Drip, Drip, Drip: The E3 Leaks Just Keep Coming

There have been a lot of major E3 leaks related to a handful of AAA titles over the past few days, and even within the past day or so. It's genuinely surprising just how many have made their way into reporter's hands. We'll see just how many there can be days before the show even gets started, but already there's plenty of buzz about.


Dead Rising 4 has had some screenshots and limited footage been dropped by user @Wario64 on Twitter. Jessica's written more about it in her piece, but credit goes to them and the NeoGAF article, where you can see all the shots—both moving and not—from there.

The trailer for Dishonored 2 was leaked online and the 30-second clip was only up for a hot minute. It was pulled down almost as quickly as it could have been viewed, so while it's disappointing it's not still up, some users grabbed screenshots (like the screenshot at the top) before it slipped back into the darkness.

ReCore experienced its own trailer leak, but while the video was taken down quickly, there are some screenshots of its existence floating around. You can check them out below. It doesn't necessarily add much to the gameplay ideas yet, which to my eyes looks like a puzzle-platforming system of some kind, but I guess we'll know later this year when the game is scheduled for release.

Titanfall 2 was yet another that had a trailer leaked (starting to wonder if I have a trailer hidden somewhere to be leaked), but this time instead of taking down the early trailer, Respawn has gone ahead and simply published a single-player demo for the world to see, complete with mechs with some cool kung-fu-with-guns stuff. You can watch it below:

And yay for new hardware! According to one more leaked image, the Xbox One Slim console should be 40% lighter, come with a 2TB hard drive, and a streamlined controller. Sounds like a pretty good package to me.

There have been other leaks we've already posted about prior to this year's show, and you can view the rest here, courtesy of our veryown Jonathan Leack

Which leaks have piqued your interest the most?