Dragon Quest XI Xbox release is finally coming later this year

Get ready, RPG fans — a Dragon Quest XI Xbox release is finally arriving later in 2020, bringing one of the greatest JRPGS to Xbox for the first time ever.

This wonderful reveal was headed up by Dragon Quest game designer Yuji Horii. He explained the basics of the Dragon Quest universe for people new to the franchise and showed us some footage of the latest release. It wasn’t long before we got the good news: the Dragon Quest XI Xbox release date will be December 4, 2020.

Although the Dragon Quest franchise is well over 30 years old, it has never been on an Xbox console prior to the upcoming release of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Primarily, the game has seen launches on PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, with PC releases springing up over the last few years.

Now, Xbox One gamers will soon be able to join the Dragon Quest family, whether they buy the game or get it as part of Xbox Game Pass. Check out the Dragon Quest XI Xbox One release date trailer for yourself and get ready for over a hundred hours of great JRPG fun!