Yes, Elden Ring will have bonfires

After the Elden Ring trailer dropped, we’re left with more questions than answers. One big thing fans want to know is whether or not Elden Ring will have bonfires. These were a big gameplay element in the Dark Souls series, so it’d be a great connector between FromSoftware’s old and new titles.

Will there be bonfires in Elden Ring?

It appears from the second trailer that there may be bonfires in Elden Ring. One particular scene highlights a bonfire, though the player isn’t seen using it. Given that the game world is said to be “much larger in scale” than Dark Souls, and less linear, it’s possible the level-up and save system could be changed to use a different mechanic.

In the Dark Souls series, bonfires are central to the experience. They’re used to refill health and Estus Flasks, and negative status effects. Additionally, characters much use them to level up, upgrade weapons and armor, repair gear, attune magic, access storage, fast travel, and more. As such, they’re a much-beloved sight for FromSoftware game fans as they offer a bit of respite against the incredibly hostile environments.

Since the story is somewhat reminiscent of Dark Souls, we may see bonfires make a return. The Tarnished sound suspiciously like the Hollowed, and players might need to restore humanity at the bonfire in Elden Ring to restore their stats.

For now, we still don’t know much about Elden Ring’s gameplay. One big change is the move to larger environments, including the ability to ride on horseback. This might make the bonfire system too limiting since there’s so much more territory to cover. This might mean that the game has a more conventional save system, so players don’t end up getting too frustrated with losing progress.

We’ll find out more about whether Elden Ring has bonfires as we approach its January 21, 2022 release date.