Endless Options: A Blizzard Character Wish List for Heroes of the Storm

We learned yesterday that Heroes of the Storm is arriving in fewer than two months. Along with that it was revealed, albeit subtly, that Qael'Thas Sunstrider will be the next Hero added to the game's roster. I am excited about the prospect, and it got me thinking about what else the future could hold.

Between Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcaft there are hundreds of great hero options. Below I'll go over 12 I believe would make solid additions to the game.


Arcturus Mengsk (StarCraft)


Mengsk is a very important character in the StarCraft universe, serving as ruler of the Terran Dominion for a great length of time. He's a convincing antagonist with an intimidating attitude.

Mengsk has always served a leadership role and has only been shown in combat once in a piece of art depicting him riding an armored horse while combating a lion. He could be a Warrior, but might be best suited as a Specialist who flies around in the Leviathan, his battlecruiser. If so, we might just be seeing a Yamato Cannon and Missile Pods in Heroes of the Storm.

Cairne Bloodhoof (Warcraft)

He may be deceased, but Cairne lives on as one of the most popular Tauren characters in the Warcraft universe. He was the leader of Thunder Bluff, and known for being a passionate leader with great diplomatic skills.

In Heroes of the Storm he could fit the role of a Warrior, equipped with a massive tree stump or polearm—or both. Abilities could include Pulverize, adding AoE damage procs to basic attacks, an AoE stun in the form of War Stomp, as well as some form of rally ability to employ his leadership capabilities.


Deckard Cain (Diablo)

Cain the Elder might be an aging man, but his arcane mastery and extensive knowledge still make him a threat.

This Diablo character would likely fill the role of a Specialist. Nothing is written about his actual power capabilities other than the fact that he's the last living member of the Horadrim, an ancient magi group. This would allow Blizzard to employ creativity when designing his ability list, perhaps more than any other single character.

Dehaka (StarCraft)

Dehaka is a primal Zerg who has worked with the one and only Kerrigan alongside Zagara. He's huge and powerful, exactly what Zerg fans look for.

Dehaka could be an Assassin with abilities like Drag, Spawn, and Burrow. Zagara is a similar character already in the game who is particularly adept at defense. Giving Dehaka an offensive toolkit will present Zerg fans with more options on how to play.

Druid (Diablo)


Heroes of the Storm needs a shape shifter of some kind. While Warcraft's most popular Druid is in the game (Malfurion), he is confined to Restoration form. There are already a lot of Warcraft characters, so turning to Diablo might not be a bad idea.

Diablo 2's Druid was arguably its most interesting class. It could deliver great elemental damage, and was able to shape shift into a bear, werewolf, and more. These attributes would make for a very interesting character in Heroes of the Storm.


Fenix (StarCraft)


Heroes of the Storm needs more StarCraft characters, and Fenix is one of the IP's best. He is a Protoss who has bravely waged war against the Zerg. Even Zeratul and Kerrigan acknowledge his performance.

Fenix has served as both a Zealot and Dragoon. Since Zeratul already has several of the major Dragoon abilities in his arsenal, Fenix would best fit in as an agile Zealot capable of massive melee damage.

Grommash Hellscream (Warcraft)

Former Warsong Chieftain and Warchief of the Iron Horde in Warlords of Draenor's alternate timeline, Grommash is one of Warcraft's most powerful Orcs.

Grommash would make a great Warrrior. His abilities can focus on Orc bloodlust and employ some of Warcraft's most exciting abilities such as Recklessness, Heroic Leap, and Execute.

Ragnaros (Warcraft)

There's a reason Ragnaros has served as two boss encounters, and is one of the most popular legendary cards in Hearthstone. This Firelord is powerful, intimidating, and has outstanding design.

Ragnaros would serve as an Assassin in Heroes of the Storm, floating around shouting "by fire be purged!" while using abilities such as Elemental Fire, Magma Blast, and Wrath of Ragnaros.

Rexxar (Warcraft)

Rexxar holds a special place in the heart of veteran World of Warcraft fans. He began his known existence as a patrol in Desolace and Feralas who walked around with a massive bear. He was often talked about since he was one of the coolest character models in the early days of the game. He has been integrated into the storyline in minor ways since then, and is even the main character for the Hunter class in Hearthstone.

Rexxar is a Beastmaster/Hunter. Performing as an Assassin, he would deliver damage through ranged bow strikes with the aid of pets.

Skeleton King (Diablo)

Skeleton King only makes a temporary appearance as the first major boss in Diablo 3, but he's one of the game's most memorable. While known as Skeleton King, he is actually the mad king of Tristram, As seen above, he is one impressively designed boss who could use more attention.

Skeleton King would serve as a Warrior, able to teleport a short distance before smashing the area before him, and even summoning skeletons.

Vol'Jin (Warcraft)

For Troll fans there is no bigger name than Vol'Jin. This shadow hunter has gained enough popularity to become Warchief of the Horde, and he's good at it.

As a shadow hunter he would fit the role of an assassin, using voodoo magic to drive his foes mad with poisons and hexes.

Yrel (Warcraft)

Yrel is one of the featured paladins in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. She's a Draenei, which would add some diversity to the Heroes of the Storm line-up.

Since there is already a Paladin in the game (Uther), Yrel should be designed as a more offensive variant akin to Retribution Paladin. She could function as a Warrior with a small dose of utility.