Let other people worry about patriotism: you just keep your mind on the money, and don’t get yourself killed on some stinking rock!!! Review

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  • 01/01/1970
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Let other people worry about patriotism: you just keep your mind on the money, and don't get yourself killed on some stinking rock!!!

Prepare yourself for a journey beyond interplanetary combat. In a world of never ending shoot-em-up 'Doom-clones', serious gamers have to really be wary of what they 'waste their hard earned money' on. 'Been there', 'done that' are common phrases used while exploring the never ending titles of the local software stores. Well, do we have a treat for you... Have you ever sat inside a 60 ton 'Mech, challenged your closest friend to a sociable 'one on one' and watched him die before your eyes from the mere squeeze of a trigger? If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing. The gang at Activision has done it again! But this time, the 'Mechs are bigger and badder. It's the year 3039-- 18 years before the Clan battles of MechWarrior 2. You are a mercenary- fighting not for honor or pride, but for power and money. MechWarrior 2-Mercenaries plunges you deep into the heart of the battling Inner Sphere of MechWarriors. Your allies are those who pay the highest bid for the job at hand.

Mercenaries has more than 60 non-sequenced battle missions. Since the players get to choose which contracts they will accept, the replay value is tremendous. There are 30 new BattleMechs: gigantic, armored, death-machines equipped with lasers, missiles, guns and rockets. Some 'Mechs can move at speeds over 100 kilometers per hour; And you FEEL it! As players complete missions, they gain valuable ComStar bills depending on the contract. Use this futuristic money to hire 'Mech team partners, enlist air support, purchase additional 'Mechs, and repair or add more powerful weapons to your own 'Mech. Money management is essential to ensure swift victory in the final, epic war at Tukayyid.

Players choose among several modes of combat. 'Instant action' throws you into the heart of the game. Seconds after you choose this option you will find yourself fighting for survival. The enemies come at you in full force. The computer's artificial intelligence is unrivaled by anything I have seen before. The enemies adapt and change to your every movement! With three levels of AI, and the ability to customize backgrounds, scenarios, and odds, you will be running home from work to see what's next. 'Mercenary-finances enabled' gives players a chance to fight for money and engage in 'realistic' 'Mech missions. 'Mercenary-finances disabled', gives you the option of fighting without balancing a budget. Finally, MercNet, lets the player battle over Local Area Networks with up to eight players or via modem.

The graphics have been revamped to give players a close to true "I'm there!!!" perspective. The backgrounds are texture mapped. The 'Mechs are colored with fine details to give even the most avid gamers a taste of reality. You can even zoom in on a 'Mech and see their organization's symbol labeled on the side of the metallic beast. Missiles leave smoke trails as they fly toward the enemy. Missions are set on several different planets that have sand storms, blizzards, night fighting, and an array of different environments. Animated cut scenes are vivid and realistic. The boys & girls who did these graphics really deserve a round of applause.

While at the ComStar terminal, players can go to the News Terminal to find out what is going on 'out there'. Also you are given the options of choosing new contracts, hiring personnel, inventory, finance reports, repair & reload your 'Mechs, Arms Merchant, buy new 'Mechs at the 'Mech Factory, customize your existing 'Mech team, and group your weapons for the beast combat advantage. All of this may seem like a lot to the average player, but it really isn't. One of the first missions gives players the option of training. Here you can learn how to use basic controls and piloting of a 'Mech. It's actually very good with a 'realistic' edge to it.

MechWarrior 2-Mercenaries is a top of the line combat simulator which should not be passed up by anyone who isn't afraid of multiple commands and options... One of the first missions I played encompassed escorting the governors craft out of a city while bandit 'Mechs attacked. I was just getting used to the controls at the time and let me just say that it was MORE than a challenge! The graphics of the city had me spellbound while the poor governor was being annihilated. I couldn't stop staring in amazement as my particle projection cannon blasts whizzed passed buildings, lighting up the ground as it flew to its mark. Each building lit up with details I really didn't expect as the energy blasts traveled down the abandoned streets. Needless to say, the governor died, but I survived and, well, that's all that counts in MechWarrior-Mercenaries. Just keep in mind that if you're a 'Super Mario Bros.' Kind of person, think twice about MW2-MERCS. This game is not for the timid or faint of heart.


Fantastic texture mapped graphics.
Incredible Artificial Intelligence.
Massive replay value.
Top notch gaming experience!
Not for the dextriously challenged!