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Yakuza 6 Arcade Game Locations: What Sega Games Are Available to Play?

One of the Yakuza series’ hallmarks is the ability to visit arcades and play classic Sega titles. Yakuza 6 is no different, and it offers one of the most robust lineups of arcade games to date. Below we’ll tell you each arcade location in Yakuza 6 and what games you can play at each one.

Where Can I Play Arcade Games in Yakuza 6?

The in-game location that you can play arcade games at in Yakuza 6 is the same place that’s become a series staple: Club Sega. By visiting a Club Sega, you can play one of five different classic Sega games that are available. However, certain games are only available at specific Club Sega arcade locations.

There are two Club Sega arcades in Yakuza 6, and both are located in Kamurocho. Unfortunately, there’s no way to play arcade games in Onomichi, so during your time there, you’ll have to relegate yourself to other mini-games like spearfishing.

The map below highlights both Club Sega locations in Yakuza 6. The first one is on Nakamichi Street, and you’ll find the other in Theater Square.

Kamurocho-Arcade Locations and Games Map

What Arcade Games Can I Play in Yakuza 6?

There are five arcade games available in Yakuza 6. A few are returning titles, but two of them are appearing for the first time in a Yakuza game.

Club Sega (Theater Square) Game List

The Club Sega on Theater Square is the larger of the two locations and offers three different arcade machines. Inside you can play:

  • Out Run
  • Space Harrier
  • Super Hang-On

Club Sega (Nakamichi St.) Game List

The two new games are available at the Nakamichi St. Club Sega location. There you’ll encounter:

  • Puyo Puyo
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Are the Arcade Games in Yakuza 6 the Full Versions?

Sega could have cheaped out and just put a few levels of each of these games in Yakuza 6, but they didn’t. Each arcade game is the full version, and you can play it from beginning to end.

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