Is there Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered cross-play?

The long-awaited Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition is finally scheduled to launch this summer. Square’s ARPG is set to hit PS4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android simultaneously around the world. Such a diverse range of platforms is likely to attract a lot of different kinds of players, though can they unite through cross-platform play? Keep scrolling to learn all about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered cross-play support.

Does Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition have cross-play?

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered cross-play

In good news for all parties, there is Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered cross-play support. Players on any combination of gaming consoles and mobile devices can team up and embark on cooperative adventures together. There are no restrictions in place, though you will need to utilize a third-party solution if you wish to voice chat between different devices.

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For the first time ever, GameCube classic Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting online multiplayer capabilities; the simultaneous addition of cross-platform play makes it easier than ever to enjoy co-op with friends. FFCC Remastered Edition also introduces all-new items and features to the game, while reworking other elements in order to cater to a modern audience. A lot’s changed since 2004, after all.

FFCC has players take control of a young group of adventurers called the Crystal Caravans, who attempt to save their realm from a suffocating gas called miasma. With camaraderie at the narrative’s core, accommodating easy co-op sessions through cross-play is a good call from developer Square Enix.

At this stage, unfortunately, it looks like PC and Xbox One players might not be able to get in on the communal cross-play action. Square hasn’t announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered for either of the platforms at the time of writing.