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Yakuza 6 Baseball Player Locations: Where to Find Every New Recruit

The Yakuza 6 baseball mini-game is one of the big additions to the series. Kiryu will become captain of a baseball team, and you’ll have to recruit new players and manage the team through a series of substories. Below we’ll show you how to access the baseball mini-game in Yakuza 6 and where to find new player locations when the time is right.

How to Unlock the Baseball Manager Mini-Game in Yakuza 6

During chapter 4 you’ll be asked to play baseball as part of the main story. After that part is over, you’ll need to find a man wearing a baseball uniform on Shishi Street in Onomichi. He’ll invite you to fill in again, and you’ll start substory #34: Assemble the Team.

Once you take a taxi to the baseball field, you’ll play your first baseball match minigame. You can’t win this first match, so don’t feel down if you lose. After this, head back to the field to start substory #35 We Need a Ringer. As part of the substory, you’ll be asked to recruit new baseball players to help make the team better.

Where to Recruit Baseball Players in Onomichi in Yakuza 6

There are 12 baseball players you can recruit in all, and 10 of them are found in Onomichi.


1. Akiyoshi

Location: New Gaudi Bar

To recruit Akiyoshi, you’ll need to head to the New Gaudi bar and complete substory #42 Powerful Memories. To trigger this substory, you have to level Akiyoshi’s Friendship level to 3.

These are the correct responses to complete substory #42 Powerful Memories:

  • Oh, wow.
  • You really are.
  • Huh?
  • Totally.
  • So full of energy.
  • I get in now.
  • Why not?
  • She’s right.
  • Give yourself some credit.
  • Yeah, are you?
  • He’s right.
  • Explain.
  • Who says an experienced adult is bad?
  • Oh really?
  • I’ll drink to that.
  • That’s fair.
  • Just do it, Akiyoshi-san!

After this, go to the pedestrian bridge and talk to him to complete the substory. Go back to the New Gaudi bar, and he’ll join your team.

2. Gen-san

Location: New Gaudi Bar

Once you level up Gen-san to level 3 via the New Gaudi bar friends mini-game, you’ll trigger substory #43. Complete this quest to recruit Gen-san to your baseball team.

To complete substory #43 pick the following responses:

  • Tell me about it.
  • Why not?
  • He hasn’t?
  • It really is.
  • If I can, you can.
  • I agree.
  • Yeah, have you?
  • Why don’t you give it a shot?
  • Well, are you?
  • That’s true.
  • Good point.
  • Machines are pretty useful too.
  • I know the feeling.
  • Size doesn’t matter.
  • Yep.
  • She’s right.
  • Let’s just sing on it!

Once you finish the conversation, Gen-san will leave to buy a phone. Wait for him to send you a message and then return to New Gaudi to complete the substory.

3. Genie

Location: E. Shishido Street near the taxi

To get Genie to join your team, you’ll need first to buy a Sushi Set in Kamurocho. You can find one in any of the Poppo convenience stores there. When you return to Onomichi, hand the Sushi Set over to Genie, and he’ll join the team.

4. Hatakeyama

Location: New Gaudi Bar

To recruit Hatakeyama, you’ll need to be at level three friendship with him and level one friendship with Gen-san. You can then trigger substory #41 What’s the Matter with Kids Today?

Use the following responses to pass the speech mini-game:

  • He hasn’t set yet.
  • True.
  • Let’s hear the details.
  • They sure can.
  • Well, we need details.
  • That’s so true.
  • With you there.
  • I’m hearing you out, Hatakeyama-san.
  • Good question.
  • Makes sense.
  • He’s kind of right.
  • Yeah, then what?
  • They probably shouldn’t.
  • Sounds good.
  • So true.
  • Do you have any other information.
  • She is?
  • You’re her father.
  • Head over there Hatakeyama-san!

After leaving the bar. Go to Le Pente in north Onomichi, and you’ll see Hatakeyama with his daughter and her boyfriend. After that scene, you can return and talk to him at the New Gaudi bar, and he’ll join the baseball team.

5. Kase

Location: Central Shopping District

After you complete substory #25 The Fools Who Dream, you’ll find Kase hanging around the shopping district. Talk to him, and he’ll gladly join your baseball team.

6. Kawamura

Location: North Hana-no-Kubo

You’ll see Kawamura wandering around north Hana-no-Kubo. Before he joins you, you need to return to Kamurocho and get some RIZAP Muscle supplement. Once you hand some over to him, he’ll join the baseball team.

7. Kenji Gorchov

Location: Jingai Ferry Dock

You’ll need to complete the spearfishing substory #48 World’s Best Octopus before you can get Gorchov. Once you take down the octopus, Gorchov will join you after your seafood feast.

8. Kuramoto

Location: Yonetaku Restaurant

You’ll find Kuramoto hanging out in front of the Yonetaku restaurant near Hana-no-Kubo. If you give him a bottle of Sake, he’ll pledge himself to the Setouchi Warriors.

9. Maetani

Location: Ryunan Shrine

You’ll find Maetani near the Ryunan Shrine. He’s easy to recruit, provided you have the cash. Give Maetani one million yen, and he’ll join the team.

10. Moritsuka

Location: Near Snack Kiyomi

As part of substory #35, We Need a Ringer, you’ll recruit Moritsuka. He’ll be your first recruit as you can’t actually recruit anyone else until you complete substory #35.

Where to Recruit Baseball Players in Kamurocho in Yakuza 6

There are only two baseball players that are available to recruit in Kamurocho.


1. Yoshida

Location: Yoshida Batting Center

When you return to Kamurocho in chapter six you can access substory #19, Step Up to the Plate, by playing the Challenge Course at the batting center three times. Yoshida will challenge you to hit five home runs in a row to recruit him.

You get as many chances as you want, and the automatic pitcher uses the same sequence each time:

  1. Bottom Left
  2. Bottom Right
  3. Bottom Middle
  4. Top Left
  5. Top Right
  6. Bottom Middle
  7. Middle Right
  8. Middle Left
  9. Top Left
  10. Bottom Right

Once you get five home runs in a row, Yoshida will join the Setouchi Warriors.

2. Gori-san

Location: Yoshida Batting Center

If you play three rounds of the homerun course at the batting center, you’ll meet Gori-san. This will trigger substory #20, A Promise Between Men, and he’ll challenge you to score more home runs than him to win.

Again, the automated pitcher follows the same pattern every time:

  1. Middle Right
  2. Middle Left
  3. Bottom Middle
  4. Bottom Left
  5. Bottom Right
  6. Top Left
  7. Middle Right
  8. Bottom Middle
  9. Bottom Left
  10. Middle Left

Once you beat Gori-san, you’ll complete the substory, and he’ll join your team.

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