Star Wars: Battlefront’s Graphics Look Completely Different on Console and PC

The current generation consoles might be only two years in age, but they're already starting to show signs of weakness. Fallout 4 was the first big wake up call, with its performance struggling console versions. Now, Star Wars: Battlefront shows the growing disparity between hardware.

Now that Star Wars: Battlefront is available on all platforms, a wealth of screenshots are finding their way online. While on all versions the game has a great artistic style, which is delivered at 60 frames per second, it's impossible to ignore the massive differences between the console and PC version.

The PC version is equipped with several options that give it a leg up. It has Ultra settings that the consoles don't utilize, allowing for higher texture quality, shadows, and more effective anti-aliasing methods. Perhaps even more importantly there's support for much higher resolutions. Both the console versions run at a sub-1080p resolution, while thousands of PC gamers are running it at 60 FPS with a 4K display; the difference is night and day.

Star Wars: Battlefront's Endor map is a particularly good place for comparisons given the high hardware demand of all its vegetation and lighting effects. Below you can see the console version on the left, and the PC version on Ultra settings to the right.

Let's carry this comparison to Sollust, where the volcanic geography shows a dramatic difference between console and PC. Once again, console is on the left, and PC is on the right.

The above images have been downsized to fit the width of this page, so the best way to get the whole picture is with some full screen images. Below you can view a couple screenshots from the console version in addition to several of the game running on Ultra settings with a PC.

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