Wii U Lifetime Sales Finally Surpass 10 Million

Nintendo's latest financials are in, revealing that its tablet-centric console has finally surpassed the 10 million mark in lifetime sales. This bring's Wii U's sales numbers to roughly one tenth the number of its predecessor, Wii, which currently sits at a whopping 101.6 million. 

Meanwhile, 3DS sold a solid 1 million units this past quarter (April through June), bringing the handheld's lifetime sales to a solid 53.1 million. Unsurprisingly, amiibo sales continue to be a major revenue driver for Nintendo as well, with the company labeling its performance "favorable" as the company plans to "continue to expand the lineup."

As far as software is concerned, Splatoon has proven to be a major success, especially when considering Wii U's limited install base and the fact that it's a brand-new IP. Since its May launch, the game has sold 1.62 million copies, a figure that's more than one tenth the entire Wii U audience. Does Nintendo have a promising new franchise on its hands? I think so!

Nintendo also has a number of interesting exclusives yet to release in 2015, including Star Fox Zero and Super Mario Maker for Wii U, as well as The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes for 3DS. A handful of games have been confirmed for release in 2016, not the least of which include Fire Emblem: Fates and the long-awaited Zelda game for Wii U. We're also expecting to see Nintendo's first batch of mobile games very soon, and a proper reveal of its new console NX can't be far off.

All in all, Nintendo's Q1 2015 performance was encouraging, with net profits clocking in at 90.233 billion yen, an operating income of 1.149 billion yen, and a net income of 8.284 billion yen. Not too shabby.

[Via NeoGAF]