Extra Life 2015: The International Day of Play Is Upon Us

It’s time again for the Extra Life International Day of Play starting Saturday, November 7th. I myself will be participating as a part of the Bay Area Guild here in San Francisco, California, but you can participate wherever you are. Although Extra Life does encourage livestreaming games, it is not a requirement for participating and there are many ways you can be a part of it. All the money earned by Extra Life supports the 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals throughout the United States and Canada.


I’ve been a part of the Extra Life Bay Area Guild based out of San Francisco, for about two years now and it’s been an incredible experience. The local guilds associated with Children’s Miracle Network hospitals are comprised of gamers of all backgrounds. If you’re interested in joining a guild there’s a guild directory on the Extra Life website that can help direct you to a guild associated with a hospital in your area.


If you prefer not to join a guild, you can of course still participate in the Extra Life Charity on your own. If you just want to get some friends together and game for 6 to 8 hours, then you are free to do that anytime of the year you can. The great thing about being a part of Extra Life is that you can participate fully on your own terms and at your own pace.


If you can’t livestream, then you can play games at home and post pictures on social media platforms if you want to update people on what you’re doing. Of course you don’t even really have to do that if you don’t want to. Some people also implement stretch goals in order to get people more involved, like dying their hair or playing specific games. A small percentage of people actually partake in recreational outdoor activities sometimes instead of playing video games.


Extra Life is as simple as creating a donation page every year, spreading the word, and playing your favorite games whether it be on a console, a computer, tabletop, or an outdoor sport. If you choose to join a team, then all proceeds made by each team member will go toward a collective team goal or you can participate by yourself. Even if you only raise a small sum of money, you’re still helping a great cause.


I’ll be partaking in this weekends Extra Life event with the SF Bay Area Guild from November 6th at 6pm to November 7th at 6pm. We will be streaming directly from Twitch HQ with the Playing with Fire Team hosted by Ryan Weller, a cinematic artist for Telltale Games. There will be prizes and giveaways to top donors and people in the Twitch chat throughout the 24-hour live stream so tune in for your chance to win. As an added bonus, GameRevolution will be giving away a $50 steam gift card during the stream just in time for the next Steam sale!


Getting involved with Extra Life is really simple and it is truly a great caus,e so I hope that many of you can get involved in anyway you can. Join a guild, create a team, or support someone you know is participating. Every little bit counts.