Elsa Gladiac 920 Review

Nebojsa Radakovic
Elsa Gladiac 920 Info


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Release Date

  • 01/01/1970
  • Out Now


  • Hardware


Strong enough for a man, ph-balanced for your CPU!

With the need to counter the impending doom of Sadaam’s high-tech chain of

PS2 war machines, the GR scientists have spent the better part of a year trying

to harness the awesome power of the Now

& Later
! More durable than steel, harder than a diamond, faster than a locomotive

and able to destroy a set of perfectly good teeth in mere minutes, this tasty

but potent childhood snack was thought to be our only hope. But our sole pothole

on the road to success and victory was finding that Now & Laters don’t play

video games very well (must be some incompatibility with OpenGL).

“Blast it! Back to the drawing boards!” thought the GR men of science. It was

as if we were ex-funnyman Steve

and our “hope” was “comedy” – all we could do was watch it float

way, never to be seen again.

But just when it seemed that all was lost, a savior in a blue box bearing a

familiar name arrived on our doorstep. It was the Gladiac 920, Elsa’s

new video board with Nvidia’s brand new Geforce 3 chipset at the helm. Their

impressive (yet somewhat pricey) Gladiac GeForce

proved to be an invaluable ally in the past.


Games look incredible!
Fast as lightning
Programmable effects
High res. FSAA? No problem.
Bug free
Competitive price
Waiting for developers to support DX8 features