Kojima Responds To Konami By Placing More Than 60 Credit Screens In MGSV: The Phantom Pain

The breakup between Konami and famed Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is one that was not only controversial, but unfortunate. With it, the Kojima era of Metal Gear has come to a close. Given the occasion, one would think that Konami would go out of its way to promote the wizardry that Kojima and the staff at Kojima Productions conjured to make one of the highest rated games of all-time. Negative. Instead, it made a strong effort to remove any labeling referencing either party, from the game box to marketing material.

Kojima has always been clever. His response to the ordeal couldn't possibly be any better.

Comprised of multiple chapters each with several episodes, MGSV: The Phantom Pain is formatted like an episodic tale. Think of it as being a multi-episode television show, with the action sandwiched between an introduction and conclusion, each filled with credits to introduce viewers to who was behind the production.

Throughout MGSV: The Phantom Pain, Hideo Kojima's name, among other team members, is displayed for more than 10 seconds per episode. This comes in the form of introduction as well as conclusion credits.

If the credits were shown a couple times during the journey, it wouldn't stand out as anything out of the ordinary. However, the credits are shown more than 60 times during an average playthrough. By the end of it all, the player is made very aware of who was behind the making of MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

Playing through MGSV: The Phantom Pain it becomes evident that a colossal amount of work went into making it—it cost more than $80 million to develop. It's only proper to give credit where it's due. In this case, Kojima and the team made sure that their names are forever engraved into the heart of the game, and it would require thousands of hours of work for Konami to remove it.

Judging by Konami's actions during the past several months, it probably isn't very happy with Kojima's name being shown more than 200 times in a single playthrough, while its company name only flashes during game boot. But no matter how much it wants to erase all record of who made the game as great as it is, we all know who really made it happen.


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