Blizzcon 2018: Orphea is Heroes of the Storm’s First Original Hero

Heroes of the Storm is a place for all of Blizzard’s champions to meet in combat. Characters from WarcraftStarcraftOverwatch and Diablo trade blows as they defend their version of the ancients. However, the team behind HOTS has never been shy about introducing their own spins on these classic characters. From cheerleaders to drastic heel turns, there have been plenty of stories that could only be told in the Nexus. Now, for the first time, Heroes of the Storm gets its own original character. Meet Orphea.

Floating with the help of a mystic tablet, Orphea is a small child with a lot of fight. She’s the heir of Raven Court and stands in opposition to her father, the dreaded Raven Lord. Players of Hereos of the Storm will know all too well the deep bellows of the Raven Lord’s voice, and we see him battle his daughter in the trailer above. In gameplay, Orphea can summon dark tendrils and waves of energy to strike her foes.

In pure gameplay terms, Orphea is a midrange assassin. Her Overflowing Chaos trait gives her stacks of chaos when her special attacks hit that will then heal her alongside her basic maneuvers. Shadow Waltz is a scythe-esque tendril that can hit enemies in front of her. Chomp unleashes a devilish set of teeth from the shadows to bite her foes. These teeth also factor into Eternal Feast, a heroic ability that unleashes a wave of the shadowy creatures within a small radius. If that doesn’t sound good, you can also choose Crushing Jaws, which will pull enemies together for further torment.

Along with Orphea’s introduction, there will be a new set of skins based around school days. Orphea transforms into a punk rocker, while King Leoric trades in his majestic crown for a janitor’s uniform. As shown in the trailer, Orphea fits right in alongside the already released cheerleader Kerrigan and volleyball star Li-Ming.

If you want to try out Orphea, you might already be ready to go. If you’re attending Blizzcon or you purchase the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket, Orphea will be gifted into your account. This goes alongside the already announced perks, including demo access to World of Warcraft Classic and a Demon Hunter skin for Sombra in Overwatch.