DOOM Eternal extra life makes the Slayer unkillable

The DOOM Eternal extra life power-up has been detailed in a new trailer. If you thought our hero from DOOM Eternal was a badass before, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet, as you’ll soon be able to fight as an invincible Slayer.

DOOM Eternal is little more than a week away and Bethesda is ramping up the hype engine. As part of that, a new trailer has debuted which shows off just how powerful you can become. It goes over some things we’ve known like killing enemies to get ammo and health while also detailing systems like enemies changing their tactics after being injured.

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The most interesting part, however, is the addition of the DOOM Eternal extra life. This 1-up pickup, once activated, will allow players to survive damage that would normally kill them. The player’s health is immediately restored to full, but that’s not all — they’ll also get a precious few seconds of invincibility.

What was once a meme is now the truth: the DOOM Eternal Slayer is literally too angry to die. You can get your fix for demon-slaying action when DOOM Eternalthe trailer launches on March 20, 2020. Check out the extra life power-up in below.