Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Xbox360 Cheats

General Tips
  • Guarding at the right time can prevent significant damage, so don't just hold it down.
  • Remember to change Schema in the middle of battle, as each one has its own ATB bar.
  • The game allows three schemata at once, so consider a jack-of-all-trades approach: use a physical, magic, and some kind of in-between schema together.
  • Refill Chronostasis with EP, which is accumulated by killing enemies over time.
  • Tackle sidequests to become stronger, but don't feel like you need to tackle every single one. The game can be completed without doing all of them.
  • Monsters can drop skills, so it creates an incentive to fight them even though they don't give experience.
  • If you're low on money, look for medals around towns (they shine on the ground) and sell them to shops.
  • Some enemies can only be defeated with stagger, so focus on their weakness and repeatedly attack that weakness to stagger them.

Guides Unlockables


Guardian Corps - Have a FFXIII save on your PS3
Knight of Etro - Have a FFXIII-2 save on your PS3
Siegfried - Beat the boss in the demo and upload your score
Utsusemi - Download and play the Lightning Returns demo

Achievement/Trophy Description
Deliverer of Salvation Proof of clearing 5 side quests. It is a fine beginning, but the journey is still long.
Angel of Salvation Proof of clearing 25 side quests. It is a great feat to lead so many souls to salvation.
Seed Collector Proof of a brave warrior who has managed to claim 50 soul seeds from the Chaos.
Perfect Passenger Proof of riding upon all of the great monorail lines that cross this shrinking world.
Globetrotter Proof of building strong bridges to span the depths between continents, making all the world one.
A Helping Hand Proof of clearing 25 quests that have appeared writ on the Canvas of Prayers.
Novice Swordsmith Proof of improving your first weapon. Did you make something worthy?
Novice Shieldsmith Proof of improving your first shield. Use it wisely to guard yourself.
Novice Synthesist Proof of synthesizing your first ability. Did it prove useful?
Novice Craftsman Proof of upgrading your first accessory. Did you find the experience thrilling?
Novice Stylist Proof of customizing your first schema. Continue on this path to find your own style.
Novice Artist Proof of customizing the color of one of your garb. Let your true colors shine through.
Expert Swordsmith Proof of modifying weapons 30 times.
Expert Shieldsmith Proof of modifying shields 30 times.
Expert Synthesist Proof of synthesizing abilities 30 times.
Expert Craftsman Proof of upgrading accessories 30 times.
Expert Stylist Proof of obtaining 30 different garb.
Hero of Might Proof of victory over 100 foes in battle.
Hero of Glory Proof of victory over 300 foes in battle.
Hero of Legend Proof of victory over 500 foes in battle.
Fatal Impact Proof of dealing damage so great that it goes beyond all reason or expectation.
Seeing Stars Proof of staggering enemies 50 times with fearsome attacks. Do not ever let them rest!
Miracle of Light Proof of one who has used 50 EP.
Perfect Timing Proof of successfully guarding against an enemy's attack with perfect timing.
The Savior's Descent Proof of one who has mastered the basics of this world and begun a great journey.
The Hope of a Promise Proof of one who has seen through the dark mysteries that lurked in Luxerion, bringing justice.
Hope at the Edge of Despair Proof of one who has stood upon the stage in glittering Yusnaan, bringing peace to the Patron.
The Mystery of the Holy Clavis Proof of one who has made it through the Dead Dunes to find ancient treasure.
An Appetite for Chaos Proof of one who has visited the temple that towers over the Wildlands and touched the great Chaos.
A Legend from Times Past Proof of the true savior, who overthrew even the god of light to lead the people to a new world.
Beyond Thirteen Proof of making the impossible possible by using Eradia to bring the world a 14th day.
A Father, a Son, and a Chocobo Proof of helping a father and son reunite, bringing back a smile that seemed long lost.
The Chocobo's Savior Proof of nursing the holy chocobo back to full health among the rich pastures of the Wildlands.
Lizard Lariat Proof of hunting down more than 30 lizards in the shifting sands of the Dead Dunes.
Crimson Rebirth Proof of restoring a sword, once broken, to its former glory and power.
Queen of the Arena Proof of achieving victory in the lists of the Battle Arena 10 times.
Unearthly Apothecary Proof of obtaining an elixir. It's so rare that it seems almost a waste to use it, doesn't it?
Holy Garb of Destruction Proof of obtaining the ultimate garb, imbued with destructive magic.
Monster Bane Proof of mastering all creation and conquering even the Ultimate Lair.
Desert Dragonslayer Proof of victory over the dragon Aeronite who brought terror to the Dead Dunes.
Harbringer of Death Proof of defeating your first Last One, the final specimen of a species on the verge of extinction.
Goddess of Death Proof of defeating 10 Last Ones, exterminating forever 10 different species of monster.