Small Overwatch Patch Has Big Change To Mei’s Waistline

One aspect of Overwatch that netted Blizzard loads of praise was its conscious design decision to include multiple body types across all genders, but that quality was seemingly in danger after Patch 1.7 (the same patch that introduced the Chinese New Year event) trimmed down Mei's waistline when wearing either of her new event skins.

Predictably, this upset many people who saw Mei's relative weight as a step forward in representation in video games, not making her the typical stick-think, full-breasted figure that are commonplace in competitive video games. See the comparison in the gallery below.

In response to this complaint, Jeff Kaplan assured people that this thinner waistline was a "glitch," without really elaborating as to how a glitch could affect a character model in such a way. But, today, it seems Kaplan has made good on that promise, as a small, 300mb patch has addressed this issue.

While bringing Mei closer to our level of familiarity, the change doesn't seem to be too dramatic, but that could also be that this particular skin is more slimming than other outfits. More than anything, that raises even more question about this so-called "glitch." I guess now it's only sort of glitching?

Beats me. Anyways, official patch notes are unlikely to happen, as several of these smaller patches happen every week with no explanation - usually just a few bug fixes and graphical changes. In this case, it would be funny to see what that note says, but oh well.

But in all honesty, good luck getting her legendary skins anyway.