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Yakuza 6 Safe and Key Locations: Where to Find All Safes and Safe Keys

Yakuza 6 safe and key locations are likely something you’ll be searching for early in the game. While the safes themselves are marked on the map, you’ll get no such help finding the keys for them. In fact, you have to figure out how to unlock them yourself. These sort of take the place of lockers and locker keys in Yakuza 6, which are no longer included in the game.

Below we’ll show you where every safe and safe key in Kamurocho and Onomichi can be found.

Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe and Safe Key Locations

There are five safes located in Kamurocho, and luckily each of them are located fairly close to the matching key. Some of the safes can’t be accessed until later in the game, so don’t expect to get all of them during your first day in Kamurocho.

The map below is color-coded, with icons indicating which dot is a key and which is a safe. (Click on map for larger image.)


1. Tenkaichi Street

On your map, you’ll see a building on the right side of Tenkaichi that houses a Mahjong Parlor. Head there for this set.

  • Key Location: Stairway of the Mahjong Parlor building.
  • Safe Location: Inside the fourth-floor room adjacent to the Mahjong Parlor.
  • Reward: Steel Underwear

2. Nakamichi Alley

This safe and key are located in the alley south of Millenium Tower.

  • Key Location: You’ll find the key inside a closed shop in Nakamichi Alley behind some cardboard boxes.
  • Safe Location: You’ll find it in an empty lot next to the store beside a small truck.
  • Reward: High-Tech In-Soles

3. Senyro Avenue

Head to the building containing the cat cafe for this safe and key.

  • Key Location: Near a sign in the entrance alcove to the cat cafe on ground level.
  • Safe Location: You’ll find the safe if you climb all the way to the roof of the building containing the cat cafe.
  • Reward: Rusted Chain Mail

4. West Taihei Boulevard

On West Taihei Boulevard you’ll find a building with a sign over the door that says “SPUNKY.”

  • Key Location: The key is beside a traffic cone in the entrance to the SPUNKY building.
  • Safe Location: Head up to the second floor and enter an office. In the rear of the office is the safe.
  • Reward: Hungry Belt

5. Yoshida Batting Center

Go to the Yoshida Batting Center in north Kamurocho to find this pair.

  • Key Location: Approach from the back of the building and look for the key on the emergency staircase.
  • Safe Location: Continue up the emergency staircase and onto the roof to find the safe.
  • Reward: 1 Strength Tome, 1 Agility Tome, 1 Spirit Tome, 1 Technique Tome, 1 Charm Tome

6. Serena Bar Safe

On the roof of the Serena Bar, there is a safe that doesn’t work like the others. This safe needs a passcode to open. We haven’t found the passcode for this safe yet, and the password from the Japanese version of the game doesn’t work. We’ll update this article as soon as we find the correct code.

Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe and Safe Key Locations

There are another five safes in Onomichi. However, these are a bit harder to unlock since the key isn’t in the immediate vicinity of the safe. (Click on map for larger image.)

Onomichi-Safe and Key Locations

1. Jingai Ferry Dock

You’ll find these in the southern part of Onomichi.

  • Key Location: You can find the key by walking to the end of the dock and then turning to the right. You’ll see it sparkling on the ground.
  • Safe Location: The safe is found to the east of the Oyster Shack in an alcove.
  • Reward: Fearless Binding

2. Hana-no-Kubo

This is the hardest set to find yet.

  • Key Location: You’ll need to head west from the pawn shop and look for a ladder near some vending machines. Climb the ladder and look for the key on a shelf.
  • Safe Location: Straight across from the ladder you climbed for the key is a narrow passageway. Slide through it, and you’ll find the safe.
  • Reward: Bloody Fundoshi

3. Pedestrian Bridge Area

This one is back to being easy.

  • Key Location: At the south end of the pedestrian bridge you’ll find a safe key.
  • Safe Location: Take the stairs near the key back down to the sidewalk, and you’ll find the safe in an alcove just a little bit ahead to the right.
  • Reward: Romance Amulet

4. Second Hill Area

Back to a moderate challenge.

  • Key Location: From the south end of Second Hill, walk north and look for a set of stairs leading up to a closed gate on your right. Climb the stairs and look left to spy the key in a mailbox.
  • Safe Location: Head back south and look for the safe in a roofed alcove containing a vending machine.
  • Reward: Bloody Binding

5. Central Shopping District

This is probably the hardest pair to get to in Yakuza 6.

  • Key Location: Near the south end of Shops Alley look for a ladder that will take you to the roof. East of where you climb you’ll find the key.
  • Safe Location: This safe is located behind the stairs leading up to the Moreno Bar.
  • Reward: Stamina Belt

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