The 10 Best XCOM 2 Mods You Should Consider Downloading

XCOM 2 has quickly become one of the most popular games on Steam, and for good reason. Its PC exclusivity has resulted in a wide range of benefits for PC gamers, including fully integrated mod support. Even the launcher hosts a link to the Workshop where there are more than 300 free content add-ons ready to be downloaded just one week after launch.

The problem many XCOM 2 fans face when heading to the Workshop is in deciding which mods are worth their time. To help with that, we have put together a list of the best mods currently available.

Note that any saved games that include a particular mod will only be available when that mod is installed, so choose wisely when you shop for XCOM 2 mods.


Free Camera Rotation

For such a beautiful game, XCOM 2 sure has an inadequate camera. Rotating it between four different angles, and moving it up and down with set distances is far from optimal. In the case of indoor battles it can be a hindrance that results in tactical mistakes.

Enter Free Camera Rotation, a mod that allows you to very specifically set your camera angle and height using either keybinds or your mouse (while holding alt). It makes viewing the information you want to see much easier, or at the very least able to enjoy the game with the perspective that you prefer.

Download Here


True Retroactive AWC

True Retroactive AWC is a mod that everyone needs to download. The reasoning is that in its current state the Advanced Warfare Center has a significant issue where awarded perks are only provided to squad members who haven't already exceeded their randomized perk rank.

In the average case this means that at least half your squad will miss out on a huge opportunity to earn a powerful and interesting perk. This mod fixes the significant problem in a simple way by ensuring that the next time any squad member ranks up after an AWC is built, they will be granted a perk appropiately.

Download Here

Capnbubs Accessories Pack

Customizing your squad mates to suit your preferences is one of the best qualities of XCOM 2. Although the game comes packed with quite a few options, it could always use more.

Capnbubs Accessories Pack adds a total of six new customization options that range from berets to ballistic goggles. It's a mod that won't affect gameplay in any way and instead will provide you some additional options for gearing out your squad, making it easily recommendable to any XCOM fan.

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Stop Wasting My Time

XCOM 2 needlessly pauses and halts gameplay during certain actions. This mod aggressively attacks this shortcoming of the game by reducing things like the 2.75 second pause after going into cover, and the 1 second pause after getting a kill. It'll allow you to play more and sit around less, which is a welcomed change for most players.

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New Countries


By adding more than 20 new countries to the pool of nationalities, this mod allows you to more specifically define the heritage of your squad members. This mod nearly doubles the options, providing far greater diversity.

Supported countries include Finland, Switzerland, Cuba, New Zealand, Czech Republic, and more. Each can be applied to the biography in addition to providing a flag for the vest armor of the designated squad member.

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Katana Pack


The sword is among XCOM 2's coolest weapons. The only problem is it doesn't have much room for evolution. The consequences are that the sword can fall behind in terms of effectiveness during late-game missions, and doesn't get a visual upgrade to keep up with stylish new armor and ranged weapons.

Thanks to The Katana Pack, you can upgrade to a range of wakizashi and katana blades that not only look cool, but deal devastating damage to your opponents. This is a must-have for fans of the Ranger class.

Download Here


Trooper – Custom Soldier Class


Although there are five unique classes in XCOM 2, the game could certainly use more. The Trooper mod adds an entirely new class called the Trooper. Its skill tree is filled with a carefully chosen array of options from the other classes that allow it to specialize in front-line offense.

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True Concealment

XCOM 2's addition of mission timers is something that has the community divided. On one hand, it punishes the Overwatch creep style of play that was dominant among many players in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. On the other hand, it results in an incredible amount of pressure that sometimes compromises strategy for brute-force.

True Concealment doesn't do away with mission timers, but it does allow you to set up a proper ambush before the timer begins. It's a format that has been suggested by many players, and has been received extremely well. Try it out and see if it suits your style of play. To help balance the ability to avoid at timer for several turns, timers have been reduced, though.

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Muton Centurion Alien Pack

You can never have too many enemy types, and this mod adds an evolved version of the Muton that is capable of dealing significant destruction. The Muton Centurion can War Cry granting bonuses to nearby enemies, and when he shows up mid-campaign he'll be something to worry about.

Download Here

Military Camouflage Patterns

Here's another mod that enhances the visual customization of your squad. The Military Camouflage Patterns mods adds a total of 18 real-world inspired camouflage patterns that can be applied to your armor. They can even be color customized just like the original armor, providing a ton of new style combinations.

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