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Sekiro Old Grave Location | Where is the Old Grave Idol?

Many of you are enjoying the difficulties to be found in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, including finding hidden areas, merchants, and Prosthetic Tool upgrades. Those of you wishing to discover the Sekiro Old Grave location will be glad to know that the optional area is well worth finding. You will definitely want to know the location of the Sekiro Old Grave Idol and everything that it features. It won’t be easy, but hopefully, with our help, you’ll be able to find the Old Grave Idol in Ashina Castle.

Sekiro Old Grave Location | Where to go

Sekiro Old Grave Location

Unfortunately, the Old Grave Idol location will be tricky to discover. It requires that you reach the game’s fourth area: Ashina Castle. Of course, this means that you will have to have defeated many enemies and difficult boss battles. Unfortunately again, the Old Grave is right towards the top of Ashina Castle. Getting there will prove difficult, but we’re here to help that happen.

You can access the Ashina Castle Old Grave Idol at any time, but we’d recommend you find it as soon as possible. Firstly, you will need to find the Ashina Castle Upper Tower Antechamber Idol. This means you will need to defeat the Blazing Bull boss. After you have defeated the Blazing Bull, you will need to open the gate that was locked and access the Ashina Castle Idol. From here, you will want to find the Upper Tower Antechamber Idol.

Unfortunately, finding this Idol will be complicated as it requires a fair bit of platforming and climbing. We’d recommend first climbing the stairs with several riflemen and miniboss General Kuranosuke Matsumoto. Defeat him for a Prayer Bead. After defeating him, you will need to head to the roof of the central tower (the tallest tower of Ashina Castle). Simply climb up the buildings and roofs until you reach the roofs of the tallest, central tower.

When you get to the roofs of the central tower, head to the left where you should see an opening which you can access with your grapple. Inside there is the Upper Tower Antechamber Idol. Now you’re here you can find the Sekiro Old Grave location.

Sekiro Old Grave Location | Where is the Old Grave Idol?

Sekiro Old Grave Location

Once you have accessed the Ashina Castle Upper Tower Antechamber Idol, you will be able to find the Old Grave. Remember, you can always backtrack to the Upper Tower Antechamber Idol and find the Old Grave location whenever you like.

When you are at the location of the Upper Tower Antechamber Idol, simply drop down inside of the tall tower. Remember to take fall damage into consideration, mind, and all of the enemies lurking within the tower. Once you have reached the bottom floor of the central tower, you will see a treasure chest. Open this up to receive the Sabimaru Prosthetic Tool (which works alongside your Kusabimaru for a flurry of poison-laced attacks).

There are two gates in the bottom floor room that you can open. Open the gate nearest to the treasure chest and you’ll find yourself outside in an area featuring a pond. Defeat the spear enemy to the right of this area and you will find the Old Grave Idol if you keep following the path. It’s a complicated route but, hopefully, we’ve made the whole thing simple enough for you. See the shorthand directions to the Sekiro Old Grave location below:

  • Get to Ashina Castle
  • Defeat Blazing Bull
  • Access the Ashina Castle Idol behind the previously locked gate
  • Climb to the roofs of the tallest central tower
  • On top of the central tower roofs, head to the left to find an opening
  • Grapple into the opening
  • Access the Upper Tower Antechamber Idol within the opening
  • Inside the tower, keep descending to the ground floor
  • Open the gate nearest to the treasure chest
  • Head to the right of the area behind that gate

Sekiro Old Grave Location | What is there to find?

Sekiro Old Grave Location

The Old Grave location is an optional one. Nevertheless, you will want to find it in order to unlock a powerful skill and find plenty of items.

From the Old Grave Idol, you’ll want to drop down the cliff. At the bottom of you will land on a broken roof. Drop into the building below. Inside there is a hidden merchant. The merchant sells the Anti-Air Deathblow Skill, which you will definitely want to buy. You will also find plenty of consumable items and Black Gunpowder if you keep exploring the area.

On top of everything, you will also be able to find the Old Serpent Shrine from the Old Grave Idol, which will lead you to the Sunken Valley. All told, the Old Grave Idol location is definitely one you will want to visit.