Top 11 Black Sheep in Video Games

The environmentalist in a oil magnate's family. The sailor who hates getting wet, even at sea. The onion ring in your order of French fries. Almost every group has one person or thing that, although loved, don't really… “fit” like the rest of them. Look around your family. Is everyone generally optimistic, pleasant, and comfortable around family and strangers alike? If so, go look in the mirror, you may have just found the one in your family. 

But “black sheep,” as they are lovingly called by all the normies, aren't always bad. Some black sheep can breathe life into a normally disturbingly-subpar experience to make it one worth remembering and celebrating. Of course, though, sometimes the black sheep just are that bad, making one glad major family gatherings only tend to convene around the winter holidays.

Even the most classic video game series and franchises have their little… “Errors” (pun set up)… in the series. From Mario to Megaman and everywhere in between, these were the games that just didn't look like the other.