Searching For Clues: Let’s Analyze Bloodborne: The Old Hunters’ Trailer

The long awaited expansion/DLC for Bloodborne was just announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015. A brief description of the title, which will be called The Old Hunters, along with a two minute trailer were released. Despite plenty of new games being announced this morning, From Software's upcoming package is the hottest topic of discussion among gamers. It's as if the Bloodborne hype train is back for more.

Sony's written description for The Old Hunters may only share a bare minimum of detail about what will be included, its trailer is filled with hints. Below are the details you should know about.

  • It is being called a "full scale expansion" instead of a DLC package, alluding to it being a substantial addition to the original game.
  • A whip blade, scythe, claw, discsaw hammer, chained club, one handed lance, beast claws, and more were shown during the trailer, totaling at seven or more weapon additions being included. Each of these will have transformed modes virtually doubling the number of new combat options to 14+.
  • Among the new weapons is the bowblade, a commonly requested weapon with a bow and arrow style ranged tranformed mode.
  • A shield is shown in the trailer, which may offer a more classic Dark Souls style of play to those looking for it.
  • New magic attacks are used in the trailer, including a magic missile of sorts.
  • Traces of the Lecture Hall, Duke's Archives, and Grand Cathedral are demonstrated in the trailer.
  • One new boss is named Ludwig, an executioner at the church available in the Nightmare of Mensis. He is most recognized for his collectible weapons in the base game: Ludwig's Rifle and Ludwig's Holy Blade.
  • Previous bosses were showcased with new mechanics. It's unclear if these will be included in the package as harder variants or if they're just for trailer purposes. One example of these is what is being called the "Crispy Cleric Beast".
  • The focus on the clock and hunters alludes to time travel being an element of the expansion's story.
  • Full beast transformation appears to be included. How players can transform is unclear.
  • Judging by the trailer and From Software's past experience the new areas will likely be separate from the existing world, and speculation points toward Bergenworth or Lumenflower Gardens being the place of entry.
  • New music is featured in the trailer, which is likely to be in the game. As usual, it is epic and would fit well with a boss battle.
  • A couple of the areas shown appear to be new Chalice Dungeons. The original Chalice Dungeons weren't particularly well received, so hopefully they are given some attention.
  • Promotional shots show no chromatic aberration and higher level anti-aliasing. It's unconfirmed if the expansion will feature either or both of these visual improvements.
  • The targeted release date is November 24th of this year. The game will be priced at $20 in North America.
  • It will be sold as a digital package that is not standalone, and will also be offered as a complete edition at $60 that comes with the base Bloodborne package.
  • From Software announced that over two million copies of Bloodborne have been sold, beating out the original Dark Souls in the process.
  • The expansion will be playable on the Tokyo Game Show floor, so expect to hear plenty more about it in the next week.

​Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Screenshots and Art