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Extra Villagers Without StreetPass

If you don't have a handy means of collecting StreetPass hits, that can make things difficult in Bravely Default because it affects how quickly you can unlock bonus content. However, you can add villagers to your crew even without StreetPass, provided you take advantage of an opportunity early in the proceedings.

To start, advance to the point in the demo where you receive a quest asking you to kill Adamantite. Before talking to the villager located between the spell and equipment shops, make sure that you save your progress. Then talk to the villager and you'll receive one additional villager. After verifying that your villager count has increased, talk to the Adventurer and go with the "To title" option. Load your save file and you can repeat the process as desired.

The above trick works specifically in the demo, but you should also be able to transfer any villagers encountered in the demo to the full game.


Alternate Costumes

Bravo Bikini (Edea) - Defeat Fiore DeRosso for the second time in chapter 5

Edea's Garb (Edea) - Norende: Level 11 Combat Item

Knight's Tunic (Agnes) - Norende: Level 11 Trader

Melodist's Shirt (Ringabel) - Norende: Level 11 Accessory Shop

Onion Shirt (Tiz) - Norende: Level 11 Armor Shop

Plain Tunic (all) - Norende: Level 11 Compound Shop

Vestal Garb (Agnes) - Defeat the Final Boss. ("False" ending only)

Demo Bonuses

Caldislan Adventure Set - Fully restore Norende

Caldislan Black Mage's Set - Defeat Adamantite Shell

Caldislan Knight's Set - Deafeat Automaton

Caldislan Recovery Set - Defeat Melusine

Caldislan Relief Set - Play the Demo

Caldislan Soldier's Set - Defeat Dragon

Caldislan White Mage's Set - Defeat Minotaur