DOOM Nintendo Switch vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

DOOM has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, with a whole bunch of people excited to be able to play the ultra-violent FPS on the handheld / home console hybrid.

One of the more surprising announcements from yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation, DOOM will be joined by fellow Bethesda property Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, further indicating the publisher’s dedication to the console. However, with the Switch not being as powerful as the PS4 and Xbox One, it’s inevitable that DOOM will have to undergo a visual downgrade before it makes the transition to Nintendo’s console, and new side-by-side comparisons show how much has been changed.

The comparisons, posted by Twitter user pixelpar, show screenshots from the Switch version of the game alongside their PS4 equivalents. The Switch images were taken from the game’s debut trailer, unveiled during the Nintendo Direct presentation, and while they do show evidence of a downgrade, there isn’t as much disparity as you may expect.

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It’s easy to spot a few differences with the lighting and textures in the two sets of images, though nothing that would really detract from the overall experience. The gameplay footage was apparently recorded while the Switch was docked, so it remains to be seen how it looks when played using its portable display, but based upon previous Switch games chances are that it’ll look pretty good.

For those who want to play games with superior visual quality, the Switch won’t be their first choice of console. However, being able to play big releases while on the move is appealing to many gamers, and as a result it seems likely that DOOM and Wolfenstein II would find a sizeable audience among those who want to game while on the go.

Check out the graphics comparisons between DOOM on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 in the gallery below: