Best of 2015 Awards: Best Story


Winner: Undertale

Well, considering that Undertale is apparently the Greatest Game of All-Time, winning an award for Best Story might seem like a slight. But given the fantastic field this year for both comedic and dramatic storytelling, and almost all with choice-driven plotlines, Undertale’s win in this category is a testament to its revolutionary approach to typical RPG scenarios, giving players the ability to spare or kill the monsters they encounter.

The story branches wildly depending on your choices, with lingering effects in future playthroughs that occur for certain endings. And your decisions matter because, apart from altering specific game files manually, you sometimes can’t just go back to an earlier time or playthrough. The script, both hilarious and heartfelt, supports the case for Undertale as having one of the best designed stories of not just this year but in the last five years.

Nominees: The Witcher 3, SOMA, Undertale, Life Is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

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