide covers the first two areas and part of
the Volcano Cavern. All characters, treasures, and puzzles are updated to that
point. Controls as well. A little more than halfway done with the guide.

7. Contact Information
If you have a question or see something in this guide that I missed, please
email me at Please be sure to include Zack and Wiki somewhere
in the email, so it isn't deleted for spam. Also, I do not want hate mail, love
letters, pornographic images, or stalking. You may email me to say hi because I
don't have a problem with that. YOu will, of course, be credited for any
contributions you email me to the guide for.

8. Legal Information

9. Credits
1. Nintendo for making the game and the Wii.
2. GameFAQs for hosting the guide.
3. The manual for the game's controls.
4. The game itself for giving me the character profiles
5. I used Cyric Z's note method at the beginning of each level
6. Readers for reading this guide.

10 Closing
Thank you for reading Darkdoomsday's guide for this game. I hope you enjoyed it
as much as I did writing it, and I hope you will keep a lookout for other works
by me.