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Far Cry 5 Open Safes and Locked Doors: How to Open Safes Doors Without a Key or Key Card

Throughout Far Cry 5, you’ll find locked safes and doors that don’t have a readily available way to open them. Some of these safes and doors can be opened without a key, and some can’t. Below we’ll show you the basics of picking locks, burning open safes, and even blowing the doors off their hinges.

How to Open Safes in Far Cry 5

Throughout your adventures in Far Cry 5, you’ll run across big black floor safes that look like they’re just full of valuable goodies. Well, they are, but don’t start looking for a key. The only way into these safes is one of three criminal acts. Well, at least they’d be illegal if civilization hadn’t ended.

Open a Safe With Explosives

The most readily available way to open a safe in Far Cry 5 is to use explosives. Toss a stick of Dynamite or a remote explosive towards a safe and run away. When your explosive goes off the safe should be obliterated, but the contents will be A-OK.

Open a Safe With a Repair Torch or Lockpick

For a less flashy way to open a safe in Far Cry 5, you can unlock either the Repair Torch or Locksmith perk. If you choose the lockpick, then you just have to head over to the safe and follow the button prompt to open it.

Getting into a safe with a Repair Torch is just as easy, if a little less stealthy. When you find a closed safe, equip the Repair Torch and hold the fire button to burn it open. Either way, you use you’ll be able to get the goodies inside.

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key in Far Cry 5

There are two types of locked door in Far Cry 5. You’ll find doors that need a regular key to get into, and doors that require a key card. Doors with a regular lock can be unlocked one of two ways. You can either find the key, which is usually somewhere in the vicinity of the door, or you can use the lockpicks to pick the lock.

Key card locked doors are trickier. There’s only one way to unlock them, and it’s to find the key card that goes to them. Usually, you’ll find these doors guarding Prepper’s Stashes, and getting the key card is part of the puzzle to access the bunker.

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