No Doom Eternal microtransactions, will be a ‘complete experience,’ screenshot suggests

It seems that there may be no Doom Eternal microtransactions according to what is reportedly commentary from Doom Eternal Game Director Hugo Martin on Facebook.

As highlighted on the /r/Games subreddit, a screenshot appears to show Game Director Hugo Martin explaining some details about this upcoming first-person shooter. In them, he effectively confirms that the game won’t have any microtransactions and will be a one-time purchase.

Doom Eternal Microtransactions skelly boi

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“[No] store,” the purported comment from Martin begins. “Nothing [you] can unlock in [Doom Eternal] with Xp has anything to do with player abilities or content that would impact your game in [any way]. The only thing [you] can unlock with XP is COSMETICS. These cosmetics have no impact on how [you] play, they just look cool. Eternal is a $60 game, not a [free-to-play] game or a mobile game – we are giving [you] a complete experience with no store just like you’d expect. Unlocking skins with XP is a part of the experience if you care about that stuff or [you] can completely ignore it and it will have no impact on your experience AT ALL and it’s all free.”

This all sounds well and good (and one certainly hopes that it’s true), but I haven’t yet been able to track down the original Facebook post discussing Doom Eternal microtransactions that this comment thread is supposedly talking about. Details of names and user portraits appear to line up with those in the screenshot from what I could find, but that doesn’t negate the possibility of the image’s content being faked. As always, take unconfirmed screenshots with a grain of salt.

We’ll keep looking around to try and get solid confirmation on the facts about Doom Eternal microtransactions. Either way, the previous game in the franchise didn’t have any microtransactions (or any DLC or expansions packs, for that matter), so the odds are good that iD Software will follow suit with the sequel.