Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as King FAQ Walkthrough

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals: My Life as a King Tips and Tricks FAQ

Version 1.25
First Complete Compilation 25.05.08
*Added 3 New Tips and fixed some grammatical & spelling errors.

Written by PeachSmoothie
Do not use without giving credit. All tips and tricks listed in this FAQ were
from my (PeachSmoothie) own experience playing the game unless otherwise noted.

You can't contact me directly, since I don't like spam nor have the patience to
read email. If you want to contribute though, check out the thread that started
this all and add in what you know.

Everyone on the FFCC: MLaaK GameFaqs boards who helped me figure things out,
add in their own knowledge, and corrected some of my mistakes and
misunderstandings. Anyone who has helped and submitted information has their
name after the tip.

xxxxx. Introduction .xxxxx

This is a certain type of FAQ that aims at giving tips, pointers and tricks
of how the game works. Since most FAQs answer the basic questions, this answers
most everything else. All information here has been compiled from player
experience. Since some things may vary from player to player, most things are
theories backed by said experience from multiple players. If you find something
that clearly contradicts your own experience, then I encourage you to share it
with us on the FFCC: MLaaK board on GameFaqs:

Don't worry, unlike other FAQs/Walkthroughs, this FAQ has no spoilers, only
information that will help you play the game that you may not have known

xxxxx. Contents .xxxxx

Section One: Did You Know?
- Some random information about that game that does not really fit into the
other sections

Section Two: The Town and Its People
- Information about Morale and the townspeople (duh)

Section Three: Building and Layout Tips
- Breaking Down, Building Up
- Where to Put What
- How Many
- Everything Else

Section Four: Adventurers!
- Hiring
- Cutting Time from Their House to the Bulletin Board
- Accepting Behests Regularly
- Taking Too Much Time Getting Ready
- Stats and Stat Boosting Medals
- Party Time
- Everything Else

Now that's done, on with the FAQ! :D

xxxxx. Section One: Did You Know? .xxxxx

- When adventurers do information search behests and they find gil in houses,
they give that money to the King so it can be spent on the city and its
people. They don't keep it for themselves. How admirable, stealing from the
poor and giving to the rich.

- Some dungeons shape-shift, resetting the exploration rate to 0 everyday.
Usually sending in a thief with both Inner Compass and Mapper (some say
Pathfinder) abilities will get it to stop shape-shifting, sometimes it doesn't.
Many people report problems like this with the second Black Mage Academy
dungeon. Unfortunately, it's normal, and you can either keep trying day after
day by sending in one thief, or a group of thieves until it stops.

- There are a few high leveled boss monsters that roam about the map, and
appear in dungeons randomly. One time Orth Bridge, a level 15 dungeon on
Normal mode was visited by a level 100 boss called Brutal Wolf.

- The easiest way to make money is to utilize the morale spheres. You can even
make more money when your town has more people and you can post a holiday. You
will get a morale boost, and run and talk to as many people as you can to fill
up your spheres. The most I was able to get was an extra 1200 gil.

- You do not have to play New Game+ on Hard/Very Hard mode. You can play it
again in normal mode if you wish, but there are some dungeons that unlock
buildings that are exclusive to Hard/Very Hard.

- Your final game ranking can be B (lowest), A, S, SS, or SSS (highest). The
ranking is the average of three different categories: First is how many
dungeons cleared and how many days, Second is how much morale and other
citizen happiness, and Third is adventurer levels and such. Each individual
category gets a B - SSS ranking too.

- If you watch the title screen go into "demo mode", the town that the camera
surveys while the story dialogue is fading in and out is your town.
*Submitted by Llamacopter.

- Pressing the B button will change the camera to Leo's point of view, unless
it's a narrow corridor, then it'll change it slightly to the right or left. At
that point you can keep clicking until the camera is his full point of view.

- Holding down the B button and moving the D pad will move the camera around.
This applies to anywhere, not just the lookout tower.

- You can push the - (minus) button to summon Chime instead of waving your

- If you dismantle a Bakery, Weapon, Armor or Item shop and rebuild it, it
will have a different owner name of the shop.

xxxxx. Section Two: The Town and Its People .xxxxx

- Sir Hugh Yurg won't take off his helmet because of a battle scar. Even though
it's hardly noticable he's very sensitive about it, and doesn't want anyone to

- Some ladies in town think the Dark Lord was actually a very handsome male
Selkie. :O

- Later on in the game, after your town has become an Empire, you'll be able
to acquire Citizen Behests, which after its completion, will give you a morale
bonus of approximately 50%. To get these, you must wait for Mogmune to walk out
from the castle around 11am - Noon and talk to him. He sings a song with a
townsperson name in red, that is the person you must talk to. They will be
standing outside of their house for that day. Speak to him/her and you will
find out something is lost in the town. You will then be able to post the
behest the next morning.
*Tip help from Mario Cleanstuff

- Sometimes when you're running by your townspeople, they will stop to bow to
you. After they've finished, some of them will stand there ready to be spoken
to. You will miss it if you keep running.

- Neighbors and townspeople often times visit each other, and you can actually
look at their information to see who's a close friend and who's been distant.
This neat detail can help you stalk a person whose family morale you want to
*Tip help from Tahngarthor.

- Some people rarely come out of their house, but will venture out during a
particular time of the day every few days. You might have to stalk them if you
want to talk to them to raise their morale.

- When you dismantle a house, its inhabitants stay in the castle until you
build another house of the same plot size. Although very rare, sometimes they
get glitched and they just stay in your castle and lose their relationships
with neighbors and family.
*Submitted by Fanatic03

- The only way to stay out later is to summon Chime and tell her
"Raise Morale!" During this period, if you talk to your citizens, you will
receive a message saying family relationships have improved. You will not stay
out later by talking to citizens during periods without any morale boost,
during holidays, or during "bonus morale" activated by defeating bosses.
*Submitted by LlamaCopter.

- Morale bonus gil depends on your level of development. First stage is 20 gil
per sphere, second is 40, third is 60 and so on. At the last stage it's
120 gil per sphere.
*Tip help from Mario Cleanstuff and Ice_Shield.

- When the morale boost is in effect, and you call Chime to raise morale,
it will override the boost effect and talking to people will add morale at a
normal rate instead of 2x.

- The easiest way to earn morale in the beginning of the game when you don't
have a lot of residents is to talk to your adventurers everyday when they
leave to explore and when they've returned from exploration. When they've
returned, you can only talk to them before they go to the castle to get their
pay, you cannot talk to them after that until the next day.

- You can only talk to adventurers before and after their mission ONLY if
they've left town. If they're in town gathering information, you won't be
able to talk to them.

xxxxx. Section Three: Building and Layout Tips .xxxxx

Part A - Breaking Down, Building Up

- After you've first built a house, go inside. Sometimes the family's
happiness meter is already maxed, and they will give you a medal.

- When more than one house is dismantled and then rebuilt, the family's house
that was dismantled first wil be rebuilt first, and continues in that order.
Helpful if you want to place your adventurers close together.

- If you dismantle a small house and then build a large house, that family
will move into the large house.

- You can only dismantle 5 buildings in one day.

- You can only build 10 buildings in one day.

- In New Game+'s Hard or Very Hard mode, you can get Large Houses from the Orc
Keep dungeon (appears after the Janktra Plains dungeon). Two Large houses will
give more gil than one Spacious house, a great way to get more Tithes from your
townspeople if you haven't reached your house limit.
*Tip help from GameguruVIII.

-Large Houses can only be obtained in Hard and Very Hard Mode. They do not
stay unlocked, therefore can never be used in Normal difficulty.
*Submitted by Final_Cataclysm.

Part B: Where to Put What

- A good layout will help decrease the time it takes for your adventurers to
get ready before exploration. They do visit a lot of shops before leaving!

- When placing buildings, it's good to remember which shops are universal for
each race and make those easily reachable for everyone. Some can be tucked
away further, like the mage schools since only mages would ever buy abilities

- After the pay raise and adventurer number cap is maxed, the guild hall's
only remaining benefit is keeping the cost of behests down. But most likely at
that time, money shouldn't be a problem, and if you have more than one bulletin,
it'll keep the cost down too.

- Placing houses next to a building will influence the medals the family gives
out (i.e. placing houses next to white magic schools will cause the families
to give out mainly holy and restoration medals).
*Submitted by Llamacopter.

- It is assumed that placing adventurers' homes next to training schools will
influence adventurers stats as they level more than their job's stat influence.
Placing them by the Training Hall raises their Strength (and maybe Toughness);
by the Gaming Hall raises their Dexterity and Agility; by the White Magic
School raises Willpower, and by the Black Magic School raises Intelligence.
*Submitted by Llamacopter, added help from PeachSmoothie and Ice_Shield.

- Beginning stats of a Novice Adventurer can be influenced by certain buildings
near their house. The bonus stats only applies to your future adventurer --
once hired then no more stat bonus no matter where adventurer lives.
*Submitted by Goldhorizon.

- Placing the Emporium near shops will not do anything like Mogiosh the
Moogle says it would. It will just make item shops sell torches/survival
items. Emporiums are for residential areas, and are meant to draw out
townspeople from their homes to shop. It's kind of like a bakery, they get a
double morale boost after they've gone shopping.
*Tip help from LlamaCopter and starmilski13.

- Placing Weapon and Armor shops further from most of the houses encourages
them to be "experimental" to attract customers. These are the Weapon Name X
and Armor Name X items you see during their big sales day. Often time they
have a great stat bonus and minus.

Part C: How Many

- Shrines and Fountain parks work very similarly in that adventurers can use
either to relax in the morning. Often time, if there's a fountain park near
a shrine, they will opt to use the fountain instead. Although, adventurers
will never wait at a shrine for a pep talk from the king like they would at
a fountain, shrines can also temporarily boost a party leader's stat or
refill max hp who is out exploring. A great tool for fighting bosses.
But as long as you have a fountain park, adventurers will go there
periodically and wait for a pep talk from the king.

- If you're only planning on having 4 - 8 adventurers total, you most likely
won't need three taverns.

- More than likely, you won't need three bulletin parks in your town.

- If you keep your adventurers' houses close together, you won't need more
than one fountain. One fountain close to them would be enough.

- Adding an Inn is not completely necessary. Since adventurers that appear at
the Inn are a few levels higher than your highest guys, some people like the
extra help. However, an Inn adds the Holy Abilities to the White Mage Temple
and the Enfeebling Abilities to the Black Mage Academy.
*Submitted by Fanatic03.

- Some people don't keep the first weapon shop anymore because they prefer
axes and hammers over swords.

Part D: Everything Else

- Bulletin and Fountain parks have 3 different landscaping. The first one you
build will only be trees. Second one will only be flowers. Third will be trees
and flowers. And it cycles those 3 in that order every time. Don't like just
trees? Dismantle it and rebuild it and the second one with flowers will appear.

- All three Shrines are different. The first shrine is Shrine of Power and
boosts Strength and Toughness when you pray to it. Second shrine is Shrine of
Knowledge and boosts Willpower and Intellect when you pray to it.
Third shrine is Shrine of Life when replenishes HP to max. They will appear
in that order when you build them, and you can only pray to them once a day.

- In normal mode, luxurious houses (from DLC) are obtained from a level 40
dungeon, but on very hard mode the dungeon is level 100. That is not a typo.
Get the luxurious houses before starting a new game+, or else you won't get
them until after you've beaten everything else and can't enjoy them!
*Submitted by Furio

- When funding shops, make sure you don't over fund! When a shop has a special
sales day, he'll have the maximum level of the item for sale with a suffix of
X (great stat bonus and minus, usually around 19 - 29). Adventurers generally
only equip and buy items no higher than 7 levels of theirs. So if you fund
your shops all the way to level 60 items and your adventurers are only level
30, they won't be able to take advantage of the great sale and bonused items.

xxxxx. Section Four: Adventurers! .xxxxx

Part A: Hiring

- If you have the 3 extra races, their beginning stats total 37 points, while
Clavats only get 35 points. That puts the Lilties, Yukes, and Selkies in a
very slight advantage. But that's why they are specialized and cannot change
jobs like Clavats can.

- Be aware of when you hire your group of adventurers since they all have to
start from level 1. If you don't mind them varying greatly in levels from one
another, then it doesn't matter. However if you like them being around the same
level, try to hire them in groups of 2 or 4. Lower leveled adventurers
sometimes tell the king they want to be as powerful as their peers so they can
battle together. And they sometimes use the training hall to catch up as fast
as they can.

- All the adventureres you've hired will reappear in New Game+, even ones you
wished you could fire, so choose wisely and don't hire carelessly! If you have
5 Selkie houses, hired two of them but don't like the other three, wait until
the new game+. Two of them will be your previous Selkies, the other three will
be different!
*Submitted by LlamaCopter.

- If you hired 16 adventurers in your first play through, and then only hired
12 in the second play through, only those 12 will show up on your third play
through, etc. So only the adventurers you've hired will carry over, everyone
else will be random and new. However, your first 2 Clavat adventurers will
always be with you since you have no choice in hiring them or not.

- In New Game+, your previous adventurers appear back in town in the order
you've built their house. So if you've built three Selkie houses in your
first game, and hired the third Selkie, you'd have to build three houses
and your Selkie will be from that third house. Lucky I hired my two Clavats
within the first 5 houses.
*Tip help from LlamaCopter.

- If you want a good group of adventurers in your New Game+, try to make
sure each adventurer gets a few stat boosting medals, so this way they have
an advantage in Hard/Very Hard mode. This is easier to accomplish with a
smaller amount of adventurers, since you're limited to the amount of medals
you can give out during one play through.

Part B: Cutting Time from Their House to the Bulletin Board

- You can commission all adventurers who are interested in the behest before
they even leave their house. Just run to the board and select Choose an
Adventurer to see the list of interested people, then you can select
individually, or commission them all. Some will still stop by the board,
while others won't and just start to shop without needing to be partied.

- If you use the above method, and the party leader is tired, the party won't
be available to take on the behest, and will do their own thing. If other
party members are tired, they will just take the day off and go gamble or
rest at home. Individuals not in a party will do the same if tired, so you
won't have to wait for them at the bulletin, see their blue sad face and tell
them to rest.
*Tip help from FranckKnight and Ice_Shield.

- Only the party leader actually visits the board and will go to the behest
that interests him or her the most if there's more than one.

Part C: Accepting Behests Regularly

- The morale of your adventurers is VERY important! Talk to them before they
leave and if you can, when they return. Talk to them when they're resting at
home after a KO. Make sure you post some behests for lower level adventurers
to complete too, since completing them boosts their morale. Place a fountain
park or a shrin they can visit in the morning as close to their house as
possible. If you do all this, they won't be sad or exhausted very often or at
all, will only need to give them a pep talk at the fountain park once in a
long while, and will not skip out on your behests!

- Raise the pay rank to 4 as soon as possible!

- Put a Shrine or fountain near their house so they can refresh in the morning.

- Declare a National Holiday and give them the day off.

- Try posting only one behest instead of two or three.

Part D: Taking Too Much Time Getting Ready

- Check out the Building/Layout Tips.

- Sometimes an adventurer will stand outside a shop with the Green Talk
bubble. Talk to them as fast as you can. They will stand there for about 10
seconds. When you have a tavern, everyone goes there to meet and one person
running behind will hold up the whole party. Plus, they may stand outside of
more than one shop, so that's a lot of time wasted!

- If they come back early or before dusk often, they might need some torches.
Torches help adventurers stay out later at dungeons instead of returning home
early when it's dusk. The higher the torch level, the higher the dungeon they
can explore at night.

- Adventurers don't always go to every shop, sometimes they only stop by one
or two. When funding research for higher level items, try not to fund too many
different stores at one time, since that forces adventurers to check those
shops the next day.

- If adventurers take too much time to get ready, they'll tend to "Return
Early" from a dungeon. They generally like to come back around dusk if they
don't have torches, so make sure you plan your layout well and employ the
aforementioned tips. I find my adventurers leave town around 1pm - 2pm and
return around 4pm - 5pm while completing the behest.

Part E: Stats and Stat Boosting Medals

- Max stats can surpass 100. And you can play one new game+ file over and over
so your adventurer's medals carry over. That's crazy.
*Tip help from Tahngarthor and White Tiger Shiro.

- At first, the stat medals adventurers can receive will only be +1, but as
the adventurers' levels grow, the medals can go up to who knows how high!
Highest so far reported was +17 by Viewtiful_Jon.
*Submitted by LlamaCopter, Ice_Shield, Furio, Aladrin and Viewtiful_Jon.

- The Stat+ medals you get to use in New Game+ is actually the current medal
bonus x2 (approximated). Meaning, if you'd get +5 from a Strength Medal, you
can get +10 or +11 from a Strength+ Medal.
*Submitted by Takk00.

- This is uncertain, however, the Stat Bonus you get when beating a Dungeon is
Floor(the Dungeon Level / 4). Basically a level 1-4 dungeon boss gives you +1,
a level 5-8 gives you +2. Although I think it's more determined by the boss
level, so a material quest's boss may provide significantly more boosts.
(Floor means rounded down). Also the dungeon level in Very Hard mode seems to
be Floor(2.5 * the Dungeon Level in normal).
*Submitted by Takk00.

- Sometimes you may see adventurers stats fluctuate and it's because of their
equipment which give stat bonuses and minuses.

- You can have a maximum of 9 of any medal type. If you can get another one
from a home owner, they will tell you to come back later when you have more
room. If that happens, you can still get a medal from another citizen, but you
can only get one medal from one family at any given day.
*Submitted by Final_Cataclysm.

- You get + Medals from completing a game depending on your ranking at the end
of the game.
*Submitted by Final_Cataclysm.

- Beginning stats of a Novice Adventurer can be influenced by certain buildings
near their house. The bonus stats only applies to your future adventurer --
once hired then no more stat bonus no matter where adventurer lives.
*Submitted by Goldhorizon.

- A White Mage Temple influences the Willpower stat while lowering strength. A
Black Mage Academy influences Intelligence while lowering toughness. A Gaming
Hall influences Agility while lowering Willpower.
*Submitted by Furio.

- You can influence the beginning stats of every Novice (unhired) Adventurer,
even Adventurers that carried over to your New Game+. This means you can at
least influence 1 to 2 more stat points to your desired stats!
*Tip help from Furio.

Part F: Party Time

- Partying helps you delegate or narrow down the possible canidates for medal
rewards, since only the leader receives it. If you have a several lower level
adventurers, have them be party leaders of higher level adventurers and defeat
a boss. Even if the lower level dies, as long as the party beats the boss, the
leader still gets the medal.

- If the party leader is KO'ed or taking the day off to rest, the rest of the
party will do their own thing and will not show up to any behest postings.

- Party leaders will go to behests that interest them, regardless of other
party members' levels.

- Party leaders always get the medals from completing behests and boss fights,
regardless if they're dead or alive at the end, or the one who actually did the

- Adventurers besides the party leader can get items from bosses, though the
leader still gets the medal. One of mine just picked up a nice set of armor
from a boss, and he was neither the leader nor the one to deal the final blow.
*Submitted by Mario Cleanstuff.

- Having your party slaughtered by a monster party several levels higher than
the area you are exploring is rare, but completely normal.
*Submitted by LlamaCopter.

- If you use the shrines when your adventurers are out exploring, the effects
will only apply to the party leaders. Adventurers who are soloing are
considered as party leaders of their own one-person party.

Part G: Everything Else

- If you want your adventurers to gain levels, it's better to tell them to gain
exp instead of sending them out on a behest to a dungeon of their level. You
can even skip posting behests for that day and they will all go gain exp on
their own by either going to a dungeon or the training hall. Contrary to what
you may think, this way is faster than posting a behest to explore a dungeon
to gain exp.

- Visiting an adventurer who has died reduces the cool down time from two days
to one.
*Submitted by Mario Cleanstuff.

- Male Yukes are exclusively black mages while female Yukes are exclusively
white mages; they cannot switch classes. Selkies are all female thieves.
Lilty adventurers are all male warriors. Clavats are the only race that has
the capability to switch classes.
*Submitted by Llamacopter.

- Adventurers will go to gambling halls most often when they have a gambling
medal. The adventurers visit the gambling hall right after getting paid for
the day or they also go when they take the day off from adventuring.
The gambling hall guy will say something like "Denis has been doing well
today, I wish lady luck would smile on me like that" if anyone is in the
building gambling, not shopping, when you talk to him. If you check
adventurer reports at the end of the day and they went to gamble it will tell
you how much money they won.
*Submitted by Fanatic03

- Low level adventurers are more likely to use the training hall to level up,
especially if they are more than 5 levels below your highest leveled
adventurer. Adventurers will usually make two trips to the training hall if
they plan to use it to train that day. One trip will be to shop for abilities,
the second they will return for the actual training. When they are inside to
train, not shop, Hugh will say their name and something like they are a great
student. Unfortunately, there's no way I know of to make someone go there to
gain exp. You can place a house near the training hall, and try to get the
Training Medal from it.
*Submitted by Fanatic03

- Adventurers generally won't equip weapons or armor if there is more than a
+10 level difference. They can equip anything below their level.
*Submitted by Mario Cleanstuff.

- There's a 15 turn battle limit. If your party cannot defeat a boss within
that amount, they flee. If you sent more than one person or party there, then
they will most likely try to finish it off.

- Abilities at the Training hall are not class/job specific, only weapon
specific. Since White Mages and Warriors can equip Hammers, both jobs are
able to use Hammer abilities in battle. White Mage can Shock Bomb! :D

- Weapons can have different suffixes denoting the added bonus. It can vary
from +, F, T, B, X etc. (That's all I can name right now since that's all I've
noticed myself). A + is just a numerical stat bonus of one stat. F denotes
Fire damage, T denotes Thunder damage, B denotes Blizzard damage and X
denotes a large bonus of one stat and an equal minus of one or two stats
(ie +22 strength, -11 agility and -11 dexterity).
*Tip help from Mario Cleanstuff.

- Armor can have suffixes too, but most common are the X and + ones that have
the same bonus descriptions as weapons. I have yet to see the elemental suffix
for Armor, and no one has reported any thus far.

- Sometimes a dungeon description will tell you a certain material may be
found there. Even if the shop keeper requests for a behest for it, you have
to fully explore the dungeon for you to obtain the material.