Dragon Age: Origins FAQ/Walkthrough

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                                    XBOX 360

Author       : Scopius2
Platform     : Microsoft Xbox 360
Last Updated : November 12, 2009
Version      : 0.08
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What's New in 0.08:

    Completed all Origin Story Walkthroughs.  Completed Ostagar Walkthrough.
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  For a complete Version History, check out the Final Words Section at the end
  of the FAQ.

                              Table of Contents:

[1] Introduction
[2] Controls
[3] Character Creation
    [3.1] Gender
    [3.2] Race
    [3.3] Class
    [3.4] Background
    [3.5] Customization
          [3.5.1] Attributes
          [3.5.2] Skills
          [3.5.3] Talents/Spells
[4] Character Progression
    [4.1] Attributes
          [4.1.1] Strength
          [4.1.2] Dexterity
          [4.1.3] Willpower
          [4.1.4] Magic
          [4.1.5] Cunning
          [4.1.6] Constitution
    [4.2] Skills
          [4.2.1] Coercion
          [4.2.2] Stealing
          [4.2.3] Trap-Making
          [4.2.4] Survival
          [4.2.5] Herbalism
          [4.2.6] Poison-Making
          [4.2.7] Combat Training
          [4.2.8] Combat Tactics
    [4.3] Talents/Spells
          [4.3.1] Warrior
                [] Powerful
                [] Threaten
                [] Bravery
                [] Death Blow
                [] Precise Striking
                [] Taunt
                [] Disengage
                [] Perfect Striking
          [4.3.2] Dual Weapon
                [] ...
    [4.4] Party Members
          [4.4.1] Allistair
          [4.4.2] Dog
          [4.4.3] Morrigan
          [4.4.4] Leliana
          [4.4.5] Sten
          [4.4.5] Wynne
          [4.4.5] Zevran
          [4.4.5] Oghren
          [4.4.5] Sten
          [4.4.5] Loghain Mac Tir
[5] Combat
[6] Walkthrough
    [6.1] Walkthrough, Origin Stories
          [6.1.1] Walkthrough, Human Noble Origin Story
          [6.1.2] Walkthrough, Magi Origin Story
          [6.1.3] Walkthrough, Dalish Elf Origin Story
          [6.1.4] Walkthrough, City Elf Origin Story
          [6.1.5] Walkthrough, Dwarven Commoner Origin Story
          [6.1.6] Walkthrough, Dwarven Noble Origin Story
    [6.2] Walkthrough, Ostagar
    [6.2] Walkthrough, Korcari Wilds
    [6.2] Walkthrough, Ostagar Revisited
    [6.2] Walkthrough, Flemeth's Hut
    [6.2] Walkthrough, Lothering

[7] Side Quests
[8] Items
    [8.1] Stealing

[A] Contact Information
[B] Credits
[C] Final Words


| [1] Introduction                                                            |

Dragon Age: Origins is an epic RPG released in November 2009 for the PC, XBOX
360 and Playstation 3 by Bioware.  It is the "spiritual successor" to the
Baldur's Gate series, according to the developers.

The game itself strays away from the D20 rules of Dungeons and Dragons which
Bioware used successfully in Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Knights of
the Old Republic, instead, using its own set of rules which gamers familiar
with the D20 system will find quite similar, with characters having Attributes
as opposed to Ability Scores, and Skills, Talents and Spells replacing Feats,
Skills and Spells or Powers.  Characters will gain experience and go up in
levels, thus gaining Specializations.  Characters will also travel throughout
their quests with a party of up to four members including oneself, gaining or
losing the approval of their party members through their actions.

The game itself contains roughly 60 hours of gameplay, depending on the amount
of Jobs and side-quests accomplished and the players own pace.

Dragon Age: Origins upon release also contains some bonus content in the form
of two DLCs available on XBOX Live, as well as equipment for those who pre-
ordered the game.  This content will be covered in this guide.


| [2] Controls                                                                |

This is the default control scheme for controlling your character.

| Control           | Action                                     |
| Left Thumbstick   | Move character (click to lock target)      |
| Right Thumbstick  | Control camera (click to center camera)    |
| D-Pad             | Change target                              |
| A                 | Default action (select, etc.)              |
| B                 | Use battle menu shortcut                   |
| Y                 | Use battle menu shortcut                   |
| X                 | Use battle menu shortcut                   |
| Right Bumper      | Next character                             |
| Left Bumper       | Previous character                         |
| Start             | Main menu                                  |
| Select            | Manage characters and quests               |
| Left Trigger      | Open radial menu (pull and hold)           |
| Right Trigger     | Switch to secondary battle menu shortcuts  |

A few notes about the controls:

-The Battle Menu Shortcuts are set by bringing up the radial menu,
selecting a talent, skill, inventory item, etc. and pressing the Y
button, and then choosing a button to bind it to.  When the right trigger
is held, it brings up a second set of three shortcuts which can also be
-The radial menu can be set to stay open after pulling the left trigger
once in the Options in the Main Menu
-When you select a shortcut that affects an area, such as the Fireball
spell, or that targets one of your party members, such as Heal, the game
automatically pauses so that you can choose the affected area or party
-You can switch between party members while the radial menu is up by
clicking on the bumpers, thus selecting actions for several party members
at once.


| [3] Character Generation                                                    |

Before you can begin playing Dragon Age: Origins, you must decide on the type
of character you want to play.  Character creation in DA:O can be relatively
easy, especially compared to some of Bioware's other offerings, but there is a
fair amount of customization available to those who choose to go that route.

Upon starting a new game, a player is faced with the choice of two genders,
three races, three classes, and a few different background choices.  These
choices will all have a significant impact on the game, determining both combat
and story.

Your role in combat will be mostly determined by your class, whether you wish
to be a tank, drawing enemies away from your weaker party members and
withstanding lots of damage, a healer, making sure that no one is about to fall
in combat and reviving those who do, a damage dealer, in the thick of battle or
standing back and blasting away, or even a crowd controller, making the battles
more manageable for your party.  All of these roles and more are available with
the right combination of class, specialization, and talents.

As this is a role-playing game, there is more to roles than just the role you
play in combat.  You also will have a role in society to play, and that will
mostly be determined by things such as your race, gender and background.  Will
you be brave or cowardly?  Self-centered or self-sacrificing?  Chaste or will
you sleep around?  Holy or vile?  Honest in all things or just when it's
convenient?  These are the choices you will be making throughout the game, and
these choices begin in the character creation process.

Before creating a character, you may want to also consider the other characters
you may wish to recruit into your party as the adventure unfolds.  The game
offers romantic relationships with both members of the opposite sex and members
of the same sex.  So, if you want to see what a romantic relationship would be
like with Morrigan, for example, you will want to create a male character.
Other romantic partners and who they will partner up with can be seen in section
3.1 on Gender.

Another consideration would whether there are certain characters you wish to
have in your party for majority of the game.  If you create a mage, it may be
difficult to manage a party with both Morrigan and the Elder Mage, as that would
mean 3 mages in your party and only room for either a rogue or a warrior.  Also,
to use Morrigan as an example once more, she comes into your party with the
Shapeshifter specialization, and a number of spells from the Entropy school.
So, if you wish to travel with Morrigan, and will be playing as a mage, would
you like to take Specializations, Skills and Spells that she does not already
have?  Maybe some spells that will form combinations with hers?  See the section
on Party Members to get a better feel for what options you will have as you play
the game.

| [3.1] Gender                                                                |
Your gender choice will affect the romantic relationships you can get involved
in, as well as other storylines throughout the game.

      Male characters will have the option to get romantically involved with
either Leliana, Morrigan or Zevran.

      Female characters will have the option to get romantically involved
with either Zevran, Alistar or Leliana.

| [3.2] Race                                                                  |
      Humans receive the following racial benefits:
         Strength +1
         Dexterity +1
         Magic +1
         Cunning +1
      Humans can choose from the following classes:
      Elves receive the following racial benefits:
         Willpower +2
         Magic +2
      Elves can choose from the following classes:
      Dwarves receive the following racial benefits:
         Strength +1
         Dexterity +1
         Constitution +2
         10% resistance to hostile magic
      Dwarves can choose from the following classes:

| [3.3] Class                                                                 |
      Warriors receive the following racial benefits:
         Strength +4
         Dexterity +3
         Constitution +3
      Mages receive the following racial benefits:
         Magic +5
         Willpower +4
         Cunning +1
      Rogues receive the following racial benefits:
         Willpower +2
         Dexterity +4
         Cunning +4

| [3.4] Background                                                            |
-Human Noble
   Only background available for Human Warriors and Human Rogues

   Only background available for Human Mages and Elven Mages

-City Elf
   One of two backgrounds available for Elven Warriors and Elven Rogues

-Dalish Elf
   One of two backgrounds available for Elven Warriors and Elven Rogues

-Dwarf Commoner
   One of two backgrounds available for Dwarven Warriors and Dwarven

-Dwarf Noble
   One of two backgrounds available for Dwarven Warriors and Dwarven

| [3.5] Customization                                                         |
On the Appearance and Voice screen, you can customize the first name, facial
features, and voice of your character.  After this is finished, you can choose
Quick Play to accept the default Attributes, Skills and Talents/Spells, or
choose Next to choose these for yourself.  You are given 5 Attribute points to
distribute, one Skill to choose from, and 2 Talents or Spells.  The defaults
are as follows:

      Strength +3
      Dexterity +1
      Willpower +1
      Skill: Combat Training
      Talents: Dwarven and Human: Precise Striking, Shield Block and Shield Bash
               Elf: Precise Striking, Dual-Weapon Sweep and Shield Bash

      Willpower +2
      Magic +3
      Skill: Combat Training
      Spells: Flame Blast, Weakness

      Strength +1
      Dexterity +3
      Cunning +1
      Skill: Combat Training
      Talents: Stealth, Dual-Weapon Training

Here is a breakdown of these choices, as it applies to Character Creation.
Skills, Talents and Spells will be addressed in more detail in another section
of this guide.
| [3.5.1] Attributes                                                          |

| [3.5.2] Skills                                                              |

| [3.5.3] Talents/Spells                                                      |


| [6] Walkthrough                                                             |

| [6.1.1] Walkthrough, Human Noble Origin Story                               |

Your character is a noble in House Cousland, of Highever.  Your eldest brother
is going with your father in answer to a summons from the king to fight the
Darkspawn, leaving you to watch over Highever in their stead.  Arl Howe, a
lesser noble sworn to Highever, will be leaving along with your father to go to
battle as soon as his troops arrive, on the morrow.  Your brother will be taking
Highever's army with him when he leaves today.
You are called in to see your father and make pleasantries (or not, depending on
your dialog choices) with Arl Howe.  Duncan, a Grey Warden, enters the hall, and
your father introduces him and says he's come for recruits.  You are asked to
make sure Duncan's needs are taken care of while he is at the castle.  Finally,
you are asked to find your brother, Fergus, and let him know that he will be
leaving immediately.
You are now given control of your character, and are free to roam the castle on
your way to Fergus.  You can speak with Arl Howe, Duncan and your father in the
hall, if you like, to question them further.  You can also have a few words with
the Howe Guard.
There are two locked chambers by the main gate to the east.  These locks are
basic, and can be picked without any points in the Deft Hands talent.  A locked
chest inside one contains a Deep Mushroom, in the other an Iron Ring.  Just
north of the hall there is a room containing 4 beds and a locked chest
containing another mushroom.
As you near the kitchen from the east, or head towards Fergus from the south,
you will be greeted by Ser Gilmore, who will give you your first quest, to
gather your mabari hound from the larders.  He will also be your first party
member, as he accompanies you to take care of the hound.
In the library can be found 2 books, with another in the study leading off from
it.  Each of these books will provide you with a codex.  You can also strike up
a conversation with Aldous in the library, giving you two more codex.
The guard post in the south provides an opportunity to act the part of a noble,
but the treasury they guard is under lock and key.  There is another locked door
in between the guard post and the chantry.  Inside is a locked chest containing
Elfroot, a weapon stand, and another locked chest requiring higher skill to
open.  The chantry contains two books to read (with codex) along with an
opportunity to pray with the Reverend Mother (revealing yet another codex).
There is another locked door at the end of the hallway to the north of the
kitchen, inside are some containers with herbs.
Once in the larder you get to choose a name for your dog (and receive a codex
about dogs), and take part in your first battle with the staple of first battles
in role playing games, namely, rats.  After the battle you receive a codex
regarding your hound, and the mabari joins your party as Ser Gilmore leaves it.
A wooden crate and a sack in the larder both contain items.  Leaving the larder
begins a conversation with the cook and completes your first quest.
Now you can head up towards Fergus' quarters.  You are met in the atrium by your
mother who is entertaining some guests.  The conversation that takes place
differs according to your gender and responses.  You can flirt with the guests
and visit them in the study to arrange a for a liaison in the evening.  After
the guests have retired, you can speak with your mother again, if you wish.  A
locked door lies to the north of the atrium with nothing inside, and there are
two more locked doors requiring keys to either side of the hallway leading up to
Fergus' room.
Once inside Fergus' room, you witness a parting of Fergus with his family,
before taking part in the conversation, and being able to convey the message
from your father.  This is followed by a family reunion, of sorts, after which
you receive another codex.  A bookcase on the wall in Fergus' room also contains
a codex.  After leaving the room, you go to bed.
You are awoken by sounds in the castle and your hound barking and growling.  The
door opens and you are launched into battle with a Howe Soldier and a Howe
Archer.  Two more Howe Soldiers are outside in the hall.  After the battle your
mother runs out of her room.  She joins your party to investigate and find your
father.  Back in her room lie a trunk containing weapons, and a locked chest
with a mushroom (must they lock away their mushrooms?).  In your room there is
also a chest with some items.
Across the hall in Fergus' room, you find his wife and child dead.  Through the
door leading to the heart of the castle wait more of Howe's men, who will
attack.  The rooms on either side contain locked chests.  Inside can be found 2
Continuing down the hall triggers a cut scene.  In the room to the west is the
corpse of a knight with some loot.  Continuing down the hall you meet a servant
with a warning, and another fight with Howe's men.  The hallway to the north is
blocked, and the dining room to the west contains a slew of enemies fighting
with some of your guards.  After you defeat the enemies, the guards will follow
you and help you fight.  A locked chest in the dining room contains a mushroom.
Back in the hallway are more Howe soldiers and archers.  The library finds
Aldous killed, and a pile of books that has been knocked to the ground
containing loot.  The study next door contains a locked chest requiring higher
skill to open.
To the south is the guard post, and when you try the locked door you get a new
quest, to retrieve the Cousland family blade from the treasury.  In the guard
room itself lie a few dead guards, but the treasury remains untouched, with the
sword waiting for you in a chest.  There are a few other containers in the
treasury, as well.  Upon exiting the treasury, another fight with Howe's men
awaits.  Some rubble just outside the doorway to the main hall contains some
items, as does a Knight Corpse in the room to the south.  The chantry has some
enemies fighting with guards.  Defeat them and the guards run away.
Defeat the enemies in the main hall and you are reunited with Ser Gilmore.  He
is holding the gates, and directs you to the kitchen where your father was
To the hallway in the north as you open the door are more enemies, and if you
follow the hallway around to the east, there is a room with still more enemies.
On the way to the kitchen you encounter a group of enemies along with a Howe
Knight, the first enemy which appears yellow to you.  Not much of a problem, but
you may want to focus attacks on him first at some of the harder difficulties.
A sack with item is in the room to the north of the kitchen.
In the larder you find your father, who had been mortally wounded.  Duncan
arrives, and agrees to help get you to safety in exchange for your joining the
Grey Wardens.  You leave with Duncan, ending the origin story for your

Mischief in the Larder
   Collect your hound
Father's Task
   Find Fergus
Sweet Iona
The Cousland Treasury
   Retrieve the family sword
Howe Treachery
   Find the remainder of your family

Mabari War Hound
Andraste: Bride of the Maker
The Commandments of the Maker
The Maker
History of Ferelden: Chapter 1
History of Ferelden: Chapter 2
Culture of Ferelden
Dogs in Ferelden
Geography of Ferelden
Politics of Ferelden
The Noble Families of Ferelden
The Grey Wardens
Arl Rendon Howe

Exceptional Items:
Family Sword
Shield of Highever

| [6.1.2] Walkthrough, Magi Origin Story                                      |

You begin your adventure as an apprentice in the Circle of Magi.  You are about
to undertake The Harrowing, a journey into the Fade to face a demon, thus
becoming a full mage.  In the Fade, you gain control over your character.

A disturbing statue nearby grants a codex, and a vase of healing some health
poultices.  Your first enemy will be a Wisp Wraith, easily defeated with your
Arcane Bolt, and any other offensive spells you may have taken.  Continuing
along the path allows you to pick off a few more Wisps, until you are greeted by
a talking mouse named Mouse.  He gives you dire warnings and decides to follow
you.  You can talk to him to learn a bit about the Fade and the Harrowing.  A
lyrium vein up ahead will give you a new codex.

A few more wisps are on the road to the Spirit of Valor.  The Spirit of Valor
can provide you with some assistance in defeating the demon in the form of a
weapon.  He will ask to duel you for it, but you can avoid the fight with a
sufficient Willpower check.  After getting the staff, or forsaking it, as you
choose, continue down the path to face 3 Spirit Wolves.

At the end of the path, you will be greeted by a Sloth Demon.  You can ask him
for help, as well, and he will teach Mouse to take the shape of a bear, if you
can solve three riddles.  You can, alternatively, provoke the Sloth Demon into a
fight, and once defeated, he will teach Mouse.  The answers to the riddles are a
map, a tongue, and a dream.  If you fail at answering these riddles, the Sloth
Demon will attack, but again, will teach Mouse after you defeat him.

As you go back to face your demon, you will be attacked by 3 more spirit wolves.
The rage demon talks a bit before attacking you along with 2 spirit wisps.
Defeat the demon and Mouse will praise your victory, before showing his true
colors.  You have completed the Harrowing.

You wake up back in the Circle of Magi to your friend Jowan inquiring about
your health.  He brings a message that First Enchanter Irving would like to
speak to you.  Irving can be found upstairs, but you may first want to explore
this level first.  The vanity in your apprentice chambers contains a blank
vellum, and a chest has some copper.  To the west can be found a vase with some
lyrium dust inside.  A templar guarding the main door explains why you can't
leave.  The next apprentice chambers contains a chest with a staff inside,
which you can equip now, since you don't currently have one, and another vanity
contains a magic belt.  In the hall to the north is a cabinet containing
another belt, in case you missed the last.  The basement leads to a door you
cannot get past at this time.  Continuing on to the L-shaped room there is a
shelf with a Blank Vellum inside.  Classes are going on in the library, and on
a bookshelf in the room with the stairs to the second floor is a book with a

On the second floor, in the stockroom, you will come across your first
Tranquils.  Owain will tell you a bit about being a Tranquil.  The library on
the second floor contains 6 codex within it's shelves.  Senior Enchanter Torrin
will explain about the factions within the Circle, if you ask, giving you
another codex.  Niall will give you his opinions on the Fraternities, and tell
you of apostates.  You can speak to Eadric about elves, Senior Enchanter
Sweeney about being old, and examine an empty bookcase, although you can do
nothing with it presently.  The guest quarters contain an armoire with some
lyrium dust inside, and a mage who will tell you there is a Grey Warden named
Duncan meeting with Irving.  The mage dorm contains a few more containers with
items.  Cullen stands outside a room to the north.  He has a few words to say
about templars and abominations.  The room itself contains 2 containers and a
codex.  The laboratory next door contains a codex and a container, as well as
Senior Enchanter Leorah, who has nothing to say right now.  The chapel contains
5 codex.

In the First Enchanters chambers you walk in on an argument between Irving and
Greagoir.  You are introduced to Duncan who speaks of recruiting Grey Wardens.
Irving welcomes you to the Circle, and gives you a robe, a staff, and a ring as
part of your becoming a full mage.  You are asked to lead Duncan to his
chambers.  Irving's room contains a pile of books with a codex.  You can ask
Duncan about the Grey Wardens before taking him to the guest quarters, and get
a new codex.  Once you arrive at the guest quarters with Duncan, you will
receive another codex.

Upon leaving Duncan's quarters, you will be intercepted by Jowan who needs your
help.  He is going to be made tranquil, and wants you to help him steal his
phylactery so that he can escape with his forbidden lover.  Here you are faced
with the first of many moral dilemmas that your character will have to deal
with in Ferrelin.  This choice could have consequences later on in the game
(avoiding spoilers here, but see section x.x for more).

Before continuing on this quest, there is another you can do after you've
either made a decision to help Jowan or not, or told him you need more time.
You can revisit Senior Enchanter Loreah, who has a spider problem and could use
your help.  Down in the storerooms are several containers with low-level items
inside.  At the T in the corridor, to the west you will be attacked by giant
spiders, one at a time.  These spiders have the Overwhelm ability, where they
knock you down and chew on you for a bit, so you may want to make sure your
health doesn't get too low in case you get caught like that.  Following that
juncture you come to a crossroads, where there is a cocoon and a wooden crate
hidden from view.  As you come to the crossroads in the south in the middle of
the map, you will be attacked by 2 spiders at once.  There is a chest here
containing Fade Striders, light boots for mages that add 1 to your Magic
Attribute.  The crossroads to the east contains two more spiders, and a few
containers with low level items.  After you've killed all the spiders in the
storeroom, return to Loreah for your "reward."  Could come in handy later.

If you agree to help Jowan, he will ask you to get a fire rod from the
stockroom to break into the repository.  Refuse to help Jowan, and you may
choose to tell the First Enchanter of his plans.  You can also make this choice
even if you agree to help him.  Irving asks you to help Jowan steal his
phylactery so that he can be caught red-handed, along with his lover.  Go back
to Jowan and you will be given the same task, to get the fire rod, and to meet
him back in the chantry.

Visit Owain to get the rod of fire, and he asks you to get it signed by a
senior enchanter.  Time to call in a favor, perhaps?  Loreah will sign the form
for you, if you did the quest Infested Storerooms, or Sweeney will do it
because he is old, and remembers what it was like to be young and full of
mischief.  If you have reported to Irving, he will sign the form, as well as
give you information on how to break into the chamber.  Bring the rod back to
Jowan, and he and Lilly will join your party.

Revisit Loreah, if you haven't called in your favor, and she will give you some
potions.  Head down to the basement to the First Door.  Open the door with Lilly
and move onto the Second Door.  Once you open the alternate route, prepare to
fight a Sentinel.  Two more are around the corner.  The room behind the first
door to the left contains a wooden crate.  The second door leads to a room with
a chest inside.

Behind the door to the north lies a room containing two more sentinels, a wooden
crate, and a chest.  Past the next door lie 2 more sentinels along with a mage.
The next room contains a few Deep Stalkers with a Deep Stalker Leader, a
challenging foe (yellow).  A storage cabinet contains some items.  In the
following hallway, two more sentinels and a Robed Sentinel lie in wait.  The
door across the hall contains a chest and a crate, each containing a magical
item.  Down the hall is a prison with more Sentinels, a wooden crate and a
chest.  The next hallway contains more Sentinels and a Robed Sentinel.

The last door leads into the repository.  A chest containing a Blackened
Heartwood Staff is here, and some artifacts to examine.  One will give you a
codex, the other a way into the phylactery chamber.  A Sentinel Guardian
(yellow), and two Sentinels will greet you with steel once through the wall.
Once past them, you can deal with Jowan's phylactery.  You can confess to Jowan
of how you set him up, if you did so, after the phylactery is destroyed.

When you leave the basement, the jig is up for Jowan, Lilly, and you, if you
helped Jowan without Irving's knowledge.  Irving asks if you found anything in
the phylactery chamber.  He refers to the Heartwood Staff, and if you took a
point in Coercion, you can successfully lie to him and keep the staff.  Ser
Greagoir is quite upset about this whole matter, and Duncan arrives to take you
away from this mess and into the Grey Wardens, ending the Magi origin story.

   The Harrowing
      Defeat the demons
   A Mage of the Circle
      Speak with Irving
      Escort Duncan
   Infested Storerooms
      Kill spiders
   Bound in Blood and Magic
      Assist Jowan in destroying his phylactery
   Rage Demon
   Sloth Demon
   Giant Spider
   The Aeonar
   Andraste: Bride of the Maker
   The Rite of Annulment
   The Chant of Light: The Blight
   The Maker
   The Founding of the Chantry
   The Fraternity of Enchanters
   Hierarchy of the Circle
   History of the Circle
   The Fade
   The Harrowing
   Mana and the Use of Magic
   Blood Magic: The Forbidden School
   The Four Schools of Magic: Creation
   The Four Schools of Magic: Entropy
   The Four Schools of Magic: Primal
   The Four Schools of Magic: Spirit
   Beyond the Veil: Spirits and Demons
   The Tranquil
   The Tevinter Imperium
   The Grey Wardens
   Knight Commander Greagoir
   First Enchanter Irving

Exceptional Items:
   Fade Striders
   Blackened Heartwood Staff

| [6.1.3] Walkthrough, Dalish Elf Origins                                     |

You begin your tale hunting in the Dalish woods.  You come across a group of
humans that tell you of ruins in a cave with Elven artifacts and a demon.
After dealing with the humans, you are free to explore the Forest Clearing.
Tamien joins your party, and moving down the path you are confronted by 2
wolves who attack.  A dead halla that they were apparently feasting on,
contains a codex.  A bit further on, a chest lies on the forest floor
containing an item, and a tree stump, a codex.  Elfroot and rubble can be found
further on the path leading to the cave.

Inside the cave, two giant spiders greet you in the first chamber.  Once they
are dispatched, a pile of bones containing a Novice Dweomer Rune and a locked
chest can be investigated.  The path splits beyond this room.  To the north are
Giant Spiders, and a trap in the form of a pressure plate.  A pile of bones and
a cocoon contain items in this fairly large room.  A short hallway just south
of this room contains two traps and a pile of bones.  The room to the south
contains another trap, more spiders and a cocoon.  A locked door leading west
from this room can't be picked without sufficient skill.  Heading towards the
circular chamber there is an acid trap in the middle of the floor.  Once set
off, two skeletons appear and attack.  Inside the room, Beresharn will attack,
a yellow (challenging) creature.  A pile of rubble in this room contains some
Cured Leather Gloves.  A strange mirror then knocks you out, and after a vision
of some man in armor, you awake back at camp.

Apparently, you were found outside the cave by a man named Duncan, a Grey
Warden, who brought you to camp.  You were very sick, and the keeper had to heal
you with magic.  Tamien is missing, and the keeper wants you to go with Merrill,
her apprentice, to find the cave and see if you can find Tamien.  After your
conversation with the keeper, you are free to wander around the camp.

Fenarel is just north of where you spoke with the keeper, he will ask to come
with you to the caves, and you can let him come, if you like.  Over by the
central fire, there are two scrolls containing codex, along with 4 containers.
One chest requires better than Deft Hands to pick.  Another codex is on the
aravel just south of the keeper.  A scroll and a crate lie near the hunter's
aravel, and another codex on the bowmaster's aravel.  The bowmaster himself,
Ilen, can be convinced to give you a free bow, and will also trade with you.
Over by the Halla Pen can be found another codex, and a locked chest is near the
cooking pit.  You can learn a bit about your dead parents from Ashalle with some
persuasion, and get a key to the locked chest over by the storage containers.
Inside the chest is an Heirloom necklace, which gives some Spirit resistance.
Opening the chest also nets you some experience.  Behind Merrill's aravel is a
note with a codex, and there is another scroll at the very south end of the

When you speak with Merrill, if you have recruited Fenarel in your party, you
can intimidate or lie to her to keep him in the party.  Back in the forest, you
will face some darkspawn on the way back to the cave.  Once inside the cave, you
will find both the north and south passageways to the mirror chamber littered
with traps.  Some good experience is to be had for disabling them.  A
challenging Genlock Emissary awaits beyond the traps.  After you deal with the
mirror, you can ask Duncan to wait outside and explore a bit more.  A
sarcophagus and locked chest lie beyond the mirror.  A strange statue at the end
of the hall releases undead when touched.  Tamlen, however, is nowhere to be

Back at the camp, Duncan and the keeper go off to speak, and you are tasked with
finding Hahren Faivel.  You can help him tell a story to the children, and ask
him about Daelish lore.  Then you can go back to Duncan and the keeper.  You
join the Grey Wardens, and end the origin story for the Daelish elves.

   The Lost Mysteries of the Ancients
      Find and investigate the cave
      Find Tamien
      Speak to Hahren Faivel
      Giant Spider
      Elgar'nan: God of Vengeance
      Ghilan'nain: Mother of the Halla
      June: God of the Craft
      The Dales
      The Brecilian Forest
      The City Elves
      Arlathan: Part One
      Arlathan: Part Two
      The Dalish Elves
      History of Ferelden: Chapter 2

Exceptional Items:
      Heirloom Necklace
      Keeper's Ring

| [6.1.4] Walkthrough, City Elf Origins                                       |

You start your journey in the Elven Alienage in Dennereth.  Your cousin Shianni
wakes you up for your big day, and advises you your friend Soris is waiting
outside.  A footlocker by your bed contains some useful items, and your father,
Cyrion, has some words for you, and a family heirloom, if you mention that your
mother was a great warrior/rogue.

Once outside in the city, you can explore before visiting Soris.  A drunken elf
to the east will give you some money if you say you are collecting presents, and
can be persuaded to give more.  Dilwyn has a gift for you near the tree, if you
talk to her for a bit about your mother and are pleasant.  Speak to Nessa's
father in the center of the village to help Nessa, if you wish.  Inquire about
what they're doing and where they are going, and offer to help.  Nessa will then
ask to speak with you.  You can offer money to help, if you got a gift from
Dilwyn.  You can also agree to talk to her father, you would have to persuade
him that you are speaking for your father, and that Nessa can stay with you.
The alienage tree gives a codex.  Inside Alarith's store is a codex.  A beggar
near the Arl's estate asks for some coin, and Elva, who is nearby, gives you an

Talking to Soris can get you a codex on the Dalish Elves, and then he joins your
party to find Valora.  Taeodor has a few words for you near the tree before you
walk towards the center of the alienage.  There you find a delicate situation.
Shianni deals with it, for now, and then another human shows up to deal with.
His name is Duncan, and he is apparently a Grey Warden.  The elder knows him,
and welcomes him as a guest.  Duncan says his concerns about the Blight can wait
until after the elder is done with his pressing business.  You can speak with
Duncan some more after the elder has left about Grey Wardens.

The ceremony is interrupted, and if your character is a male, you are given
weapons and a quest.  Alirith can give you no weapons or supplies, so it's off
to the Arl's estate.  Some guards and mabari hounds will attack, and upon
defeat, will provide you with some experience and items.  You will find other
enemies on the grounds around the estate, usually coming at you one at a time.
The door inside the castle leads to the kitchen.

As a female, you will find yourself abducted with the rest of the women.  Sorias
comes along at just the right moment, and you fight your way out of your tight
spot and then through the door into the kitchen.

In the kitchen you will find a locked cabinet and a bookshelf with items, in the
room south of that some containers.  Some off duty guards in the dining hall
carry some weapons to loot, and there are a few items in the room to the north.
A room to the west off of the L shaped hall contains a guard and some weapons
and armor racks.  The Guard Captain in the room to the north of the armory has a
magic belt on his dead body, after you dispatch with him.

In the hallway with the four rooms leading off, two on each side, is another
guard.  The first room on the left contains a codex and a locked chest.  The
first room on the right is a kennel, if you let the dogs out they will attack
you.  The second room on the left and the second room on the right both contain
3 off-duty guards and a locked chest.

Through the next room are more guards, and then you'll come to a cross shaped
hallway with another guard.  The first room on the left leads to a door that
requires a key.  The room to the south is locked, but can be picked, and inside
is a locked chest with an Heirloom Necklace inside, and the room to the north
also requires a key.  The room to the east contains some potions and a
container.  The hallway to the east contains a challenging (yellow) Bodyguard
who attacks.  The first room on the left is locked, and inside is another codex
and a container.  The small room to the south contains a chest.  Finally, the
Arl's son can be found in the the room to the northeast.  He offers you a deal.
Take the deal, and you will be outside the castle with your money.  If you
refuse the deal, you will have to fight him.  If you defeat him, you a free to
take the items from the armor stand in the room.

Back at the camp, the guards come for you.  If you killed the Arl's son, you can
turn yourself in, both yourself and Soris, or stay silent.  Step forward and
take responsibility to save Soris from execution.  If you stay silent, you will
be fingered by Elva, but before the guards can arrest you, Duncan conscripts you
into the Grey Wardens.  If you took the gold, the guards come to arrest you
both, and take the money you "stole" from the Arl, but Duncan steps in and takes
you into his custody.  You can go home and say goodbye to your family before

   A Day For Celebration
      Talk to Soris
      Talk to your betrothed
      Investigate the new human's presence
      Proceed to the wedding
      Talk to Valendrian
      Talk to the servant at the Alienage entrance
      Rescue the women

   Mabari War Hound
   The Chant of Light: The Blight
   The Commandments of the Maker
   The City Elves
   Alienage Culture
   The Dalish Elves
   History of Ferelden: Chapter 1
   History of Ferelden: Chapter 2
   Culture of Ferelden
   Vhenadahl: The Tree of the People
   The Grey Wardens

Exceptional Items:
   Borrowed Longsword
   Fencer's Cinch

| [6.1.5] Walkthrough, Dwarven Commoner Origins                               |

You are casteless in the society of dwarves, living in Orzimar.  You begin the
game speaking with your sister, Rica, and your master, Beraht.  Beraht reminds
you both of your lot in life, and of your debt to him.  After he leaves, you can
talk with your sister a bit about your life in Dust Town, and the future
prospects of your family.

In a chest in your room can be found an upgrade to your weapon.  In the next
room, you can visit with your mother and exchange pleasantries.  Once outside,
you are given your next task for Beraht, to find Oskias and give him some
schooling.  Not much to do in Dust Town, so it's off to the Commons with you.

A dentist just to the north offers you some silver for your teeth.  Unna is
washing clothes to the north of Tapster's Tavern, and you can get a codex from
talking with her.  There are a few shops on the Commons where you can buy and
sell, or you can talk with some of your dwarven brothers to receive some of the
abuse you, as casteless, deserve.

Inside the tavern, the bartender will rat out Oskias when he sees who you work
for.  Oskias will try to weasel out of his predicament, and you can choose
whether to let him live or not.

Returning to Beraht, you can try to use your skills of persuasion to keep a
little of the takings for yourself.  He then gives you your next task, and it's
off to the Proving Grounds.

Leske dares you to talk to the Grey Warden, and if you do, you get a few codex.
A carving in the main hall get you another codex.  Everd can be found to the
north.  The chest in his room contains his armor, after you don it, you can go
to the Proving.

Once you're done with the Proving, you can talk with Leska before being visited
by Jarvia.  In the first room you encounter after your escape, there will be 5
thugs, who could prove most challenging.  If you are a rogue, you and Leska can
sneak past them.  There are three containers in this room, one containing Fire
Arrows and another with a rune.  Continuing around the bend, you will encounter
3 more thugs, and two barrels, one of which contains a Steel Dwarven Longsword
(Tier 3).  The next room contains 4 thugs, four barrels and a crate.  One of the
barrels contains more Fire Arrows.  In the next hallway, a door to the right
leads to a carved out hallway, where two thugs guard a locked chest.

In the next room you face Beraht along with two thugs.  After he is defeated,
loot his body for a Dwarven Warrior's Belt.  The room to the south contains two
locked chests, and to the north is the exit to Beraht's shop.

Exit the shop to be recruited into the Grey Wardens.  You can talk to your
sister and Leske before you choose whether to go with Duncan.  Whatever you
decide, Duncan will take you with him, and give you a mace as a gift.  The
Dwarven Commoner origin story is over.

   Beraht's Favor
      Teach Oskias a lesson
      Report to Beraht
   Proving Loyalties
      Escape Beraht's clutches
   The Casteless
   The Castes
   The City of Orzammar
   The Proving
   Dwarven Faith
   The Grey Wardens
   The Blights

Exceptional Items:
   Dwarven Warrior's Belt
   Aeducan Mace

| [6.1.6] Walkthrough, Dwarven Noble Origins                                  |

You are the second son of the king of Orzammar.  You have been appointed a
commander in the army, and, as such, there are festivities around the city
today.  Your second, Gorim, tells you of merchants in the Diamond District, and
a Proving.  You can choose which to go see.  Your room contains two containers
and two codex.  Trian's room, to the north, requires a key.  Bhelen's room
contains a casteless woman, who is a bit flustered to be caught in your
brother's room.  There is also a locked chest, and two codex.  Your father's
room is locked, and requires a key, as are the rooms to the east of the exit to
the Diamond Quarter.

Once outside the castle, you overhear an argument between a noble and a scholar.
If you decide to speak with them, you get to choose just what kind of noble you
are.  A silk merchant has some pretty things to sell you, or you can offload
your junk with him.  Moving along, you meet up with your brothers in the
Quarter.  Trian shows some tough love, but he can be disregarded, for the time

Watch out for the noble hunters just ahead.  Mardy and Teli would love to bear
your son, and you can arrange a menage-a-trois if it pleases you.  It's good to
be the king's son.

Just beyond the two strumpets are three barrels with some items.  One carries a
Grey Iron shield that may provide better protection against missiles.

The weapons merchant offers a gift, and you must make a political decision as to
whether to take it or not.  Take it, and Trian?

A visit to the magic merchant makes quite an impression.  Moving onto the
Commons requires a royal escort, and from there you will be at the Proving
Grounds.  Speak to the Proving Master, and you can enter the Proving.  The first
battle will be against a warrior wielding a two handed maul.  He can take down
your health, so be wary.  The second fight is against a rogue in leather armor.
In a toe-to-toe match she should not be much trouble.  The third match is
against an old man.  He is slow, and falls quickly.  After the fourth match, you
are granted a helm for winning the tournament.  Take the helm, and?  Choose to
give it to the man you just defeated, and?  Speak to the escort to leave the
Proving and the Commons.

In the Great Hall, Lord Dace asks for your help with a family matter.  Speak
with Lady Helmi for her input on Dace's request.  See your father to be
presented to the court, and make your choice regarding Lord Dace.  Your father
then asks you to seek out Trian.  Speak with Duncan for info on Grey Wardens and
3 codex.

Go see Trian, and Bhelen sows some discontent.  You can choose to deal with
Trian, or not, or decide to wait on a decision.  Either way, it's time for bed
and a possible rendezvous.

The next morning you are sent on a special mission.  Giant spiders await in the
tunnel ahead.  At the first crossroads, some darkspawn await.  In the alcove to
the east, a Dwarven corpse holds a Steel (Tier 3) Dwarven Longsword.  Frandlin
Ivo joins your party.  The path to the southeast leads to a chamber containing
darkspawn, a crate and a locked chest.  A scout joins up with you at the next
crossroads, and you have a fourth party member.  The next chamber contains quite
a few enemies, with several archers who will pepper you with arrows as you
fight.  A locked chest lies tucked away amidst some carts.  As you arrive at the
thaig chamber, it appears someone beat you to it.  Someone with a signet ring.

The mercenaries that greet you in the next chamber attack.  The leader carries
the ring that opened the door.  A container here contains a tier 2 shortbow, and
a chest nearby is locked.

The thaig chamber contains a sarcophagus.  The signet ring appears to fit into a
recess, but does nothing.  Place your party members on the three trigger tiles
and try again.  Collect the shield leave the room.  Darkspawn await you back in
the ruined thaig, along with a yellow Blight Wolf.

Near the exit, you find Trian.  Your father and Bhelen show up and demand
answers.  Frandlin and the scout give your father answers, and you make your way
back to the castle.  You get a visit from Gorim, who tells you of your immediate

Go forward to find the Grey Wardens, and you will fight a Giant Spider.  On the
ground nearby a corpse holds a sword and armor.  A dead dwarf in the next
chamber holds some gloves for you to wear, after defeating the Genlock
darkspawn.  Down the hall, a small alcove to the east holds a Giant Spider and a
Darkspawn corpse.  The corpse has some Fire Arrows he won't be needing.  Down
the west path lie a skeleton whose bones you can pick after defeating some
raptors.  A T junction with 2 darkspawn and a dead dwarf splits the path to the
east and west.  The dwarf carries some nice tier 2 armor.  The eastern path
leads to a dead end where 3 Deepstalkers and their leader guard 2 corpses and
their armor which you can loot.  The western path leads to Duncan and the Grey
Wardens.  He is your ticket out of the Dark Caverns, ending the Dwarven Noble
origin story.

   The Noble's Feast
      Visit the merchants or watch the Provings
      Attend the feast
   A Noble Expedition
   The Exile
      Find the Grey Wardens


Exceptional Items:

| [6.2] Walkthrough, Ostagar                                                  |

You arrive at Ostagar with Duncan, and are greeted by the king.  You are given
leave by Duncan to explore the camp, along with more codex and a new quest,
"Joining the Grey Wardens."

Before crossing the bridge to the west, you can find three Elfroot for you to
pick, along with two sacks and a locked chest containing items on the east side
of Ostagar.  Across the bridge, the soldier stationed there will offer you
directions around the camp, and a codex on Ostagar.  You can persuade the king's
guard to give you a little inside information.  Southeast from the king's tent
near a penitent priest lie some sacks.  A locked chest lies near some archers
doing target practice to the south of Loghain's tent.  Loghain's guard can be
persuaded to share his thoughts on the teyrn, as well as grant you an audience
with him.  Elfroot can be found growing near the wall to the southwest of the

Back towards the center of the camp, the Ash Warrior Leader by the kennels will
share with you some history and a codex, if you ask.  The kennel master will ask
for your help with a cure for one of his hounds, but only if your background is
other than Human Noble.  He needs a flower from the Korcari Wilds.  He hints
that the dog could be attuned to you, if he can be cured.

If you go up the stairs to the infirmary, towards the north you will find a
locked chest.  Jory, a new Grey Warden recruit, can be found by the priest just
south of this chest.  The prisoner in the cage to the north has a quest for you,
if you ask for something in return for some food.  You can persuade the nearby
guard for some food, or you can just kill the prisoner and take the key from
him.  You may want to put on some gloves before touching the key, though, if you
asked him where he hid it.  The key opens a chest near the Circle of Magi's
tent, but you will have to wait until you return from the Karcari Wilds to open
it, as it is currently guarded by Tranquil.

You can have a word with Deveth, another new recruit, who stands just below the
ramp east of the infirmary.  Talking to Wynne, who stands south of the Circle
tent, can gain you a codex.  A locked chest lies near the quartermaster, whom
you can sell some of your junk to.  He has a secret stash of good he can sell
you, which include some magical arrows, salves, crafting recipes, and some
poison items.  In his regular inventory can be found a backpack, which will
increase your inventory size.

On your way up the stairs to the north to find Alistair, you can make a detour
to the west to find a locked chest.  On approaching Alistair, you see him in
conversation and get a glimpse of his character.  Talking with him grants you a
new codex, and a new party member.  At this point, all that remains to do is to
pay Duncan a visit.

Duncan gives you two tasks in preparation for your Joining, and you can leave
for the Korcari Wilds.

   Joining the Grey Wardens
      Find the Grey Warden, Alistair
      Return to Duncan
   The Hungry Deserter
   The Mabari Hound
   Tainted Blood
      Find three vials of Darkspawn blood
   The Grey Warden's Cache
      Recover the treaties from the Grey Warden cache

   The Korcari Wilds
   King Cailan Theirin
   Loghain Mac Tir
   Legend of Luthias Dwarfson
   The Fade

Exceptional Items:
   Key to Mages' Chest

| [8.1] Stealing                                                              |


Dust Town
   Gollinar: 5c
   Olinda: 10c
   Commons Guard near Dust Town: 11c
   Patron: 6c
Beraht's Shop
   Shopkeeper: 10c
Proving Grounds:
   Spectator: 14c

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This guide is a big endeavor, and I appreciate all of the help that I received
in making it accurate.  Anyone who has assisted with this guide by sending me
information I didn't previously have or corrections will be mentioned in this
section.  If you sent me information that someone else had sent before you, I
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      story walkthroughs.

v0.072 Second submission.  Corrected gender and relationship possibilities.
       Added City Elf Origin.

V0.074 Dwarven Origin Stories.  Began section on Stealing.