Box art - Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5: Guardians Location of All Campaign Legendary Special Weapons

Halo 5: Guardians has several hidden items to find, including legendary weapons. These weapons are re-skinned variants of other weapons, equipped with even greater power. They are hard to find, but below you can read about where to locate them.

Loathsome Thing

Weapon: Scattershot
Mission: 1 - Osiris
Location: Upon confronting the Kraken, look for a ledge next to a crashed vehicle. The Loathsome Thing will be just over the ledge.


Blaze of Glory

Weapon: Shotgun
Mission: 2 - Blue Team
Location: Take the first elevator to the lower level. Look for a breakable grate that you can punch through. Take a right and go up the platforms. Up top is the Blaze of Glory.


Talon of the Lost

Weapon: Needler
Mission: 7 - Reunion
Location: Finish battling the first wave of Covenant, and then go right to the rocks. Head upward and then right again. Drop down to the left after the cabinet to find the Talon of the Lost.

Light of Urs

Weapon: Fuel Rod Cannon
Mission: 13 - Genesis
Location: Upon crossing your first bridge where you face the Guardian, look for a rocky area to the left next to the bridge. This rocky area hides the Light of Urs,  which is sitting on the edge of a cliff.


The Answer

Weapon: SAW
Mission: 13 - Genesis
Location: After defeating the Warden and hopping out of the tank, head to the left of the bridge to find The Answer on top of a weapon cache.


Didact's Signet

Weapon: Scattershot
Mission: 14 - The Breaking
Location: Ride the first elevator up. You'll see some platforms going upward. Climb them to reach the Didact's Signet