This Doom Eternal unicorn skin will make you the prettiest slayer

Get ready to slay demons in Doom Eternal as a… unicorn? The Doom Eternal unicorn skin has been announced as a Twitch Prime exclusive for fans of this upcoming heavy metal first-person shooter, and it’s just one of the many new forms of character customization that are coming in the game.

The announcement was made in a trailer from Bethesda Softworks highlighting the new character customization feature. In it, we see several different forms of the Slayer with unique outfits. It seems that players are going to be able to change their player skins at the minimum.

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Here are the different Slayer skins we saw in the trailer:

  • Standard Slayer
  • Classic Slayer (from the original games)
  • Battle-damaged Slayer
  • Red Slayer
  • Medieval-style Slayer
  • Slayer on Fire (literally, he’s so angry he’s on fire)
  • DOOMicorn

The Doom Eternal unicorn skin is the strangest armor of the bunch. Featuring a unicorn head, wings on the back, and a fluffy tail, this is perhaps the most ridiculous way to slay demons. It won’t be easy to get, though — it’s going to be an exclusive drop on Twitch Prime starting on March 20, 2020. Check out the “Personalize your DOOM Slayer” trailer to see it motion!