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Sekiro Fall Damage | Is there fall damage?

Like other Soulsborne games, the emphasis in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is on avoiding damage, as you won’t be able to survive too many hits. Likewise, taking damage from environmental factors should be avoided at all costs, but do you need to worry about Sekiro fall damage causing you harm? In similar games like Dark Souls, taking fall damage could often be a death sentence, but is there fall damage in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice?.

Sekiro Fall Damage | Is there fall damage?

Sekiro Fall Damage

Fall damage does exist in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Most short drops won’t result in taking any fall damage, enabling you to fully utilize acrobatic maneuvers in most arenas, but this doesn’t mean you’re invincible against falling. If you manage to drop a distance of 30-40 feet before landing, you will take some damage from this fall, so make sure to look before you leap. Thankfully, this won’t kill you in most cases, as the damage is far more minor and lenient compared to Dark Souls. You also get fall damage from falling into the Abyss, or falling off the map, which will inflict damage equal to half of your health.

You probably already knew that jumping into the Abyss wasn’t a good idea, but at the very least, you now know for sure. What does the Sekiro fall damage mean for your play style? You won’t need to worry about fall damage most of the time, and you can still jump around with reckless abandon during combat, but keep an eye out for higher drops to avoid. Of course, if you manage to fall a significant distance while you’re at low health and die, you still can use the resurrection to revive yourself. Most of the time, you’ll be too occupied with fighting the bosses to even consider fall damage, and it won’t play a major role in your game.