New Doom Eternal microtransactions added, and they’re broken

id Software has added paid DLC skin packs to Doom Eternal, despite game director Hugo Martin previously stating that there would be no Doom Eternal microtransactions. Unfortunately, it gets worse from here, as not only is Bethesda charging $4.99 for cosmetic packs, the Doom Eternal Doomicorn skin pack is broken and not working, with players unable to claim the rewards they paid for.

Is there a fix for the Doom Eternal Doomicorn skin pack not received bug?

Doom Eternal Doomicorn microtransactions are not working

It may be possible to fix the Doom Eternal Doomicorn skins not being received bug by:

  • Check the game’s Events tab to see if they are listed there for download.
  • Go to the game’s settings and select ‘Reconcile Entitlements,’ this may reset it.
  • Wait a few hours after purchasing before going into Doom Eternal.

Those players who ill-advisedly paid $4.99 for the Doomicorn cosmetic pack are finding that they’re being given a different skin pack by mistake, the Series One cosmetic pack containing the skins from the first season of Doom Eternal’s player rewards. If players already have this pack, they won’t receive anything at all or any indication that they paid for a DLC pack.

Seriously, people are not receiving the skins they paid for. from Doom

Presumably this will get fixed quite quickly, but this is especially egregious given that id Software previously said that it would not be selling microtransactions like this or cosmetics for money — only expansions such as The Ancient Gods. “Eternal is a $60 game, not a [free-to-play] game or a mobile game,” said game director Hugo Martin prior to Eternal’s release, “we are giving [you] a complete experience with no store just like you’d expect.”

Fans are currently venting their displeasure over the broken Doomicorn pack in the time-honored fashion of review bombing the DLC’s Steam page. Hopefully, id Software will get back to focusing on exciting expansion packs rather than disappointing microtransactions that don’t give customers what they paid for.