Far Cry 5 What They Carried Lighters

Far Cry 5 Lighter Locations: Where to Find the What They Carried Side Quest Lighters

The What They Carried side quest in Far Cry 5 will task you with finding 12 lighters that are scattered throughout Hope County. Once you find the quest by talking to Wendell Redler in Holland Valley, you’ll need to collect each of the Vietnam lighters to find the code to unlock a secret weapon’s cache. Below we’ll show where to find all 12 lighters and complete the What They Carried quest in Far Cry 5.

How to Start the What They Carried Side Quest in Far Cry 5

You’ll find Wendell Redler east-southeast of Fall’s End. When you speak to him, he’ll explain that he’s the last surviving member of his squad in Vietnam. When he and his buddies returned from the war, they began stockpiling weapons. Now that the Peggies are taking over Hope County, Wendall wants to access his weapons, but there’s an issue.

The code to enter the weapon’s bunker is split into 12 pieces. Each piece was inscribed on a lighter and given to one of the 12 friends. Now that they’re gone, you’ll have to seek them out to get the code. If you do some, Wendell has promised to let you have a share of his arsenal.

Where to Find the Vietnam Lighters in Far Cry 5

There’s an easy way to find all of the lighters you need to complete What They Carried, and there’s a hard way. The easy way is to wait until after you’ve talked to Wendall and accepted the side quest and head to the nearest store. There you can by a map that shows the Far Cry 5s of each lighter.

The hard way to complete What They Carried is to go and seek out the lighters without any extra help. If you choose to do the mission this way, you may find a good chunk of the lighters by yourself, but a few will likely stump you. Read on below for the lighter Far Cry 5s in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5 First Lighter Far Cry 5: Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm – Holland Valley

Far Cry 5 Rae-Raes Lighter Location

To the north of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm, you’ll find a bunker. Look just over the fence in the field to find it. Enter the bunker, and you’ll find Woody’s Lighter on a chair near a bed.

Far Cry 5 Second Lighter Far Cry 5: Fillmore Residence – Holland Valley

Far Cry 5 Fillmore Residence Lighter Location

You’ll find the Fillmore Residence a little way west of Dead Man’s River. Enter the house, and you’ll find a note on a desk. After reading it, you’ll get a waypoint to a decorative case on a shelf. Inside you’ll find Dom’s Lighter.

Far Cry 5 Third Lighter Far Cry 5: Miller Residence – Holland Valley

Far Cry 5 Miller Residence Lighter Location

To the southwest of the Fillmore Residence, you’ll find the Miller house. Near a white shed on the property, you’ll find a bunker. Go inside, and you’ll find Dusty’s Lighter near the bed.

Far Cry 5 Fourth Lighter Far Cry 5: Harris Residence – Holland Valley

Far Cry 5 Harris Residence Lighter Location

You’ll find the Harris Residence in the northwest of Holland Valley. There’s a brown shed on the property with a bunker inside. Enter it, and you’ll find Danny’s Lighter on a shelf near a bed.

Far Cry 5 Fifth Lighter Far Cry 5: Abercrombie Residence – Henbane River

Far Cry 5 Abercrombie Residence Lighter Location

You’ll need to head east from the jail to find this house. To get into the house, you’ll need to go around back. Near the stairs by the woodpile, you’ll find the entrance to a bunker. Head inside, and you’ll find Crow’s Lighter on a shelf.

Far Cry 5 Sixth Lighter Far Cry 5: McCleane Residence – Henbane River

Far Cry 5 McCleane Residence Lighter Location

This house is located between the Henbane River region and Dutch’s Island. You’ll have to fight some Peggies here. Once they’re dead, go to the back of the property, and you’ll find a bunker near the bottom of the hill. Head inside, and you’ll find Russel’s Lighter in the back room on a bed.

Far Cry 5 Seventh Lighter Far Cry 5: McCoy Cabin – Henbane River

Far Cry 5 McCoy Cabin Lighter Location

If you search west of Peaches Taxidermy you’ll find a bunker near the cabin. It’s somewhat covered by a green tarp, so you might have to look closely to spot it. Inside you’ll find Tim’s Lighter in the second room.

Far Cry 5 Eighth Lighter Far Cry 5: Counselor’s Cabin – Henbane River

Far Cry 5 Counselors Cabin Lighter Location

To find this cabin, you’ll need to head southwest of the trailer park. Between the cabin and the shed is a bunker you’ll spot if you head around back. Inside on a shelf, you’ll obtain Kev’s Lighter.

Far Cry 5 Ninth Lighter Far Cry 5: In the Middle of Nowhere – Whitetail Mountains

Far Cry 5 Joes Lighter Location

This lighter is in a bunker in the middle of nowhere. You’ll need to head east-southeast of Rattlesnake Trail Bridge and west of Cedar Lake to find it. Look for the big treehouse, and you’ll find the bunker directly below it. You’ll find Joe’s Lighter inside on a shelf near the two blue barrels.

Far Cry 5 Tenth Lighter Far Cry 5: In the Middle of Nowhere – Whitetail Mountains

Far Cry 5 Leftys Lighter Location

This is another bunker that isn’t too close to a major landmark. You’ll find it southwest of Clagett Bay and northwest of Widow’s Creek. Inside you’ll find Lefty’s Lighter near a TV.

Far Cry 5 Eleventh Lighter Far Cry 5: Whitetail Park Visitor Center – Whitetail Mountains

Far Cry 5 Whitetail Park Lighter Location

This lighter actually isn’t in a bunker! If you haven’t already done the hostage rescue quest here, they’ll be waiting to be rescued. After you do that, go upstairs and search. In one of the rooms, you’ll find Smiley’s Lighter sitting on a shelf.

Far Cry 5 Twelfth Lighter Far Cry 5: Far Cry 5 Residence – Whitetail Mountains

Far Cry 5 Elliot Residence Lighter Location

You’ll find the Far Cry 5 Residence south of F.A.N.G. This is the hardest lighter to get because it’s actually located in a Prepper’s Stash. Read the note you find outside, and then break the lock to find the keycard locked bunker door.

The Prepper’s Stash waypoint will direct you towards the first floor of the house, but to get there, you’ll need to travel through the second floor first. Go to the back of the house, and you’ll see an open window below where “Resist Jacob” is scrawled. Jump up on the eaves and head through the open window.

Once you’re on the second floor, walk towards the front of the house, and you’ll see another open window. Crawl through it onto the front porch roof, and to your right, you’ll see yet another open window. Go through, then head through the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen. On the floor, you’ll find the card key.

Head back outside and into the shed. Now you can unlock the door with the key card and head inside. On a bench, you’ll find Stanford’s Lighter.

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