Bravely Default 2 | All Jobs and Classes list

Like any great JRPG, Bravely Default 2 includes a number of different jobs to equip your characters with. From classic Black Mages to all-new classes like Beast Master and Pictomancer, there’s a proper class to suit any combat needs. Keep reading to learn more about every job class in Bravely Default 2 and what it takes to unlock them.

How to Unlock All Jobs and Classes in Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 job class list and unlocks - Freelancer

There are over 20 different job classes to choose from in Bravely Default 2. Some of them are entirely new, while most return from previous games in the series. Either way, all of the jobs provide a way to customize your party and increase your battle capabilities.

Of course, not all job classes will be available from the start. The more advanced jobs, like Red Mage, Dragoon, and Arcanist can only be unlocked by reaching certain chapters in the main story. Then there’s Bravebearer, the final job class, that can only be unlocked after beating the game.

Here’s a look at every job class in Bravely Default 2, including their unlock requirements and a general overview of their skills. The job list is sorted by how soon the classes can be unlocked; more advanced jobs can be found toward the bottom of the list.


Freelancer is the base job class in Bravely Default 2, and it’s unlocked by default. As the name implies, the Freelancer doesn’t carry any one specific specialty. Instead, it uses the Miscellany command, which allows access to a variety of basic abilities.

Black Mage

The Black Mage class unlocks a short ways into chapter one, after beating the first boss Selena. A staple job among JRPGs (and the venerated Final Fantasy series), Black Mages cast offensive spells to inflict status effects or deal damage to single or multiple targets.

White Mage

Unlocked at the same time as Black Mage, the White Mage is the standard healing class. Abilities such as Cure, Protect, Shell, and Raise make the White Mage one of the single most important classes at early stages of the game.


The Vanguard class is unlocked at the same time as both White and Black Mage. However, the Vanguard does not focus on magic. Instead, its Heroics command allows access to abilities that deal physical damage and apply debuffs to enemies.


Monks are the bare-fisted brawling class in Bravely Default 2. This job is unlocked after defeating Horton, and its Martial Arts commands include a blend of physical attacks, buffs/debuffs, and elemental attacks.


The Bard class is unlocked after beating Orpheus, the game’s first Asterisk boss. As expected, this is no job for a character who needs to deal damage. Instead, the Bard is able to apply buffs and debuffs to enemies and allies alike through the Singing command.

Beast Master

The Beast Master job class unlocks after beating Anihal, the second Asterisk boss in the first chapter. This is an entirely new job that focuses on animal abilities through the Taming command. Basically, Taming allows you to weaken and then Capture an enemy monster, which can then be set loose on other enemies.

Bravely Default 2 job class list and unlocks - Thief


Otherwise known as the rogue, the Thief class in Bravely Default 2 is unlocked by defeating Bernard. This is a class designed for stealth, speed, and of course, stealing: The Thievery command allows you to pilfer items from enemies.


The Berserker class is unlocked by defeating Prince Castor at the end of chapter one. Hard-hitting but slow, Berserkers have access to the Savagery command. Its abilities mainly include dealing high physical damage, as well as the classic Berserk ability Vent Fury, which greatly buffs damage output but only allows the attack command to be used.


Unlocking the Gambler job involves completing the Taking a Gamble side quest near the conclusion of chapter one. To get it, you’ll need to play a card game at the Savalon Gaming Hall. Once equipped, it allows access to the Gaming command, with abilities that deal damage based on luck, chance, or money.

Red Mage

The Red Mage class is a solid alternative for players who can’t decide between Black and White magic. Unlocked by defeating Roddy in chapter two, the Red Mage can access both healing spells and damaging elemental spells.


Unlocked by defeating Lily in chapter two, the Ranger class excels at exploiting enemy weaknesses. Each job ability is able to target a specific class of enemies, from bugs and plants to beasts and demons.


The Shieldmaster class in Bravely Default 2 fills the niche usually occupied by knights. This job is unlocked after beating Gallahad in Wiswald Tower during chapter two. It opens access to the Shieldcraft command, with abilities to draw aggro from enemies, blind targets, defend allies, and provide buffs to the party.


Pictomancer is another new class in Bravely Default 2, unlocked by beating Folie near the end of chapter two. The Pictomancer is a painter that can use the Artistry command to debuff targets. This is definitely a support class, since none of the Artistry abilities deal damage by themselves.

Bravely Default 2 job class list and unlocks - Vanguard


A longtime favorite of JRPG fans, the Dragoon class can be unlocked by beating the Asterisk boss at the beginning of chapter three. Dragoons are powerful warriors who make use of lances and the Jump ability, which removes them from battle temporarily.


Both Spiritmaster and Swordmaster job classes are unlocked after beating two Asterisk bosses during chapter three. As you may guess, the Spiritmaster is a master of spirit, reflected in all of the class’ healing spells and buffs. This is basically an upgrade to the White Mage class, gradually offering access to powerful Light elemental magic.


Unlocked at the same time as Spiritmaster, the Swordmaster job allows players to use the Stance command. Stances adjust the character’s battle abilities, offering increased damage, automatic counter-attacks, and drawing enemy aggression away from allies.


The Oracle job fills the duties typically given to Time Mages in other JRPGs. Unlocked by beating the final boss in chapter three, the Oracle can speed up allies, slow down or stop enemies, and use protective spells such as Ward and Reflect.


The Salve-Maker is another Bravely Default 2 job class unlocked through a side quest. In this case, you need to complete the Enderno side quest in chapter three. Akin to the classic Chemist role, the Salve-Maker can buff allies or debuff enemies by mixing together items.


The Arcanist class is unlocked at the beginning of chapter four, same as Bastion and Phantom. It uses the Necromancy command, which opens up access to Dark magic abilities to absorb HP or MP. The Arcanist can also buff magic damage and increase mana regeneration, making it a good match with other mage classes.


Unlocked at the same time as Arcanist and Phantom, the Bastion class is essentially a tank. It uses the Guardianship command, with abilities not too far removed from those used by the Shieldmaster — drawing aggro, protecting allies, and boosting both physical and magical defense.


Unlocked alongside Bastion and Arcanist, the Phantom is effectively an upgraded version of the Thief class. However, the Phantom puts a greater emphasis on quick physical attacks, with abilities that can allow for a second action to be performed in a single turn.


The Hellblade is one of the strongest job classes in Bravely Default 2. It’s unlocked by beating the final boss at the end of chapter four, meaning you won’t be earning it very quickly. However, the Hellblade has access to the Diabolism command with loads of high-risk, high-reward abilities. The catch is that most abilities come at the sacrifice of HP, meaning the character must be near death to maximize their offensive potential.


Finally we arrive at Bravebearer, the single most powerful job class in the game. Unlocking this job requires reaching the second ending, then reloading your save and finding your way back to the grave in chapter six (no spoilers here). There you’ll have the chance to take place in an optional battle. Win, and you’ll get access to the Bravebearer and its Bravery command, which offers the most potent abilities in the game. The catch, if you consider it one, is that Bravery skills draw from other base statistics: Current HP, how many battles you’ve won, even how long you’ve played the game. In other words, making the most out of Bravebearer involves a lot of work. However, if you put in the time, you’ll be rewarded with downright outrageous power.