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Judgment Meet Matsugane Location | Where to find Matsugane in Chapter 8

Partway through Chapter 8 in Judgment, you’ll be tasked with the following obtuse objective: “Find a Way to Meet Matsugane.” The head of the Matsugane family, though, isn’t readily available. Instead, you have to go to a certain place to continue the story, even if it isn’t immediately obvious at first. Below, we’ll show you the exact location to meet Matsugane in Judgment. It’s more straightforward than you might think.

Judgment Meet Matsugane Location | Where to find Matsugane in Chapter 8

Meet Matsugane

The trick for this particular mission is you’re not meant to find Matsugane himself but a middle-man of sorts. With Captain Hamura laying low, and Kaito-san no longer a part of the Matsugane Family, it rests on you to figure out a way to parlay with him.

Thankfully, there’s a less-than-trusted ally waiting for you in Kamurocho. You might have already put the pieces together but, if not, here’s where you need to go.

Bring up your map and mark out a route to Game Centre Charles. If you’re struggling to find it, you can see it on the very north-west corner of the map just below Kamurocho Hills on Park Boulevard. Conversely, you can just check the image above for an idea of where you need to be headed.

Once there, go down the steps and talk to the clerk at the arcade desk. He’ll direct you to, you guessed it, Matsugane Family member Higashi. Simply open the door behind the desk to kickstart a cinematic. While Matsugane isn’t here, you’ll soon find him thanks to the events of the cutscene.

You’ll then need to take a taxi from any of the city’s many ranks to go and meet Matsugane. Be mindful, however, that you should stock up on recovery items and, potentially, a few medical kits before heading out.