Gravity Rush on PS4 is Delightful [TGS Hands-On Preview]

And now I’m on a wall! And now I’m on the roof! And now I’m on the underside of an airship! And now I’m falling 489 feet to the brick streets below, but I’ll be okay! OOF! See!?

Yeah so Gravity Rush is pretty fucking awesome. When we at GameRevolution did a feature about favorite moments of the last generation, and we were allowed to include already-released games on any handheld (Vita is, after all, “a legacy platform” in Sony’s own words), I immediately slapped the core gameplay of Gravity Rush on there. These years later, there’s still nothing like that amazing Vita exclusive.

Except, now, it’s not a Vita exclusive, and that’s okay. More people need to play this.

Through the art, character design, direction, and controls, the game — even when it was on Vita — did a superb job of making me feel like I was soaring through the air. On a bigger screen and with PS4 power, that feeling was back and stronger than ever. Gravity Rush has gameplay like no other.

Controls felt better on PS4. Sony kinda shoehorned in Vita’s gimmicky gyro usage in the Vita version, which was one of few things I didn’t like. If I ever moved my Vita while in flight, the camera would follow in a dumb way. With a DualShock 4, however, hell, I didn’t even notice if it was following at all. I went everywhere with no problem, so it was either turned off or recalibrated in a way that made it less of a problem.

I’m not one of those dudes that can glance at something and tell you an exact frame rate, but it looked like it had gone up, which would be fitting of a PS4 remaster. (PS4 versions of cross-generation games have generally had higher resolution and frame rates. Dragon Quest Heroes, for example, was 30fps on PS3 and 60fps on PS4.)

The PS4 upgrade of the Vita’s best original game will hit Japan on Dec. 10, and then arrive in North America and Europe on Feb. 9 and 10, respectively.

If you missed Gravity Rush on Vita (which, going by statistics, you probably did, you piece of shit), then you should support innovation and originality in games by buying this. I am telling you how to spend your money because I am your mom now. Like that? You like how a game made me your into your mom? That’s PS4 power, baby!