Tim Tackett

-Mechanical. RoboTim.

Thousands of years ago, I raided a derelict spacecraft for parts and fell asleep, to be eventually rescued by Ben and Duke on a routine bounty hunting mission.

I gave them half the robo-parts and pleged my loyalty to their website/bounty hunting corporation.

    Crackdown Achievement List

    Crackdown Achievement List: 1. Agency Explosives Expert Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating. 20 Points 2. Agency Athlete Run & jump your way to a 4-star Agility rating. 20 Points 3. Agency Wheelman…

    by Tim Tackett
    July 26th, 2007

    Gears Of War Gears of War Achievement List

    Gears of War Achievements: 1. Prison Breakout Completed tutorial level on any skill level. 10 Points 2. Completed Act 1 on Casual Complete Act 1 on Casual Difficulty. 10 Points 3. Completed Act 2 on…

    by Tim Tackett
    July 26th, 2007