Dragon Quest Builders: Interesting Minecraft Alternative, But Too Violent for Children

Violence isn't new in video games or any kind of entertainment. Common citizens are faced with a problem and they overcome it by doing violence. Plan doesn't work? Someone along the way wasn't violent enough.

Dragon Quest Builders takes violence to strange new heights… so to speak. Just look:

It's sad that it's so provocative (and therefore, will never be seen on store shelves), because it's a decent game. It takes the look and premise of Minecraft (German for "My Craft") and soaks it in Dragon Quest. The cute monsters and bright, colorful world welcome you at every turn.

Even the old, friendly, inefficient Dragon Quest menu system is back in this one. I opened a treasure chest to take out some materials, being urged on by booth attendants so adamant that I thought they were going to violence me, but then found I had to take things out of the box one at a time.

Other than that, it was simple. Violence the world, collect materials, then deface things by building up your disgusting society atop Mother Nature. Aiming was a little tricky if you wanted to get it precise, and it would have really sped things up to have a fast one-or-two button combo to build things I had already built before.

I asked, "Hey ah, I'm new to these controls. Is there a button to just take every item from this box into my inventory?" There wasn't. "This is truly Dragon Quest," I said. They understood and laughed, of course. Some truths can't be denied, no matter how much violence you do to them. [You violence so hard, Heath, you violence violence. ~Ed. Nick] ​