Mirror’s Edge PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

First, in order to use cheat codes, you will need to edit a game file. With that in mind please make a backup copy just in case. Now, locate the TdInput.ini file in your My DocumentsEA GamesMirror's EdgeTdGameConfig folder and open it with Notepad. Locate the first key binding in the file which should be:


Using this same method, bind a new key to the cheat you wish to use. For example, if you want God Mode to be activated when you press [F2], you would add the line:


Add each new binding on a line by itself ABOVE the first binding you found in the file. Make sure you don't bind the same key to multiple commands. Save the file and then load the game. Now You can use your new bindings to activate the cheats while playing. You may not receive any visual or audio indication that the cheats have been activated.

This is a complete list of the cheat commands available:
god - God Mode
jesus - Jesus Mode
dropme - Free Cam (requires God Mode)
FreeFlightCamera - Change 1st/3rd Person Camera
ammo - Unlimited Ammo
loadfullinventory - All Weapons
stat xunit - Show FPS
slomo 0.4 - Slo-Mo Mode ON
slomo 1.0 - Slo-Mo Mode OFF
LockAllLevels - Lock All Levels
UnlockAllLevels - Unlock All Levels
LockAllTT - Lock All Time Trials
UnlockAllTT - Unlock All Time Trials
Leipzig - Unknown Effect

Unlock Third Person View
Note: Same as above. This procedure involves editing a game file so please make a backup copy firs. Use a text editor to edit the "TDInput" file in the "DocumentsEA GamesMirror's EdgeTdGameConfig" directory. Add the following line to the "bindings" section:


Press [F4] during game play to cycle through free cam (no clipping mode") and eventually to third person view.


Unlock Speed Runs
You have to complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the "speedrun" option. This allows you to play through any chapter of the game like a time trial.

Unlock Hard Mode
You'll have to beat the game on easy or normal to unlock hard mode.

Slide When You Can
Slide because sliding keeps your momentum from failing you. When you encounter a low pipe, press [Down Action] to slide instead of jumping. You can recover smoothly in comparison to jumping.

Unlock Time Trials
To unlock the desired Time Trial, perform a proper action listed below:
Shard 1 - Finish Chapter Nine in Story Mode
Shard 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Shard 1
Chase - Finish Chapter Two in Story Mode
Convoy 1 - Finish Chapter Eight in Story Mode
Convoy 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Convoy 1
Cranes 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Burfield
Cranes 2 - Finish Chapter Four in Story Mode
Edge - Finish the Prologue in Story Mode
Factory - Finish Chapter Six in Story Mode
Flight - Beat the qualifying time on Arland
Heat - Finish Chapter Three in Story Mode
New Eden - Finish Chapter Five in Story Mode
Office - Finish Chapter Seven in Story Mode
Playground 1 - Finish "Training Area" in Story Mode
Playground 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Playground 1
Playground 3 - Beat the qualifying time on Playground 2
Stormdrains 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Chase
Stormdrains 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Stormdrain 1
Stormdrains 3 - Beat the qualifying time on Stormdrain 2
Arland - Finish Chapter One in Story Mode
Atrium 1 - Beat the qualifying time on Convoy 2
Atrium 2 - Beat the qualifying time on Atrium 1
Burfield - Beat the qualifying time on Heat